The young mother who was medivac from Rupila to Lae by Manolos Aviation limited is now healthy and doing well.


Her baby is healthy as well and all smiles.

After making contact with Elias Touai through Waria Councilor Daniel Dumoi, I paid Manai Holai and her baby a visit today.

Manai and her baby when Manolos chopper flew in to pick them weren’t aware and sure if they were going to head to Port Moresby for medication.

To their surprise Manolos chopper headed to Lae.

Without alerting anyone of their families in Wau and Bulolo about their trip to Lae they flew into Lae.

After I was directed by MP Goilala to make contact and ensure the patient is OK and aware that Manolos will fly them back to Rupila, I today passed that information to them.

I was late though because Manolos Aviation medivac nurses already advised them of the planned activity after they get discharged from Angau anytime this week.

After assisting them with some cash to keep them going, I told them I will return with some food tomorrow.

Seeing the baby and mother happy, and healthy, am satisfied.


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