Heath in Goilala

Health Services in Goilala is either dead or is dying a slow painful death.

Even in the 21st Century, Goilala people, when they fall ill, they just wait to die or they use traditional herbs to cure/heal themselves.

The reason they do so is because there is no health service at their disposal. If there is an Aid post nearby, then either it’s too far or there is no Community Health Worker [CHW] or APO – Aid Post Orderly personnel posted there.

The other scenario is there CHW/APO may be posted there but there might be no medicine supplies to use to treat the sick and ill and injured.

In present day Goilala, [presumably] we have a Hospital in Tapini station.

We also have a Sub Health Center at Woitape, Then we have Aid Post in Kamulai, Omu, Rupila, Tororo, Kerau, Sopu, Kosipe, Ononge, Fane, Tolokuma, Yongai and Maini.

Tapini station is the only Health Center that’s fully kitted with staff and medicine supplies. Due to the fact its supported by the Agency – Catholic Church.

Kamulai is closed. Omu is closed, Rupila is closed, Tororo is closed [?], Kerau is closed, Sopu is closed, Maini is closed, Kosipe is closed,

Fane, Yongai, Ononge and Tolokuma are operating. Tolokuma is open due to the fact its managed by the Mining Company. Fane,

Ononge, Yongai are running on thin air, making do with what they have. It’s all ad-hoc and very miserably coordinated and organized by Provincial Health authorities. District Health authorities is also very competent. And MP for Goilala

Tapini Station has a well furnished and equipped Hospital. But the catchment areas this Hospital covers is way too large. The rugged terrain also makes accessing Tapini Hospital very difficult.

Catchment is a term used to refer to the surrounding areas to a health facility.

The higher the number of catchments [surrdounding villages] the highly likely option is to make that Health facility a SUB HEALTH CENTER. HEALTH CENTER is a facility that should be taking patients, referred, to it from SUB HEALTH CENTERS.

AID POSTS will cater for smaller villages and then refer patients to the SUB HEALTH CENTER. If these centers can not handle referred cases at their end, they refer to the HEALTH CENTER which in our case should be Tapini District Health Center. If it’s beyond their capability, then Pom Gen is the next stop.

As it is now, we have a lot of Aid posts, scattered across Goilala with no proper referral channels.

Our Health system in the District needs an overall audit from the bottom up, every Aid Post needs to be audited, Every sub-Health Center needs to be audited. Every catchment arrangement has to be re-checked. The medicine supply arrangement in place needs to be audited as well.

The audit i am referring to is not the money audit. Am referring to who, how, where, when, why of the whole Health system in Goilala.

Tapini Hospital needs to be made a District Hospital, with a Doctor posted there. Guari and Woitape need to have promoted up to Health Centers,

Sopu and Kerau with Tororo be made Sub Health Centers in Tapini LLG. And Kileipi, Maini, Lolope, Koruavu, Kone Bridge be made Aid Posts. [Build Aid posts if not there now].

Rupila and Kamulai in Guari LLG be made Sub Health centers, while Omu and Ankaut be made Aid posts [Build if not there].

Ononge, Fane, Yongai and Kosipebe made Sub Health Centers, Belvisat, Mondo, Kailape, Kambisea, Kase, Kafano and Kumunga made Aid Posts in Woitape LLG. [Build if not there].

Attracting CHWs & APOs into Goilala is one mammoth task but if our local medical officers can not do, there are volunteer organizations worldwide we can turn too.


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