Goilala District is made up of 3 language groups which have been further used as LLG boundaries within the District.
Guari LLG covers 98% of Gunimaipa language speaking Goilala. The remaining 2% extend into Tapini LLG and even back into Bulolo District’s Waria LLG and even into Gulf Province and some parts of Kairuku Hiri District.
Tapini LLG is dominated by Tauwade speaking Goilalas. The District’s HQ is in Tapini LLG. Tauwade speaking Goilalas extend also in some parts of Guari LLG. And Tauwade speaking Goilalas are also found in Woitape LLG’s Ward 6 – Kosipe-Tanipai.
Woitape LLG Goilalas speak the third language which is Fuyuge. Parts of Fuyuge speaking Goilalas extend into Kairuku Hiri from the Auga Dilava (Ward 4 and 5) and Lower Veitapu (Ward 7 and Ward 8) sections.
When it comes to aggression and violence, Gunimaipas and Tauwades share number 1 place equally. Making the second place vacant. Third place is owned by Fuyuge speaking Goilalas.
The Fuyuge speaking Goilalas in Auga Dilava seem to pick up on the aggressive rankings mostly because of the influence they got from the influx of Tauwades and Gunimaipas at the TGM mine site.
Woitape station is also dominated and controlled by Tauwades from Kosipe and Tanipai. The Fuyuges are out classed in the aggressive and violent department in their own turf.

Gunimaipas and Tauwades, been serious about extending and expanding their aggressive and violent beliefs, has filtered into Waria LLG in Morobe’s Bulolo District and has made Wau Town become their own for a fair while now. They even out smart the locals like their fellow aggressive brothers in Woitape station.

Tauwades and Gunimaipas are tribes made up of people who are so drunk with egos. An attempt to dent and lower or downgrade that EGO is an attempt made on their lives.
They will retaliate with all guns blazing. And your life can be taken over a minor issue, so long as it’s an ego issue for Tauwades and Gunimaipas.
Most of the time, if not, all the time, these EGOS are over inflated, blown out of proportion and even exaggerated. But who cares, so long as the Gunimaipas and Tauwades feel good defending that, its all OK.
When it comes to taking a life,Tauwades and Gunimaipas will not pause to reconsider their actions.

A white man was murdered in Aiwara, back in the early 1980s. And the murderers later compose a song about the way they killed the poor soul. I was a kid back then, and recall choppers flying into Tapini station with police and media personnel. ‎

Compose a song? And show off about how it was done? Laughing it off and feeling good about yourselves?

Don’t you think that poor life lost has a family? Don’t you think that life lost might be a husband to a wife who will now be a widow? And don’t you think that life lost is a dad to a child who will now have no father because you took his father’s life?

Except for condemnation and discrimination from far and wide.
Try to ask senior educated Goilalas today how it has been for them to find employment in organisations back in the day when the name Goilala was a BLACK STAIN in itself.
And even after securing employment, how has it been like to go to work every day, working amongst people who knew they were from Goilala.
So long as you are from Goilala,you had killer/criminal/rapist/thief instincts built into you.
Public servants from outside have over time declined to come and work in Goilala not because there was no food or no schools or no aid posts. They declined purely because of security reasons and their own safety.

One commentator rightfully stated..”it does not matter how long one has taken to be good to a Goilala, when it comes to taking your life, a Goilala will do it without remorse”

Most of the time we seem to say the mountainous, rugged, terrain with steep mountain ranges and fast flowing rivers is the reason why government services are not been delivered to us for our own use.
We also blame it on incompetence on the part of our politicians and leaders.  We say their incompetence has allowed corruption, greed and mismanagement of public finances hence hindering basic service delivery throughout Goilala.
But don’t you think it’s fair to say our own actions of violence and aggression is directly playing a role to block the free flow of services in Goilala?
Don’t you also think the “inaction” of those few good people in not helping to apprehend or educate the violent and aggressive individuals might be a hindrance in itself?

We are so close to the Capital of Papua New Guinea. And it’s so unfortunate our own actions/inactions are directly contributing to pushing us to the stone ages.

We all wish for that one day were Goilalas will not be judged by the background of our Ethnic Originality but by the Content of the magnitude of our contribution towards nation building.
What can we do as Individuals AND as a Group to help us achieve this WISH?
The onus is now on us, the Goilalas to do the right thing.
We HAVE to and we MUST step up both in our actions, our words, our interactions, our beliefs and our dreams to help achieve this. ‎‎‎‎


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