Are we still blind to what William Samb has started doing for his beloved people of Goilala over the last 18 months while in the Opposition?

This humble yet visionary leader has done a tremendous job over the last 1 year and 8 months. Give him a full five-year term and Pangu Party will form the next Government and we can see the continuation of what he has started with Pangu for Goilala District.

I am proud to say that we have a good number of high profile candidates for this election representing Goilala District. Some are doers and others are just talkers. Bruce Mamando is a doer, just like William Samb. However, in the by-election in August 2015 the people of Goilala District opted for their own son in William Samb to lead the process of change in Goilala District. He has lived to his promise and has started changing Goilala District.

This is the time to go in and complete what he has started for the short term and medium term projects and lay the foundation for the longterm projects like human resources development. The foundation for the Goilala Dream is Human Resources Development of Goilala District. But our people must have better health care, good transport infrastructure, communication with the outside world and be economically empowered through the development of our agriculture sector to be able to focus for the long term which is the development of our human resources.

Goilala District cannot compare itself with Simbu and Enga Provinces for example. These two provinces invested in human resources through their visionary leaders like late Iambakey Okuk and Peter Ipatas when Goilala District was still in the dark.

To change and be in par with the rest of PNG, we must have a workable development blueprint for Goilala District.

That development blueprint is starting to manifest under William Samb. Make no mistake about it.

See it and believe in William Samb and what he has started doing for Goilala District. You may dislike him, you may hate him and you may envy him. But the overall development and prosperity of Goilala District and the future well-being of our sons and daughters and their children are far more paramount than our individual interests and beliefs.

Let us give our support to William Samb because he knows where he is leading Goilala to and he has a roadmap that he is following. Goilala District will not be lost anymore.

People of Goilala District, return William Samb to make Goilala District great again.

Long Live the Goilala Dream!


  1. Thank you Thomas Eme for a valid statement and hand-up for the current Goilala seating MP Hon. William Samb. You have made an insight, not in support of the MP but in support we could be of Goilala and someone who can up-hold the Goilala Dream. Hon. William Samb is a great man of course. Our local people are not blind though, unless they are being blind-folded by other means. I realize that there are also other candidates who are visionary people and can be potential leaders if voted in during this election period. If the campaigns are done fairly, we could have a good leader voted in.

    On 4/21/17, Goilala’s District Dev. Forum Blog


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