“I feel it is my duty to warn students who want to apply to come out here. The course you want to take is not guaranteed. You will come out here and take what the college sees you fit to take. Your allowance is not guaranteed. As far as accommodation goes you might end up in unsatisfactory quarters.

Speaking on behalf of many disgruntled students who feel abandoned by their government.”

Ms. Betty UME, First Year Student, under the Kila Haoda sponsored the scholarship in Malaysia.

My Papuan Region

As a recipient of the Governor Hoada Scholarship i would like to bring to light a few issues you the Central people of PNG deserve to know before voting.

While I commend the Governors initiative in creating this avenue for studies for the children of Central province. There are a lot of challenges we the students are facing out here.

Issues we have tried to sort out with the scholarship board to no avail.

Firstly the chain of communication is ineffective. There are 3 separate entities involved in this scholarship. The CPG, Seri Stamford College and Illimo Sattelite town development.

The level of communication between this 3 entities is not known to us the students but from the answers we get when enquiring about issues such as our allowance it is clear to see that each entity does not know what the other is up to.

I feel it is…

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