They say “Time Waits for No Man” The same can be said for Elephant Grass!!

It has been 3 months since we had the relevant authority/department/officials/etc… for Airstrips in Goilala; spend a stack of money to fly all over the place in helicopters and make some very bold statements.

Some Free Advice:
If limited budget is a constraint; then simple research & tangible delivery prioritisation founded on that research should be paramount…. An obvious question to ask initially; would be, Where are planes landing presently? That might be a very good place to start?

Note for Mr Bromley:
And again I am repeating myself; Fane Airstrip is the feeder airstrip to the heavily populated surrounding communities of Tolukuma Gold Mine and we have a “Tractor & Slasher” available (requires diesel & some parts, which the list of, was provided to you by TGM Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Mr. Hasu Gebob, whom additionally has donated his time to carry out the labour required; free of charge)… You did tell me at 7 Mile (Jackson’s Airport) that RAA wanted to maintain a standard across the board and use lawnmowers… I strongly suggest for this instance (Fane); that you raise your standard and utilise the assets already available on the ground.

P.S. To whom it may concern:
The Petrol & Diesel Drums that I bring up from POM costs an arm & leg; and is for retailing; not for doing your job!! (Next time you will get the Bill)

The dozens of times we have done this same job previously (many times without a lawn mower) we have never made a mention. But only posted these images because of the “Hot Air” that some are blowing recently relating to the topic of Goilala Airstrips & service delivery.

Admin note: Bruce’s mention of hot air refers the following articles.

1. Rural Airstrip Agency Project
2. Rural Airstrip Agency Project
3. Rural Airstrip Agency Project


Source: Bruce Mamando’s Facebook Profile


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