Kailape Airstrip is a community initiated project located at the boarder of Auga Ward 5 [Woitape LLG] and Ivani Ward 1 [Tapini LLG]. This proposed airstrip aims to service the people of Fuyuge speaking tribes in Kailape, Kone, Garime and parts of Belavista and Popore (Ward 5 in WoitapeLLG) and Minaru (Ivani 1 W in Tapini LLG)  and Tanipai, and Tokyo (Ward 6, Woitape LLG) people.

Kailape - Google Map
Kailape Village – Google Map – Photo credit: Bruce Mamando

Under the reign of then Representative for Goilala people Honourable John Gaibi in 1981, people mobilised and cleared forest and began digging the land for the airstrip. From 1981 to 2015, progress on this airstrip has been pain stakingly slow.
Local Leaders or Councillors asked people to work but usually stop primarily due to payment issues.

Although slow, during these 34 long years [1981 – 2015] by using locally improvised tools, they overed a distance of 350 meters.

A civil Aviation requirement for an airstrip is 600 meters. So  another 250 meters is need to satisfy that requirement – 600meters.


Realizing no one w coming to th aid . People ventured into raising funds to help them finance tools to help them speed up this Project.

Kailape people’s contributed K4000.00 and bought wheelbarrows, spades, knives and earth clearing tools from Brian Bell & Co in Port Moresby.

They were faced with another problem.

And that was to airlift these tools bought to Kailape via Fane mission station – airfreighting of these tools.

These Kailape people went to Tolukuma Gold Mine site and pushed wheelbarrows asking for donations of cash. They ended up making K2000.00 from this wheelbarrow push.

Using this money they airfreighted the tools into Fane airstrip and then carried that to Kailape to work on their airstrip.

Open MP Honourable William Samb, been a local, heard of the plight of his Kailape people in this section of Goilala and flew into Kailape, accompanied by Tapini LLG President Honorable Keleto Kope and Woitape LLG President Honorable Joe Geru and Engineers, to see how he can help make their dream come true. This was Honorable Samb’s 3rd time to visit Kailape

On the first two attempts, Honorable Samb did initial scope, cost estimate and documentation for Submission to Goilala District Development Authority to get endorsement and funding.

On the 3rd trip on Wednesday, 24th August 2016 , MP Goilala spent the whole day with his people at Kailape and slept with his people.


will fund earthmoving works and other related outstanding tasks.

Once that’s completed, the airstrip will be handed over to Rural Airstrip Agency.
Kailape Airstrip - Auda Dilava area - Woitape LLG (5)

Kailape people told Honourable MP, their reasons for choosing to have their own airstrip are:

  1. Distance from Fane to Kaliape – Fane airstrip is too far.
  2. Unsafe – Law and order at Fane airstrip is out of control.
  • Weight – Too far for carry load and walk to Fane from Kaliape and vice versa.

A D4 dozer has been organised and will be airlifted using the big heavy chopper into Kailape from Port Moresby to speed up the earth moving next week.

Kailape Airstrip - Auda Dilava area - Woitape LLG (1)

Just like any other Goilala land, with a huge agricultural potential, Kailape has fertile soil which rich for fresh vegetable farming. And there is huge potential for commercial coffee farming with alluvial gold mining  another attractive factor about Kailape.

While assuring the people of Kailape of the support from his Office, local Member of Parliament, Honourable William Samb reminded his people that, his government is “helping those who are not sitting around for help but helping those who are working to help themselves.”


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