Sopu Community School in Tapini LLG’s Ward 3 is the only school operating. Kileipi Community School is closed.

Sopu Community School has been closed since 1995. That’s close to 20 odd years of closure.
Kids who were born in 1995 today are adults bearing kids.

Do they have some form of education? NO.
Are they literate? NO.
Is it there fault that they are illiterate? NO.

With the kind gesture of local volunteer teachers, Sopu Community School has been operating since 2014. This year 2017 is their 4th year running.

Sopu Community School today received their desks dropped off by Manolos Aviation chopper.

Sopu Desks at Manolos Base - Lae
Sopu Desks at Manolos Base – Lae

Goilala District Authority has approved funding for school desks to be produced in Lae and utilising the forward loading option available with Manolos Aviation these desks are distributed across selected schools throughout the District.


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