Unlike her 32 flamboyant male contestants for the Goilala Open seat in the NGE2017, Matilda Koma​ is simple, people oriented, and honest in her campaign.

She walks the tracks. She mixes and mingles with the people. Not so much with a lot of fanfare but just on a down to earth level.

On the opposite side of the scale, the male egocentric proud and chest beating male contestants are seen spreading money and goods like pimps and gangstas living the limelight and proclaiming number bases in the hope to outsmart and outscore the others.

A mother is the backbone of a family. She knows what needs to be done and who need attention more than the others. A mother is the one that wakes up in the middle of the night to ensure an infant cleaned, nappies are changed, is fed and nursed and laid back to sleep.

A mother is a sole person who designs the destiny of a child from the very beginning of that child’s life.

A man is an overpowering, insensitive, ego oriented, pride filled creature that does not care one single bit about how his action hurts the people around him.


My appeal to the Goilala women, from all 3 LLGs, Matilda Koma, is not rich, financially, hence she can not fly choppers, nor hire airplanes and put bums on hired 10seaters to and from Tapini in her campaign, but she is a WOMAN.

She is one of you. She is one of us. Make your importance felt in the Ballot box for Matilda Koma, the only female candidate in the race for Member for Goilala seat in this NGE2017.

My admiration goes out to TEAM KOMA. All the Best. You getting my Vote. [one of my votes]

Source: Snip from Matilda Koma’s FB Wall.


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