In this day and age, Information is Power.

An informed community will be a community well placed to make an informed decision.

A government, for the people, by the people, is a Government that has to ensure the very people who put them in power are fully kept abreast of what their Government is doing with their money.

Money that is allocated to their District by the National Government for their District Administration and District’s political leadership to use in the District to deliver services for the benefit of the people of Goilala.

Knowing the importance of ensuring Goilala people are well informed of the actions of their Government, Goilala District Development Authority has sanctioned and approved funding to have a Goilala District Newsletter prepared and distributed.

The Newsletter is been printed out now. And will be distributed District-wide.

Once hard copy district is done, we will have the soft copy [PDF version] uploaded and distributed online for the online community to download and read.

One of the Goilala very own, and a finest media brain and a veteran in Media Industry, currently a lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea, Mr. BRIAN TOBIA, is the Chief Editor and his contact information is included in this edition.

We aim to have the second edition out before 2016 ends.

Grab a copy of the Newsletter and update yourself with information and news that has happened, is happening and will happen in Goilala.

Happy Reading.



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