Rural Airstrip Agency has been engaged by Goilala District Development Authority to help reopen all its airstrips across the District.
Yongai Airstrip

After PNG Air Limited, formerly MBA [Milne Bay Air] pulled out its services to focus major clients like the LNG operation charters in Gulf Province and the PNG LNG Project in Southern Highland, Goilala District and her people got starved of any genuine airline operators.

Air transport in Goilala died a natural death. resulting in all its airstrips closing down all across Goilala.

RAA Team at Sopu Airstrip
RAA Team touches down at Sopu to work on the airstrip

When Goilala William Samb got elected in 2015 By-Election, Samb promised the people of Goilala to revive the transport service in Goilala.

This assurance has seen Goilala Highway getting some attention, with another road project known as the Dubuy Road Project getting off the ground.

Locals at Yongai Airstrip
RAA Team Departs Yongai Airstrip for Sopu to continue work on Sopu Airstrip

Rural Airstrips was another area that needed to be revived and so Ononge and Fane airstrips were opened up. Yongai airstrip just got opened and RAA Team has moved into Sopu to start completion works on that airstrip before moving to Guari Airstrip.

Photos and brief courtesy of RAA Team.


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