GDDA has approved and funded the purchased of English potato seedling from Yapai, in Laigam station in Enga Province to have these driven down to Lae in Morobe Province and then have them flown into Goilala District’s selected sites by Manolos Aviation Limited chopper company out from their Lae base.

Tanipai and Kosipe got their share last weekend. Fane, Ononge, Kambisea, Yongai, Sopu, Kerau, Omu, Rupila will follow suit soon.

20th October saw the delivery of first 50 bags out of the planned 250 bags at Lae.


MuddyBark Limited – a Goilala (Michael Maino Yet and brothers – Mox and Tony Yet) owned and managed small timber milling and processing company base has been used as a forward loading base.

On Saturday 22nd Oct Hon MP for Goilala flew into Tanipai in Woitape LLG’s Ward 6, escorted by Clerence Keme Kulolo from NBC Central, Woitape LLG President Hon Joe Geru, MIchael Atuai [Agriculturalist from Goilala] Joel Neva, from Goroka, to launch the “IVANI VALLEY WELFARE COPORATIVE” Society and also received 10 potato bags from Lae, dropped off by Manolos Aviation.

A English potato specialist from Goroka escorted the potato bags and is currently in Kosipe helping with farm education on how to grow English potatos.

Mr. Joel Neva, is a Integrated Agriculturalist Rural Engineer, who is a private entrepreneur who has 27 years experience in the Vegetable Industry. Mr Neva has gone private and has been engaged by Goilala District Development Authority to impart his vast experience and knowledge into coaching and training the Goilala people to be self-reliant, independent, and self-sustaining to promote financial in-dependency and food security.  


After dropping of 10 potato bags, Manolos pickup 2 TB patients and flew them to Mt Kuna (along Dubuy Road).

Hon MP after launching the Coporative society distributed the potato bags slept with his people in Tanipai then walked over to Kosipe on Sunday 22nd Oct where the other 10 bags of potatoes seedlings have been dropped off earlier.

Kosipe been the target for mass commercial farming, Hon William Samb launched the “Fresh Vegetable farming project” there with Mr. Joel Neva ( Integrated Agriculturalist Rural Engineer, a private entrepreneur) now spear heading the demonstration of the correct procedures and process and techniques on how to grow Potatoes.

Hon William Samb, after spending Sunday night with his people in Kosipe, walked to Woitape on Monday.

On Monday afternoon when Hon MP reached Woitape station, He officiated at the launching of 3 Farming corporatives for the Woitape,Uluna and Omboli Tiviro villages.

Spending a night at Woitape station, on Tuesday morning, 25th Oct, Hon William Samb was invited to Uluna village to be customarilly advised of the “GREEN LIGHT” given by local land owners for the Digicel Tower planned for Mt Aviliminga (Uluna in Woitape).

MP after that met Mr Isaac J Ino and Fatima Primary School staff and students at 8am who presented their submissions to him before Hon Samb flew into Port Moresby to attend Parliament session at 1pm same day.

Tired and worn out Hon Samb was, Hon Samb showed up at the session fully attired, fresh and direct from Goilala.

Escorting the MP on this trip was owner of the Fresh Vegetable farming project Michael Atuai, Clerence Keme from NBC Central, Michael Maino (did not make the flight) and myself.


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