In preparation for 2017NG elections, Electoral Commission has funded the common roll update exercise nation wide.

This is to ensure voter information is updated to reflect the current real time population information (about Goilala District).

In the case of Goilala District, IS the common roll update done by genuine, responsible and unbiased individuals?

Voter figure manipulation has been one grey area that has been fiddled around with and taken advantage of by corrupt officials and individuals over time.

Candidates who are aware of this grey area ensure their trolls and agents are take in as common roll update team members and they target areas they know they will either (1) collect big or (2) they won’t collect big.

(1) Collect Big
This is the area they will ensure the figures are inflated and falsified to have a very big population figures when in actual fact the real number of people living there are very minimal.

For example:
Kosipe village in Ward 6 of Woitape LLG has a voting population of 2000 according to the common roll.

The actual number of people living there and vote every National General Election is less than 500.

So who and how did these village got 2000 eligible voters registered?

(2) Won’t Collect Big
Depending on which intending candidate has the upper hand in infiltrating the common roll update teams, there is a high risks of the rival candidates base votes been excluded or manipulated in a way that most eligible voters are not registered.

Come election day, so long as you name is not registered, you won’t vote.

This area needs to be paid attention to very closely.


Apart from the Returning Officers who is appointed by the Electoral Commision in collaboration with Provincial and District Administration, one must understand that the same people who do the common roll updates are the very people who run the elections every 5 years.

The Assistant Returning Officers for 3 LLGs has been the same guys.

And so the Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers are the same people. Just that they get rotated (intentionally).

Police personnel are no different.

If an election is to be won, it will and it can be won systematically.

All one needs is a very fat Bank Account.

The common roll update exercise that’s about to be run in Goilala has already got its officials and teams finalized.

Signs of nepotism and favoritism are visible already in all the teams. And their agenda is already making its way through to the public via grapevine rumors.

District Administrator – Mr.Titus Girau – and Provincial Administrator – Gei Raga – if you are not very careful and smart, you will help deny the people of Goilala their democratic right to elect their representative in a Free, Safe and Fair manner in the coming 2017NGE.


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