In regards to comments [refer to insert snip shot from Facebook above] put up by Anthony Morant, alluding to some sort of political affiliation between myself and particular candidates in Goilala elections, and also the same for Fr Casmiro Kito being the assistant priest at Tapini, I wish to make clear the following:

1. The Church does not support any candidate in elections. It makes no public statement in support of any candidate. Church personnel, (clerics, teachers, health workers, and other church workers) are not permitted to openly support or campaign for any candidate. There is strictly no use of church property in support of election campaigns, eg schools or mission stations for election rallies, use of church vehicles and other facility.

2. This does not preclude church personnel from having an association or friendship with particular candidates, which should not be misconstrued as being support for the election of a particular candidate by supporters of other candidates. This is not unusual, especially if this association is pre-existing to the election campaign period. For instance:

 I was an appointed member of the Provincial Executive Council and an appointed Member of the Provincial Assembly 2007-2012 by the then Governor, Alphonse Moroi. Personally I could wish him well and we remained on friendly terms, however, it was made perfectly clear to the Governor that I could not provide any public support for his re-election bid in the 2012 elections as that the Church remains neutral in politics.

 My friendship and association with Daniel Mona and members his family predated his political aspirations. Likewise I could personally wish him well, and remained on friendly terms with him during each of his election bids, however it was made perfectly clear to him that I, or the Church could not provide any public support for his campaign for elected office. I point out also that while we were on friendly terms, before during and after his election as Member for Goilala it is a matter of record that I didn’t’ hold back on publicly criticising him during his time as Member on matters of policy where his performance did not match his many publicly stated promises in working together partnership with the Church to achieve common development goals on certain fronts. In making such criticism of the elected Member, this was not ‘politics’ but public accountability, where the Church has a role to play and is a voice in society as part of its ‘prophetic’ calling.

 I was happy when Daniel Mona was elected in 2012. However, this was not to be wrongly interpreted as I (and/or the Church) having actively campaigned for his election, as was the case by disappointed supporters of opposing candidates. The people had spoken through the ballot box, by the democratic process. As a priest, and an expatriate I was not involved in his election, and during the time of the 2012 Election I was out of country in Australia. The irony here is that as my public criticism of Daniel Mona mounted during his term, in regards to policy and failed promises, I (and the Church) became the object of ire from his supporters.

 Fr Casmiro Kito msc (my assistant at Tapini) has had a long term association with Bruce Mamando through the Emmaeai co-operative. This is a self help development co-operative established by the Pilitu People over the last three years, and it is chaired by Fr Casmiro. This is not unusual as Fr Casmiro is from the Pilitu area, and is one of their few educated elites. It also fits in with his work as a priest in keeping with the Church’s mission, for the ‘integral human development of peoples’. The main income work of the co-operative is the marketing of produce from the area in Port Moresby. For this transport and the road is critical to this development. Bruce Mamando has had a well established business over many years in Goiala with the movement of produce from Goilala ports (mainly on the Fane side) to markets in Port Moresby, and in recent years he has been a provider of transport to people in the Pilitu and Laloipa Valley for their market produce. Through this connection, Bruce is well known to Fr Casmiro and myself, and we are on friendly terms. When Bruce declared his intention to stand for the recent election myself and Fr Casmiro wished him well, but it was also made very clear to him that neither of us could publicly support him in any way. This position was maintained during the election period.

 That Fr Casmiro may have made general comment on FB about the condition of the road during election period, and the consequences this would inevitably have on voting in the Pilitu area for the incumbent Member, this is not to be misconstrued as having been public support for any particular opposing candidate (e.g., Bruce Mamando). If a promise was made by the Member for road maintenance works, and this promise was not kept (threatening the livelihood and well-being of the population affected) then of course he is going to loose votes in that area. Fr Casmiro was no more than stating the obvious.

 I pointed out to the Member in out lasting meeting prior to the election that the situation of the Tapini Hwy and the lack of maintenance to date was critical to his credibility as Member, and that this would have negative impact for him on voting results in the Tapini-Guari LLGs. I thanked him for his support in his brief 18 month term, and wished him well for the coming election. I also pointed out that while his support was appreciated, the church in no way could be seen to supporting him in the coming election, as per the other candidates. Up until this meeting we had been on friendly terms.


The Member needs to realise that he has been re-elected by democratic process as the Member of Goilala, meaning for all the People of Goilala, including the ones that didn’t vote for him. If his voting support dropped in certain areas due to the negative impact caused by failed promises during his previous term then I suggest he needs to address that issue and prove people wrong to win back voter support.

Rather than payout on these people (and by association the Catholic Church because of misconstrued information about Fr Brian and Fr Casmiro during the election period) by ignoring them as some kind of post-election retribution. This will only alienate the Member from his people and his main development partner, the Catholic Church. How the Member now acts in this situation will distinguish him as being a good leader.

Fr Brian Cahill msc
Parish Priest


In Goilala, there are 3 LLGs – Woitape, Guari and Tapini.

The most densely populated LLG amongst the 3 is Woitape LLG. And when it comes to politics in Goilala, Woitape LLG has time and again decided on the outcome of who wins the elections and who looses.

Population by LLG.
Population by LLG.

In one of my previous articles – POLITICS IN GOILALA – Voting Powers and Population I already broken it down the numberical strenghts and why the winner will always be from Woitape.

Now in this article, I will analyse the 33 candidates and their number grab and why who is who in their respective LLGs.

Out of the 33 candidates,  6 candidates are from Guari LLG – Mathew Poia, Alex Hoem Robert, John Zamoro, Magario Gaspa, Felix Aka Gitai and Joe Tamatai Manau.

Tapini LLG has has 7 – Titus Girau, Raymond Rex Kopa, Peter Nomai, Peter Keme Ellision, Alponse Moroi, John Kiar and Peter Ino.

Woitape LLG has 19 candidates – Evarista Suda, Eugene Aloysis, Bruce Mamando, Ajax Bia, John Kopa, Mathilda Koma, Cyprian Mang, William Samb, Fabiane Inne, Jimmy Gulolo, John Koga, Philip Fasi, John Mona, Camilo Esef, Felix Koma, Michael Stitt, Boniface Eve, Lawrence Ivoro, and Daniel Simana.

GUARI LLG. [4000 eligible voters]

In my opinion, per LLG respectively, Guari LLG will see a tassle between Mathew Poia and Alex Hoem Robert. Magario Gaspa will ride on the wave of Youth Power but that wont be enough to bring him into the business end of the game.

John Zamoro will take the second and third preferences from Mathew but not first. John might also grab some second preferences from Woitape LLG’s Ward 7 & 8 since he is mix parentage. But will the 2s and 3s be enough to hold him at bay? We will see. Felix is a surprise packet in this line up. If Alex Hoem uses his wife’s connections and family ties effectively, Felix will bow out of the race on the first elimination.

The winner out of this race in Guari will be a hard fight between Mathew and Alex Hoem but if education qualification does have an impact, Felix will give Mathew and Alex a run for their money.

My Tip: Alex will win the Guari LLG, sector of this By election if the Youth Power sticks with Magario. If they [youths] sway, and fingers crossed they go to Mathew, the winner wont be Alex.

TAPINI LLG. [7,000 eligible voters]
Tapini LLG is very interesting. I say interesting because we have a former Central Province Governor in the race. And comes from Tapini LLG. Alphone Moroi mentored and hand picked Titus Girau to be the District Administrator for Goilala. Alex Hoem was someone Moroi coached and mentored to be his choice in the Goilala Open seat.

The election in Tapini LLG will be between Alphonse, Raymond Kopa from Kerau, Peter Nomai also from Kerau, and Titus Girau.

The two densely populated wards in Tapini LLG are Ward 3 and Ward 4. With Tapini Urban [station] taking the 3rd ward to take note of.

Alphonse Moroi will collect handsomely across Tapini LLG. Not because he has has the money to burn or his campaign committee has done the job. This votes will be sympathetic. Back at their home base, Titus and Alphonse with Alex Hoem will split up the Jowa Loloipa, Pilitu votes, with Mathew Poia also having a grab of some first preferences votes from here too.

The big collectors in Tapini LLG will be, in my opinion, Raymond Kopa, Peter Nomai and Alphonse. If Titus Girau strategise well in Jowa and Pilitu areas, he will decide on Alphonse’s fate here and then. But with Alphonse’s popularity, Titus might have to do more than that.

My Tip: Alphonse will collect all across Tapini LLG. But if this votes will  be ones, is anyones guess. Raymond and Peter Nomai come from Ward 3 and 4 in Tapini LLG. This can be crucial determining factors.  With Moroi, Alex and Titus splitting up their base votes, the winner will be decided between Raymond and Peter Nomai. A tight finish is expected in this one with experience beating  Raymond for Nomai.

WOITAPE LLG [14,800 eligible voters]
Knowing the voting power of Woitape LLG, 20 candidates has registed to break this 14,800 amongst themselves. Looking through the list, Bruce Mamado, Jimmy Gulolo, Fabianne Inne, Alphonse Hega and William Samb grabs my attention without doubt.

Chirimes will lock  Fabianne. Jimmy and Alphonse with William will break even in Wards 7 and 8. While Bruce Mamado willl lock down Auga Dilava. But hey, Goilalas are known for maintaining the “Blood is thicker than water” statement so Boniface Eve, John Mona and Mathilda and Daniel Simana might spoilt the party for Bruce.

With Auga Dilava number depleted, the winner for Woitape LLG sector will be decided betwen Jimmy, William and Fabiane.

Jimmy is from woitape station. But his mother is from Kambisea/Keilape. Jimmy also has families in Chirime. So his collections of first choice will spread out while Fabianne will collect only in Chirime. William also will collect only in ward 7 while Alphonse will collect in ward 8.

My tip:  Amongst the 20, whoever can collect first preference votes across Woitape smartly, will see the business of the game. The person i see doing that is William Samb.


My Overall number distribution amongst candidates in this By election in Goilala will follow suit end of this week. In that article, I will give my tip.


A top source said today “The Goilala MP Daniel Mona has been trying to pay his personal medical bills using DSIP Funds.”

Daniel Mona was rumoured last year on social media to have died after being admitted to hospital. A bank officer at BSP today who reportedly ‘felt uncomfortable with processing a claim for a bill’ reportedly ‘for the members personal medical bills amounting to some 27 thousand US $’ reportedly contacted an investigating authority who told the bank officer “it was not proper”.

It seems that following the response/advice received from the investigating authority who was contacted the bank officer then refused the transaction and “they (Daniel Mona) tried another tact”.

“So today they tried to transfer from Goilala DSIP to Konevilla No. 1 Consultants K99,000. Other payments have been made to that so called consultancy company” a source alleged.

The matter is understood to have since been brought to the attention of Director Leadership Mr. Richard Pagen.


There are 3 language groups in Goilala District. The most dominant and largely populated amongst the 3 of them are the FUYUGES.

Fuyuges have their Sub District Headquarters at Woitape. Tauwades have theirs in Tapini, which is also the District Headquarters. Gunimaipa speaking Goilalas have their in Guari.

In terms of population figures, Guari LLG has the least number of people, leaving the Tauwade speaking Goilalas enjoying the second place with the next most populated group leaving Fuyuge the undisputed kings when it comes to population.

Politics and political representations circles and dwells too much around numbers. The more people you have as your base vote, there is some chance you will make a play at the top post

So since 1975, did we have any political leaders from Guari LLG?

The answer to this question is YES and NO.

YES. Because we have had Honorable Andrew Ruddaka, who had a stint in that position from 1987 through to 1992. And Mathew Poia who had his share of governing Goilala’s affairs politically from 2007 through to 2012. These gentlemen are from Gunimaipa. Well they speak Gunimaipa language of the Guari LLG. And their villages fall under Guari LLG constituency.

NO. However according to a stunt patriotic Gunimaipa, this person still claims these two gentlemen are not from Gunimaipa. Well they are not “Pure Gunimaipa.”

Andrew Ruddaka is from Ghariri, and Mathew Poia ia from Ghelevis.

The Ghariri people (Andrew) are more or less bush Mekeos or coastal Goilalas. They speak a different language, sort of twisted out of the main Kunimaipa language. The Ghelevis (Mathew) are fitted in between the Ghariris and the Kunimaipas. Their language is also twisted, but not that aggressive. Both tribes dwell within the foothills of Mount Yule.

So if this is the case then who are the real Gunimapias? And where are these real Gunimaipas located within the Guari LLG?

Based on my information seeking mission, am told the real Kunimaipa speaking people take up the middle to the headwaters of Kunimaipa river. That’s from Kamulai Catholic Mission and Suasi upwards. It also crosses the ranges to Loloipa and Jova, ending at Jova river. From the headwaters of Kunimaipa river, the language also crosses the ranges to the Waria side (Morobe) where it ends. So the Kunimaipa language covers the two LLGs, Guari and Tapini, and also Waria in Garaina District of Morobe Province.

So it is fair to saying that Gunimaipa speaking Goilalas has not had any chance of heading Goilala’s office?

I would personally agree to go with this mindset because if Andrew Ruddaka and Mathew Poia where real full blooded Gunimaipas, maybe they would have spared a moment of their time and funds to develop Guari station.

Guari station as it stands now is a ghost town. There is literally nothing there. No presence of government services. The airstrip is closed, government houses all ruin and run down, schools closes, people have abandoned this town and nature has over taken it for goodness sake.

Guari in as far as Goilala politics and even Central Provincial politics is concern, is the BACKPAGE of a long rejected book. A book titled Goilala. And Guari forms the back pages of this book.

So why have the Gunimaipas not make a play at Goilala’s political leadership?

Amongst a host of reasons, one that stands out is, Gunimaipas don’t have the numbers. The population in this part of Goilala is been depleted down to just the old and unable, unfortunate and misfits. The able, educated and the physically able Gunimaipas have flocked into Port Moresby and Lae and they have settled into these places permanently. So when it comes to voting, Gunimaipas chip is mediocre numbers and end up losing out on seriously making a play.

And one thing that also must be mentioned about Guari LLG is, polling officials and polling teams that go into Guari LLG to host voting are the most bribed teams. Since there are not many people living in this part of Goilala, teams that fly into these areas to conduct elections end up double, triple and quadruple voting for their preferred candidates. Well candidates that have bribed this officials.

This is a known fact amongst the corrupt crooks who are now gearing up to get their puppets into the teams heading into Guari come 2017.


Starting with Senior Louis Mona, who is always referred to as the BEST political figure to have headed and represented Goilala on the floor of Parliament through to the current Member for Goilal, who is non other than Honorable Daniel K Mona, who is the son of the pioneer Goilala MP, Fuyuges have dominated Goilala politics 95% of the time since 1975.

Senior Louis Mona even was the only Goilala MP to have been given a MINISTRY in any government. Since then, Goilala MPs have turned out to be number providers, rubber stamps and/or briefcase carriers.

But that’s not the point of this article.

Following is the different Fuyuge speaking Goilala MPs that represented Goilala on the floor of parliament at their various terms since 1975.

1. Louis Mona Senior.
2. Camilo Esef [1992-1997]
3. Ajax Bia [1997-2002]
4. Fabian Inne [2002-2007]
5. Daniel K Mona. [2012-2017]

One obvious reason why Fuyuge speaking Goilalas seem to get into power [under the previous FIRST PAST THE POST] voting system, was the fact that Fuyuges houses about 60% of the Goilala’s total population.

Fuyuge can and has been dictating the outcome of politics just by the voting power they have at their disposal.

But even with the recently used LPV system, Daniel K Mona got the nod ahead of the other candidates.

Mathew Poia been the sitting MP ran in second but the third and fourth place candidates – JIMMY GULOLO and TONY GABI KOPA was also from Woitape LLG.

So literally even if Gunimaipa and Tauwade speaking Goilalas try, 99 out of a 100, they are highly likely to loose.

So with such a prolong period of hold onto power by Fuyuges, has this translated into some physical change in Woitape LLG?

I am from Woitape LLG. Kosipe is the name of my small village. And as such, the good place to start the assessment off is at Woitape station.

Woitape station at present has an operating airstrip, which is covered with tall grass. Drainage is annually blocked, and the station is literally a ghost town.

There is no public markets for locals to sell their produce, and the government office there is empty, with broken windows and no locks on doors.

Police station is presumed to be operating but in reality is just 2 brickwall houses which the inhabitants who dwell in there make fires inside these houses and sleep in there.

Health Center is closed most of the time, And if pressed hard for mediction, outdated chroloquin tablets are given as medication and amoxicillin tablets are given to patients with chronic diases like TB.

Woitape Vocational centre is, or has been closed sice 1990s, and the only Lodge in Woitape, the Owen Stanley Lodge never used, with its fencing falling apart.

Communication in and out of Woitape is via a Telikom Visat disk that people have to line up to use this public phone boot. New comers to this place would think there is an ATM machine there so people are lining up to use it. LOL.

If Woitape is in such  sorry state, then what gurrantee is there indicate that Ononge, Fane, Yongai and Kosipe with Tanipai, will be spike & Span?

So that brings us to the hard question.


History does not seem favour the Woitape LLG constituency but the only undeniable fact that no one will take away from Woitape LLG is the VOTING POWER.


Goilala Highway is our only road link from Goilala District to PortMoresby.Goilala District? Nah. Its more appropriate to say this highway connects Tapini Station to Port Moresby. Nothing else.So its more appropriate and fitting to call this highway Mona Highway which is its original name anyway.

The surround villages near Tapini – Erume, Pilitu, Koruavu, Lavavai, Tavuniav – aint close enough to Tapini to be able to feed off from this road link. Erume may be connected but its not as good as it should be.

So really Tapini station is the only station that this highway connects. And the people there are served. No one else.

So in as far as Goilala is concern, what form of transportation is best suited to us, reaches a good majority of people and villages and benefits us adequately?

Road transport seem an option but the main constraints are the terrain of our home district which is mountainous and rugged, having steep mountain ranges and separated by fast flowing rivers.

Building a road through this will take time, require a lot of funding and the expertise and labor required with equipment. Acquiring funds for this road works will bankrupt Goilala for a good long while.

So road transport isn’t worth it in short term. But can be slowly attended to in a long term.

Sea transport is a No-No obviously because we are inland. We don’t have oceans up there.

Air transport seem our only hope and ticks off all the boxes with ease.
It reaches a widely situated villages, serves 100% of Goilalas population, and has already built airstrips across Goilala covering literally all corners of Goilala.

If our leaders had the foresight, these airstrips would have been funded fully, have them re-opened, maintained/repaired to ensure third level airlines operating/servicing Goilala’s safety is guaranteed.

After having these airstrips re-opened and completely safe for traveling public, these leader would then bring in necessary lacking/missing services like health, schools and other vital services to the people.

Without working, safe and up-to-date transportation system in our District, been a rugged and mountainous terrain, bringing in Development of any sort is a far cry. And impossible.

To bring about change, a strategic plan has to be thought out and drafted and priority areas/services identified and funded accordingly.

And if our leaders had the heart for our people and place, transportation, especially air transport, would have taken spot Number one.

Once Goilala is opened up and easily accessible, from outside, other basic services which are currently lacking will flow through using transportation.

Again, no working and safe transport system mean no development. Its just simple and pure as that.

If our leaders and those in decision making positions has not realized this than either they lack the mental capacity or just they just isn’t fit to run an office of this magnitude.

To solve a problem, one has to identify the cause, identify the causes if the problem, think out an action plan and come up with a solution. Implement the plan/solution and then review it to ensure what has been decided upon is working.

Right now we are having leaders who are going around acting like First Aid Kit specialists giving out band aid solutions to a tropical ulcer.

This ulcer does not need pain killers and pain relief medications/solutions.

What is required is a thorough, systematic examination of the patient’s history, life style, habits, preferences and hobbies before a solution is identified.

If no one has noticed this then we got nowhere else to go.



Goilala District is made up of 3 LLGs – Tapini, Woitape and Guari.

Tapini LLG is the Head Quarters of the Goilala District. And most obviously is the Administrative hub of the District. As such, it has the Districts’ Administrator and the District’s only High School and yes the best brand new state of the art Hospital which was co-funded by Australian Aid and Central Provincial Government under the leadership of former Governor of Central Province Alphone Moroi and was spear headed by the Catholic Church and its Bereina Dioceses.

While not all is rosy in Tapini, at least basic amenities of a HQ for a District is visible.

For example the Goilala Highway, connects Tapini to Port Moresby. Having a main market and a Police Station.

Back in the Post Colonial era and immediately after 1975, Tapini was a bustling, lively and eventful station which had literally every thing required of a place to be tagged a Head Quarters.

Post Office, Court House, Tapini Lodge, functioning telephone systems, 24 hour Hydro, Mini Super Market – LAGU TRADING & MATSIA TRADING, Department of Works Yard and Huge shed which had heavy equipment available for road works, a lively Department of Primary Industries, a Health Centre which was the best back those days. And a committed District Administrator and his troops of equally faithful public servants who lived in Tapini to perform their duties.

The Goilala Highway was well kept, and had trucks running up and down without a hitch. We had racing motor bikes and motor cars raising up and down this dusty roads carefree.

The current state of affairs has seen the DoW shed closed down, Mini Super markets closed down, police station having just a handful of personnel, court house closed, Lodge closed, Hydro closed, health center, DPI closed. Telephone networks and service die a silent agonising death which the Post Office service just extincted.

And all the public servants has migrated to Port Moresby and operate under rain trees in Konedobu.

Woitape and Guari are politically the sub-district Head Quaters of Goilala. They are supposed to be second in command posts/hubs which Tapini gives orders to and these orders are executed out of this locations.

Right now, Guari and Woitape does not have District Manager. Let alone the sub-district administrative office complex are merely a run down hide out used by drug addicts and strayed domesticated and wild animals alike.

For Guari there is no such thing as a Sub-District Office. Because there is none in existence.

No one knows who is the District Manager or the Council Manager is for Guari and Woitape.

If there are basic government services like Health and Education with Postal services and telecommunication service available and is available in Guari and Woitape is really something politicians and their brief case carriers does not care about.

If such is the current scenario of our District then what has the respective political heads of the District that we have voted in consecutively since 1975 done for our District?

Starting with Andrew Ruddaka, Elijah Vino, Camilo Esef, Ajax Bia, Fabine Inne, Mathew Poia, and the current Daniel K Mona.

What has this so call leaders done for Tapini, Guari and Woitape? What has these clowns done for Goilala and her people generally?

It hurts so bad to see these clowns have a high flying life down in Port Moresby and do their thing on TV and print Media and over the air waves, but the actual reality is shitty and so broke down and hurting.

It leaves one to wonder if these guys are really humans and have the commen 5 senses of SIGHT, SMELL, TOUCH, FEEL and TASTE.

Because it seems they lack all of these senses and as such they just live in a world of their own and dont give a slightest of f@cks about what, how, why and where and who of Goilala District and her people.



The petition to the Member for Goilala, Daniel Mona by the students of Tapini Sacred Heart School is thought to be the doing of one person and has been considered unnecessary.

In a recent phone interview with Hon. Mona’s Executive Officer, Mr. John Mona said there are suspicions towards the formation of the petition by the students of TSHS.

He said the Education Department has already been made aware of the petition and is currently carrying out investigations on this matter.
“How can a grade eight student write up a petition like this?” the EO questioned.
“We will find out who exactly did up this petition and forced the students into signing it.”
“Media should not waste their time on publishing stories without substantial information.”

While the political matter on who should control Goilala continues, the future of the students from Tapini Sacred Heart School will remain blurred and so will the future of the entire Goilala District.

Goilala DREAM

Goilala DREAM


While a lot of people may be skeptical and critical in my view, I just want to make a mention of what Social media has done to this nation and in particularly Goilala District.

Since the creating of Social Media site Facebook in 2004 and then the eventual spread of it into Papua New Guinea, a lot of issues in Papua New Guinea has been reported and exposed like never before done by tradition conventional media outlets – the Print, Voice and Video.

Corrupt deals are been exposed and illegal activities are openly talked about by concern and patriotic Papua New Guineas from all walks of lives.

In Goilala context, it may not be obviously and visible but similar to the rest of Papua New Guienas, Goilalas are openly expressing their views and dissatisfaction about issues in Goilala District as a whole.

It is common knowledge that FB is accessed by all and as such, Pro Political regime leeches are hanging around groups such as ours – Goilala District Unite – and read and take note of what is been posted by who. It is risky a business to expose or raise your opinion and views on sensitive issues in Papua New Guinea.

However one fact remains and that is if we can not express our disgust and dissatisfaction, who else will do that for us?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Facebook [not sure if Mark Zuckerberg and his Team sees this] and Goilala Foundation Incorporated for setting up avenues for Goilalas to express issues concerning Goilala opening and honestly. Avenues such as the Goilala District Unite Group here on FB, District Website Forum and then the District Blog.

It seems our MP’s recent calls in as far as Development issues are concern in Goilala has been somewhat response to what has been posted here in GDU and other Facebook groups and on our forum and blog.

We aint running a opposition to MP Mona and his regime. Such avenues enables and provides us the ordinary people to freely express our thoughts and views so “Pro Mona” supporters can help spread the message back to him and his Officers.

We also would like to thank our fellow Papua New Guineas and friends from Overseas who have contributed to exposing and advising and suggesting proper methods and processes in getting Goilala exposed in avenues least expected.

All in all, Thank You All members of GDU for helping Goilala get some much needed attention.

This aint the end. Its just the beginning of a long road ahead.