Good morning everyone.

I am one of the central province scholarship recepient here.

Since I am the only Goilala student here who is facing a very critical situation under this scholarship scheme I am putting this information out so that everyone has to make a right choice for a good leader if we want more students from our district to apply for this scholarship.

There were 6 Goilala students who were selected by this scholarship last year as you all know. It took one year two months for the visa and everything.. After all I am the only one who is in Malaysia now and my other friends a still in port moresby doing nothing, just waisting there time waiting because of the delay, what a scholarship.

To all Goilala students who a willing to apply for this scholarship I think you should just stop thinking about it because since we left PNG not even one of the scholarship coordinator visited us.

There is no allowance for the 2nd batch first group students, only the senior students a receiving RM 30 which is equivalent to K17 by the school not the scholarship people.

While the 2 batch students both male and female students a leaving in one apartment which is really awkward. We all contribute to buy our food and again it’s only our parents financial support.

We were supposed to be at Malaca not KL but we were told that we haven’t got any accommodation there.

Our seniors receive lunch during weekdays. Not weekend. The 2nd batch are worse off then the first batch. As we do not get any allowance at all. We live in very unsatisfactory conditions.

We can not stream to Courses we want to study even though we were told we would be able to do so when we arrived here.

To students who want to apply for this scholarship please be aware of this issues and if you have absolutely no other options den apply. If you are currently in a institution do not leave it for what is portrayed as a greener pasture.
Vote wisely.


Student: Thinah Thou is a FIRST year students in Malaysia under this Central Governor Scholarship.  Her Biography is as follows.

Name: Tina Tou
District: Goilala
LLG : Tapini
Last school: Mainohana Catholic Secondary school Grade 9-12 and grade 7&8 sacred heart high school tapini..



Earlier today at Konedobu, Central Province HQ,  a small but very significant ceremony was held to officially hand over of the Tapini Sacred Heart High School six-wheel truck and the Tapini Station police 10 seater truck respectively to the new owners.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School and Tapini Station Police.

In Thanking the Goilala District Development Authority under the leadership of Hon William Samb, Fr Brian Cahill said “GDDA under William Samb has assisted TSHHS  [the school alot] in a short [period] time.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School BOG Chairman Fr. Brian Cahill - Speaking
Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Provincial Police Commander. Mr Asi Laimo said “public may mistake this vehicle as politics at its best but we police need such assets to beef up our operations in the district.

His challenged everybody to report to his office if the vehicle is seen in odd places at odd times.”

Central Province Provincial Police Commisioner - Asi Laimo - Speaking
Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Deputy Provincial Administrator, Mr. Edward Kila, representing the Central Province Governor Office acknowledged the work Goilala MP has done in a space of just 1 and half years in office. Mr. Kila passed the gratitude and appreciation of the Governor Hon Kila Hoada towards Hon Samb saying, Samb has done more than some of his counters parts in Central Province.

Deputy Provincial Administrator - Central Province speaking
Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Present to officiate is Goilala Mp William Samb accompanied by Bishop Rochus Tatamai and Tapini SHHS BOG Chairman Fr Brian Cahill including other delegates.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby


Telikom Technician Lyndon E. Gregory today boarded a Manolos Aviation chopper from Lae to be dropped off at Omu mission station to get the V-SAT installation underway.
Map - Omu.JPG
Manolos will then drop off desks at Sopu (see separate story) then pick up Michael Atuai who is doing potato farming at Tanipai/Kosipe.

Michael Atuai will be dropped off at Kambisea to continue inspecting the progress of potato farms at Kambisea and Ononge and Chopper will head to piCk up rest of Telikom team and will drop off at Omu.
15972697_10154871612068895_6811751293685521607_oWe expeCt Omu V-sat to Come up the end of today or midday tomorrow (Friday).

Rupila V-sat will follow suit once Omu is done.


PPF is concerned over the attack on journalists Clifford Faiparik and Jason J Prince Wuri in Papua New Guinean Cultures
Press Release


Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in a letter to Peter O’Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea expressed concern over the safety of media personnel in Papua New Guinea after Clifford Faiparik of The National and Jason Gima Wuri, of the National Broadcasting Corporation seriously injured in an attack.

PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali in his letter urged the government of Papua New Guinea to swiftly take action against the attack, identify the perpetrators and book them. Aslam Ali also urged to provide better protection for media personnel in of Papua New Guinea.

According to Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF), on September 15, Faiparik and Wuri were travelling back to Port Moresby with the group including Goillala MP William Samba and his District Administrator Titus Girau after visiting the Central Province electorate, when they were attacked on the road and injured seriously.

Reports cite the attack as taking place along the Hiritano Highway, with Samba and his District Administrator the main targets for the roadblock-style attack by men armed with knives. They managed to escape by through the road block while being stoned.
Faiparik was injured on the elbow and stomach while Wuri underwent surgery for gash wounds to his right-hand and Girau also got cuts to his body.

The incident raises important concerns for journalists and their news organizations over the need for media personnel to have access to prompt medical support.


Dear Governor for Central Province Honorable Kila Haoda,

I don’t know if you are aware of this running around your PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATOR is engaging in or not. Let me use this avenue to make it known to you.

[Am sure there is a bunch of brief case carriers in this group who will pass the word to our Honorable Governor Kila Haoda].

Since the appointment of the District Administrators – aka – Chief Executive Officers [CEO] for all 4 Districts in Central Province, Goilala District service delivery has not moved an inch because of bureaucratic slow-motion movie been played down at Konedobu.

When our late MP Daniel Mona passed on, to avoid abuse and misuse of public funds, CPG swiftly moved to have the District’s Administration’s financial powers moved back under the care of the Provincial Administrator.

With our District MP recently elected into office, in August 2015, obviously this decision needs to be reversed.

When do you as our Governor think that will be reversed so Goilala District can run its affairs independently and free of Konedobu Politics?

I would not comment on other Districts. But been from Goilala, I will highlight the short comings of the Provincial Administrator and his Deputy who reckon Goilala District is their toy so they can roll it around like a dice as and when they want to suit their agendas and egos.

3 months into 2016, Goilala District has not accessed their funds from the District accounts thanks to the common excuse of constant black outs and air condition equipment in the office is malfunctioning or there is no toners in the printers to print necessary documentation in Konedobu.

The PA and his Deputy also have not fast track the process off approving the staff appointments submitted by Goilala District CEO to the office of PA.

PA and DPA had the balls to approve the CEO appointments to each Districts, which included Goilala, but when it comes to staff appointments to respective/substantive positions, PA and DPA seem to slack off.

Why is that?

PA and DPA seem to have this colonial line of thought that Goilala District is more like a “back page” where they can shuffle around their puppets and have them remain in positions to be able to entertain their agendas at which ever level they feels the need to use them

Honorable Governor, either your PA and DPA are more smarter than you and as such they are outplaying you in this area to delay and frustrate the process of ensuring the respective Districts in Central Province have their affairs and issues addressed promptly and professionally or you are a part of that syndicate that’s intentionally playing it safe and are pulling the strings to suit whatever ego and political agenda there is.

The least Goilala people want from you, our Honorable Governor is to ask your PA and DPA to ensure the Provincial Treasurer keeps his officers on their toes to have our funding processed and chqs printed so Goilala MP and his DDA gets their priority projects delivered to the people of Goilala.

The very people Governor, you have never moved a fly, to pay any attention to. Ever.

Kindly ask your PA and DPA to stop playing politics with the people of Goilala.

This is 2016. Please pause you political games and play them come 2017.

Thank You my Honorable Governor for Central Province.


Recently elected Goilala MP, William Samb, says Goilala must implement its development goals so people can see change.
Samb said for too long now the desired development agenda for the district has not been achieved.

Launching at Tapini - Samb
Launching at Tapini – Samb – Photo Credit: Pangu Pati Media Team

He said this during a recent visit to launch the district’s five year development plan, 2015-2019.

The MP said Goilala’s public service mechanism has been poor and many projects have failed. He says proposed projects of bridging and connecting essential services are now the priority.
“Our public service has been lacking with all officers operating in Port Moresby and nothing back in the district,” Samb said.

He added the non-existence of the public service mechanism in both workforce and infrastructure has seen little to no services for people to benefit. But with that being said, the newly elected Samb echoed a strong motion to bring change.

DDA Meeting Out in the Open - Main Market
DDA Meeting Out in the Open – Main Market – Photo Credit: Pangu Pati Media Team

The launching of the five district plan was followed by the swearing in of the Development Authority members.

Source/Author: By Jack Lapauve Jr, EMTV – Port Moresby