Good morning everyone.

I am one of the central province scholarship recepient here.

Since I am the only Goilala student here who is facing a very critical situation under this scholarship scheme I am putting this information out so that everyone has to make a right choice for a good leader if we want more students from our district to apply for this scholarship.

There were 6 Goilala students who were selected by this scholarship last year as you all know. It took one year two months for the visa and everything.. After all I am the only one who is in Malaysia now and my other friends a still in port moresby doing nothing, just waisting there time waiting because of the delay, what a scholarship.

To all Goilala students who a willing to apply for this scholarship I think you should just stop thinking about it because since we left PNG not even one of the scholarship coordinator visited us.

There is no allowance for the 2nd batch first group students, only the senior students a receiving RM 30 which is equivalent to K17 by the school not the scholarship people.

While the 2 batch students both male and female students a leaving in one apartment which is really awkward. We all contribute to buy our food and again it’s only our parents financial support.

We were supposed to be at Malaca not KL but we were told that we haven’t got any accommodation there.

Our seniors receive lunch during weekdays. Not weekend. The 2nd batch are worse off then the first batch. As we do not get any allowance at all. We live in very unsatisfactory conditions.

We can not stream to Courses we want to study even though we were told we would be able to do so when we arrived here.

To students who want to apply for this scholarship please be aware of this issues and if you have absolutely no other options den apply. If you are currently in a institution do not leave it for what is portrayed as a greener pasture.
Vote wisely.


Student: Thinah Thou is a FIRST year students in Malaysia under this Central Governor Scholarship.  Her Biography is as follows.

Name: Tina Tou
District: Goilala
LLG : Tapini
Last school: Mainohana Catholic Secondary school Grade 9-12 and grade 7&8 sacred heart high school tapini..




Under the stewardship of Central Province Governor Honorable Kila Haoda, the government of Central Province has taken full control of Goilala District political & administrative matter promptly since the unexpected departure of Goilala MP Honorable Daniel K Mona.

Sources within CPG has reported there is already undercurrent at work to have Jimmy Aniava replaced as the District Administrator.

As a matter of confidentially no names have been mentioned by in my humble opinion, there is a very high chance of getting former DA Mr Titus Girau back in.

Documents has been signed off to effect this changes and an announcement should fort coming in the not very distant future.

Under Titus Girau, District finances were strictly monitored and checks and balances were the order of the day.

When late Mona was elected in, the Executive Officer Hoko Asi and Secretary John Mona had Titus Girau side lined and brought in their own Jimmy Aniava.

Primarily so they can manipulate and influence and dictate terms in regards to Goilalas administration.

Titus Girau is very experienced and a seasoned public servant who has a vast experience both in the Public service and private sector.

From Gunimaipla and married to the former Goilala MP Mathew Poia’s small sister, in Goilala, Titus is a type of person that gives confidence to the public servants in the District and also restores some confidence with the Administration of the District Affairs.

Titus when he was the DA walked the length and breath of Goilala in person unescorted by police personnel.

It seems our GDDF postings and District Blog postings high lighting issues and current affairs in Goilala is been taken note off and actions are been taken by those responsible.

Let’s keep the smoke rising.

Where there is smoke, there is a fire.