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Put simply, our mission is to promote the people of Goilala to the World. So while we provide journalistic content regarding all important PNG issues, our Foundation has a core focus on the Goilala district.

We also provide an avenue for the Goilala people and their friends and supporters, to be able to freely express their opinions on any issues directly or indirectly relating to Goilala District and its people. In doing so, we fulfill the GOILALA DREAM which states that…

 “…One Day, Goilalas will not be judged by our Ethnic Originality, but rather by the content of our Character…”

Change Together, Yes We Can.


Papua New Guniea (PNG) has 22 province-level divisions: including the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the National Capital District. Each province is divided into one or more districts, which in turn are divided into one or more Local Level Government areas.

Goilala District is located at the top end of the Central province, near the Owen Stanley Mountains, and is one of the 4 districts that make up Central Province, which also houses the capital City of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby.

Papua New Guinea's 22 Provinces, showing where Goilala is located
Papua New Guinea’s 22 Provinces, showing where Goilala is located

 Company Overview

The Foundation is owned and managed by the People of Goilala, for the People of Goilala. We assist with Marketing, promoting, advertising, educating and informing the world about Goilala District, and conversely give the people of Goilala a platform to the outside world.

Foundation History


The GOILALA DISTRICT – Development Forum Blog was initially created to enable Goilalas to Blog about anything that they felt motivated to share and expose to the outside world from Goilala.

Later on, a separate Facebook Group, formally called Goilala District Unite, was also created.

The owners and managers of these forums then agreed to submerge the two forums/groups together, with the Facebook Group renamed to GOILALA DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT FORUM, inline with the separate blog website.

The Facebook group postings and comments can are also posted here on this Blog. The primary reason this is done was to enable members of the GDD FORUM to be able to access past posts and comments, and/or referred to past posts or retrieved these posts and comments if the need arises anytime anywhere.

In doing so, any postings of value and genuineness in relation to development issues, politics, suggestions, and debates of value shared and posted on either platform can be shared between the two without any difficulty.

With a FACEBOOK group, when comments/posts are posted, over time, they gets bogged down and hidden from view. With a BLOG, one can still be able to revisit even after a month or two or whenever he/she wants to check on any topics raised in this Blog.

So long as these postings are not deleted on either of the platforms, it should still be there. However, a BLOG will provide a much smooth and easier platform to search and retrieve information when the need arises.

Tolukuma Gold Mine

While there are many businesses and communities spread through Goilala, there is no question that the single most controversial and largest industry is that of the Tolukuma Gold Mine. This is because it has the potential to employ the most local people, and offer training and education pathways to the masses that no other Goilala opportunity can compare to in.

In addition, it also offers a genuine reason to create and build a road through all the various communities to not only service the mine, but also allow locals easy access to Pt Moresby Hospitals, Schools, and International Airport.

We do not represent nor focus on the Tolukuma Gold Mine. Our company is about Goilala and Papua New Guinea as a whole.

However, as shown by our blogs historical content, issues at Tolukuma form a large percentage of our reporting, specifically because of the negative, disappointing, and adverse effect poor decisions and poor management have on the surrounding locals.


Over the last 30+ years, various companies have either explored or mined in and around Tolukuma:

List of Companies that once mined gold ore out o Tolukuma
List of Companies that once mined gold ore out o Tolukuma

 People come and go. But us Goilia’s are born here. We stay here. This is our land.

We only hope on behalf of all our people that the next investors or mine owners who come here have a different vision, than the companies who have come (and gone) before them. That they don’t repeat the past, and plan to just take our gold and silver, pollute our rivers and land, and then leave.


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