From the information available, after Joe Gurina – a reporter with Post Courier – ran a article on the 29th July 2016, titled ” MINE LOs UPSET OVER ROAD TALKS”, Asidokona Mining Company has has contacted Joe Gurina asking for a refutation on that article and publicly apologize for defaming the TGM, Asidokona, stakeholders and the local communities and land owners.

To which Joe Gurina, it seems ignored to reply or make contact or even make an attempt to run the refutation as requested by Asidokona Mining Company.

Asodokona Mining Company has taken a step further up by summoning Alexander Rheeney, the Chief Editor for Post Courier to get Joe Gurina – reporter with Post Courier to apologize within the next 3 editions by Post Courier or be taken to court.

The defendants in this case would be Post Courier as first defendant, Joe Gurina as the second defendant and George Gusi, the Tolukuma Gold Mine Landowner Association Chairman, as the third defendant.
Bako-TGM road

Part of the correspondence between Post Courier and Asidokona Mining Company.

“The writer seems bent on defaming and slandering Tolukuma Gold Mines Shareholders, Management and employees as well as the local landowners chiefs. He has done this a couple of times before and once again is leveling malicious and unfounded accusations against us and the other local landowners in the Yulai District area.

Mr Joe Gurina should have done some “due diligence” or investigate the subject matter, verifying reality from fiction. He owes the reader of your paper the duty to ascertain whether the comments made by George Gusi are purely conjecture and solely his own personal opinion alone. As a consequence of the article our senior management had a difficult time explaining and correcting the inaccuracies to the general public and government agencies.

Joe Gurina was subsequently contacted to publish “our” rebuttal on the matter. It appears that this is slow in coming if not ignored.

We are thus putting you on notice that if our account of the matter is not publish within the next three edition of your paper, we will seek legal recourse for punitive and liquidated damages from Mr Joe Gurina, George Gusi and of course the Post Courier.”

Kelly Mende, General Mines Manager at Tolukuma Gold Mine, earlier this week ran an article post on Goilala District Facebook group – Goilala District Discussion Forum –  accusing Mr.George Gusi for misleading the people and also misinforming the media about what the actual issue is on the ground.

LO Concern

Photo: Newspaper cuttings – Post Courier.


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