By Clifford Faiparik

REMOTE villagers in the mountainous Goilala district in Central are able to watch television in their own homes – thanks to MP William Samb.

He travelled to Kodige village in Goilala last Thursday to switch on the television and make phone calls from there after the launching of the VSat network at the Kotinge Community School.
Samb switched on the television and made phone calls out of Lower Dilawa.

Area chief Kaia Ciriso said the people were happy to be connected to the rest of the world as their Independence Day gift.
Samb said communication was important to development in the remote area.

“Communication will enable you to let people know about your needs,” he said.

“Without communication, there will be no help.”
So far, the VSat system has been installed at Onongae, Yongae, Sopu and Omu villages.

Samb said the rollout of the system was funded under the K6 million district service improvement programme fund.

Other infrastructure developments are the roads from Tapini to Guari, Bakoiudu to Tapini and Kuna to Onongae.
Airstrips are being upgraded at Onongae, Yongae, Woitape, Fane, Sopu and Guari.


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