On the recently held Bulolo Show trip, Goilala District Development Authority was invited by Bulolo MP and Deputy Opposition Leader Hon Sam Basil to be the Guest Speaker.

Knowing Lae been the Industrial Hub of Papua New Guinea, Goilala District MP brought his full DDA Team with him.

Mostly aimed at Fact Finding, meeting stakeholders and establishing connections to foster understanding and help facilitate and deliver much-needed Services back in Goilala.

Two of the highlights of that trip was a meeting with Coffee Industry Corporation Officials here in their Lae HQ, and MRA own and managed Alluvial Mining Training Centre in Bulolo.

Among a host of minor meets, Goilala Development Authority made a finding that no one expected.

And that is MUDDY BARK INVESTMENT LIMITED. Owned and Managed by young Goilala men who call Morobe home.

Muddy Bark is engaged in timber milling and supplying. They cut timber from around the fringes of Lae Open, Naweb Open, Bulolo Open and Markham Open and mill that in their Timber yard and treat and dress before supplying to clients in Lae.

They are also into building construction – homes, offices, classrooms, churches.

Recently they have expanded their operation into bakery business due to the huge demand for freshly baked scones where they are based.

Present in the DDA during the tour of the Muddy Bark yard were District CEO, President Woitape, PreisdentGuari, President Tapini and their deputies.

Seeing the success of our own kind in Lae, GDDA engage Muddy Bark to produce School Desks for selected community schools in Goilala.

These desks once produced will utilize the forward loading option with Manolos Aviation choppers  to drop off at selected schools District-wide.

Insert are photos first 50 Des been produced at the Muddy Bark yard.


After the production of the first 50, Manolos Aviation airlifted 25 each to Tanipai and Kosipe school.

Photos showing dismantled and packed desks been loaded onto Manolos Aviation chopper here in Lae.

The first 25 desks out from the 50 desks went to Tanipai and the other 25 were allocated to Kosipe.

Seen here is Joe Geru with Joseph Kulolo assembling a Desk in Tanipai.
Desk at Tanipai.jpg

The other 25 desks that were flown into Kosipe is been offloaded and see here are locals re-assembling the desks ups again.

A total of 250 desks is expected to be produced. With this 50 out already, the other 50 when ready will be distributed across selected and operating schools.


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