Dear Mr. Jeremy A Tamatai, as the Education sector Coordinator, I direct this question to you as a concern Goilalian.

Take note alert also goes to Father Brian Cahill, as Victor for Education, for Diocese of Bereina, as well as Patrick D Ghorok, Standards Officer in Provincial Education Board [PEB] Central Province – Konedobu.

Do we have any Education plans for the District? More like a pathway going forward?

For example, [1] Re-Opening of all Closed schools, [2] Refurnish and rebuild run-down classrooms, [3] Building/Rebuilding Staff houses, [4] upgrading certain school to PRIMARY SCHOOLs status, [5] Upgrading Tapini Sacred Heart High School to SECONDARY status [6] rebuild, renovate and Open Woitape Vocational School to enroll Grade 12 drop outs from Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School.

With the population boom experienced PNG wide, Goilala’s school age kids are in abundance. It is currently injustice to those school aged kids who are now no attending school at all because their school is closed.

Their school is closed not because of their own doing. Their school is closed because people like Jeremy A Tamatai, Father Brian Cahilll and Patrick D Ghorok and responsible people and authorities decided to look away from the real issue at hand.

We need to have a plan for Education in Goilala. Right now, in my opinion, we do not have a plan.

If there does exist Education plans, then can it be revealed?

Note: Do not bring in the National Education Plan or Provincial Education Plan into this. Am talking District Education Plan.

Thank You.


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