Starting an academic year in any Goilala school is definitely and will always be late.


From a school child and parent’s point of view, No One Knows.

This is not the first time such has occurred. Every year, teachers are stranded and lost and confused and wondering how they will get to their schools and start teaching.

The Provincial Education Board and the Catholic Agency, who are responsible for our Teachers and Schools are so lost in their own worlds too.

They put up too many walls around themselves playing their usual blame game while the innocent school children in Goilala are affected.

When can we stop this circus blame show and ensure our teachers get to school on time and start teaching on time as set by the National Education Department?

Can Patrick D Ghorok from the PEB and Father Brian Cahill from the Agency please clarify for public information where the fault is and the bureaucracy involved in this whole arrangement?

Politicians keep coming in to assist with transport arrangements for teachers. Which is OK to a certain extent.

However, this should not always be the case.

If you need the EDUCATION CALENDER FOR 2017, drop me your email address, I will mail it to you. I got it off the National Education Department website.

Term One Start – 23rd January 2017
Term one Ends – 13th April 2017


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