“You May Have the Brains to form the basis of your intellectual capacity, But If You Don’t Have The Heart, to understand the problems and find the solutions to these problems, it defeats your being.” ~ Buni Morua, Guari Peace Restoration Authority Chairman~

Congratulations to the Guari people in the Guari Local Level Government constituency in one of Central Province’s 4th Districts – GOILALA DISTRICT.

PEACE has been restored. warring tribes and clans have reconciled and forgiven each other. The long-awaited restoration of law and order in Guari LLG has finally returned.

Guari LLG has long been plagued by lawlessness and criminal activities. Lack of presence of law and order in Guari LLG resulted in people taking laws into their own hands

Payback killings and retaliation by warring tribes and clans went on for a decade. But successive Governments – both District level and Provincial level – turned a blind eye to this law and order disaster just over the range from Tapini station, which is the District Head Quarters for Goilala District.

Law and order issues in Guari dates back as far as the time when Goilala’s very own man Alphonse Moroi was the Governor. Governor, not just for a term. Alphone Moroi was the governor for two terms consecutively. [2002 – 2007 & 2007 – 2012].

There was a time in the political power sphere that two Guari LLG leaders were in power both at Provincial Level and District level. And they did nothing about that.

In the 2007 – 2012 parliamentary term, Mathew Poia was the MP for Goilala. That was the same term Alphonse Moroi was the Governor for Central Province. Why and How come these leaders decide to ignore that plight of the Guari people is a mystery they themselves know the answer.

With the support from the current Governor for Central Province – Honorable Governor Kila Haoda and Goilala MP Hon William Samb, Guari Restoration Authority was recognized has the body to deliver peace and restore normalcy in Guari LLG.

And to everyone’s satisfaction, GRA delivered and delivered they did. Every that mattered for that matter. IMG-20160813-WA006

And these people are the Guari people back in Guari who have long been deprived of their basic right to basic government services – health, education, security, safety, law and order, freedom of movement and freedom of association and freedom of affiliation without fear or favor.

Giving credit where it is due, This Blog would like to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE Guari people on the successful hosting and concluding of the peace and reconciliation ceremony in Gagave village [reference: The National & our Blog

This Blog would also like to Congratulate the Guari Restoration Authority under the leadership of Mr. Buni Morua and his Vice Chairman Mr. Theodius Aiva with their executives for a job well done.

Huge Goliath was killed by a small David. Guari LLG law and order disaster was a Goliath. You were are little David. GRA Team, CONGRATULATION on your achievement.


Let the Future be your judge Mr Buni Morua and his GRA Team. Let the future generation of Guari children live to see this as a legacy that triggered the way for other services to flow through.

Long Live Peace. Long Live Law and Order in Guari.



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