In the past when Woitape Lodge was in operation, rugby league matches where televised for the public to see. This included State Of Origin games.

But this was done so at a cost. Locals would pay a fee to go in and watch. The space in the lodge was small and the number of rugby league followers was more than the space provided.

The locals came from as far as Tanipai, Kosipe, Yeme, Sindo. Omboli, Tiviro, Uluna, Bulolo and even lucky travelers from chirime too.

With the recently installed/mounted transmitters onto already existing Visat in Woitape (funded and installed during the reign of Mrs Augustine Mak as Woitape LLG President), EMTV was accessed where as signals for NBC was not available due to fault in tunning.

On Sunday, with the Ononge Visat equipment been sling into Ononge, technical team flew into Woitape and have had this minor fault rectified.

13July2016 – The public in Woitape will have the privilege to watch their first SOO game 3 in open air and for free.

And then NRL games will also be watched via NBC TV service.

It might not be much a fanfare to most of us already having access to TV signals and city lights.

To the villager who only hears about it or who watches this games when they visit Port Moresby, this is a step up and progress in their vocabulary.

Photo Credit: Visat Project Technical Team at Woitape.


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