Brian Cahill Replies to this article…

 Anthony, I have been following your post on this topic, and I am not quite sure where you are coming from and of what you appear to be accusing me of doing that lacks transparency and fairness.

With regards to sending students down to Australia from Sacred Heart High School. This is an arrangement established by Monivae College with the Catholic Parish of Tapini through its Parish Priest (who happens to be an Australian MSC) in favour of students in the Tapini area attending Sacred Heart High School. It is funded by Monivae College (which is an MSC owned school in Australia) and the Catholic Church at Tapini.

This is not an arrangement between Monivae and Sacred Heart High School. And it is not in any way funded by Sacred Heart High School.

Therefore how the Catholic Church at Tapini chooses to support particular students in this regard, or provide any form of support for particular students attending Sacred Heart High School, or other institutions for that matter through sponsorship is not the business of others. It is a private matter to do with a particular student, the student’s parents and the parish with its benefactors.

To draw a parallel, the same can be said for Kanosia students attending Sacred Heart whose fees are paid for by the Doa Rubber Plantation. Is that being unfair to other students attending Sacred Heart who are not from Kanosia, whose fees are not being paid for by the Doa Rubber Plantation?

The arrangement in place between Monivae College and the Catholic Church at Tapini for sending students down to Australia is very much dependent on me, and contingent on me. Monivae is reliant on my good judgment in selecting students for this scholarship. In doing so, I consult with others on the ground at Tapini, such as the HT of the High School. There is criterion followed for the selection of students that takes into consideration their suitability and well-being. In this, I am accountable to parents, the MSC, the Diocese and to Monivae College.

Most importantly I take on a duty of care and responsibility for the welfare for these students from my parish sent to Australia in ensuring that they are well prepared beforehand, that they have adequate and proper support structures in place while they are in Australia, and that they have support for re-entry when they return. This is not a simple job. Surely this is the main complaint coming from Central students being sent to Malaysia by the Governor.

Fr Brian Cahill msc PP

Catholic Church

Tapini High School, Goilala Central Province, Papua New Guinea



BLESSED EDMUND RICE PRIMARY SCHOOL - Opening (1)On the eve of Fools Day, Pilitu people in Tapini LLG’s ward 5 welcome a present like no other into their midst – Opening of  ” BLESSED EDMUND RICE PRIMARY SCHOOL” at Kone Bridge.

Oral History has it that Pilitu people in comparison to the rest of Tapini LLG people are least educated.

The Goilala Highway passes through their land before it reaches Tapini station – the HQ for Goilala District.

Pilitu land extends down into the Kairuku Hiri District as well. And this fact leaves the political leaders of both District blaming each other on who should be held responsible for service delivery in this section of Goilala.

Noticing the absence of virtually everything, Catholic Church decided to invest in Human Resource of this small ward. And it would be an understatement to say their investment is bearing fruit.

Their investment is becoming a reality in leaps and bounds.

BLESSED EDMUND RICE PRIMARY SCHOOL is their first Primary School and was opened formally by the Catholic Church Clergymen which included Bishop Rochus Tamatai and Father Brian Cahil and others.

The Pilitu chiefs agreed and gave up land for development to the Catholic Church against arguments and dispute among themselves.

Even a young man Kaperu who has a large share in this land passed away and didn’t live to see his children attend school.

A proud Paul Kaita, one of the bright lights of Pilitu village said, “Now Pilitu people, have a school to be proud of.  You who degraded and criticized the Pilitu people as the least educated and most primitive can now stop. Just like you, we will work hard to develop our district thru support and positive energy.”

This chapter is a beginning of a new life into Pilitu. Pilitu children can now rest easy as they have their own school to attend. They don’t have to go all the way to Tapini station to attend school.

Photo Credit: Father Casmiro Kito – Local Priest from Pilitu


Dear Mr. Jeremy A Tamatai, as the Education sector Coordinator, I direct this question to you as a concern Goilalian.

Take note alert also goes to Father Brian Cahill, as Victor for Education, for Diocese of Bereina, as well as Patrick D Ghorok, Standards Officer in Provincial Education Board [PEB] Central Province – Konedobu.

Do we have any Education plans for the District? More like a pathway going forward?

For example, [1] Re-Opening of all Closed schools, [2] Refurnish and rebuild run-down classrooms, [3] Building/Rebuilding Staff houses, [4] upgrading certain school to PRIMARY SCHOOLs status, [5] Upgrading Tapini Sacred Heart High School to SECONDARY status [6] rebuild, renovate and Open Woitape Vocational School to enroll Grade 12 drop outs from Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School.

With the population boom experienced PNG wide, Goilala’s school age kids are in abundance. It is currently injustice to those school aged kids who are now no attending school at all because their school is closed.

Their school is closed not because of their own doing. Their school is closed because people like Jeremy A Tamatai, Father Brian Cahilll and Patrick D Ghorok and responsible people and authorities decided to look away from the real issue at hand.

We need to have a plan for Education in Goilala. Right now, in my opinion, we do not have a plan.

If there does exist Education plans, then can it be revealed?

Note: Do not bring in the National Education Plan or Provincial Education Plan into this. Am talking District Education Plan.

Thank You.


Tapini Sacred Heart High School Closed its academic year on this morning – 30th November 2016.

This is odd, most might say because it’s too early.

The school is closing early due to the fact that some of the officially sanction Public Holidays, the School Administration decided they should attend classes with the aim of closing down early at the end of the school year. Hence this result is here.

The School as was the case in the past couple of years has TOPPED the CENTRAL PROVINCE once again coming out Number One.

The academic results are satisfactory, I was told the number of students entering Sogeri National High School come 2017 stand close to 10 students. That’s Sogeri alone.

The policy still stands as it is this year. Except for additional costs which will cover PROJECT FEES, Agency Fee, Bond Fee, Boarding Requirement Fee and Uniforms.

With the unhealthy outlook of the Economy, expect some increases in most of this additional costs.

Take this is as an advice and please spread the word far and wide. So nothing comes as a surprise come 2017 academic year.

2017 STARTS.
The academic year for 2017 starts on the 30th January 2017.

Tapini SHHS stands tall amongst its peers based on the fact that the level of discipline maintained is high and everyone is expected to adhere to that or be found kicked out.

Policies such as [1]attire which is neat and tidy with acceptable dressing code, [2] no mobile devices allowed to be held by students – mobile phones, mp3 boombox players, camera, [3] Boy-Girl Relations, [4] Alcohol, [5] Drugs.

All these 5 items are Not allowed. And Zero Tolerance policy is applied.

While not blaming anyone or anything, Tapini SHHS has been directly affected by what took place at the national level of Government in our country.

Unlike others who are folding under pressure, Tapini SHHS closed its academic year on time and as expected.

Such results are rear and only the smartest, hard working, people with mission and vision deliver that according to plan and on schedule.

To achieve such results in a place like Goilala District – the least developed district in Central province – one can conclude that with GOD Almighty on our side, and guiding us, nothing is impossible.

Glory to God.

On behalf of my fellow GDDF Admin Mr. Bruce Farquharson and myself, taking up the voice of GDDF Members on this self-claimed and self-appointed District Facebook group, we say a mega, huge, gigantic and loud…


to Mr. Arasu Hayden Ason as the Principal of Tapini SHHS, and father Brian Cahill as the Chairman of the BOG, and Perai Manai as a senior member of the BOG team and Teachers and their families, support staff, security personnel, students.. and anyone i have missed out… here..




A Ten million kina submission for Tapini SHHS to be upgraded to Secondary school knocked back due to concerned stakeholders not committing their share for COUNTERPART FUNDING.

And I believe that this is the first time a submission of such forwarded by Bereina Dioceses Project office was overlooked.

This is a total let down for District and the Agency because of Government of the day including the Provincial, District, and the Prime Minister’s office.

Information from a close source of Diocese project office stated that our school submission was in the final list for funding but dropped.

If only we had that 20percent of the ten million we would have the first Grade Eleven next year 2017.
Source: Post by Albert Alex Kaita  on Goilala District Discussion Forum Facebook group.

Photos provided by Martin Au of Tapini Sacred Heart High School


UPDATE ON BI EDMUND RICE P.S – Kone Bridge [Tapini]

Update on Bl Edmund Rice P.S. @ Kone Bridge near Tapini following inspection visit by Bp Rochus and Michael KOOB of Missio Germany (the funding agency)


Source: Father Brian Cahill Facebook Wall post



It is very annoying and quite disturbing to read a lot of misinformation and twists in the saga surrounding the impending closure of SHHS-Tapini. Certain individuals in the guise of disseminating information for public consumption are in reality sensationalizing issues for popularity without establishing the facts. Hence, my post will complement what has already been posted earlier by Fr Brian/Fr Casmiro and correct a number of unwarranted baseless comments.

Technically, the school is not closed – get the vocabulary and grammar right! Gr 7, 8 and 9 students will be sent home on Thursday 17th September for their normal Term 3 holidays except for the Grade 10s who will remain to have remedial lessons. At the commencement of Term 4, if outstanding 3rd & 4th quarter TFF funds are not released, only year 8 and 10 students will resume classes to prepare for their exams while year 7 and 9 will stay home indefinitely until such time funds become available. We are taking responsible and practical measures to scale down our operations and stretch our limited funds! We do not want to unnecessarily jeopardize the students’ education, especially the year 8s and 10s at this critical period. If worse comes to worse, the Provincial Education Adviser who is already aware of our dilemma will be requested to prepare the instruments to formally suspend classes for an indefinite period. Suspending classes and closing school are two different matters!

For the record, the School Administration has submitted 2013, 2014 and 2015 School Census Data to the relevant authorities (Central Province Div Educ & National Dept of Educ.). The Bureaucratic system in PNG and especially the NDoE is such that people get so overwhelmed with so much paper work and there is that 60 % chance of documents been misplaced. This is despite the fact that we are living in the 21st computer savvy century. SHHS – Tapini has had to cope with this issue (documents been misplaced) on numerous occasions. For instance, last year we had to submit documents for a new graduate 4 times before he finally got paid in October. And again this year, we have had to resubmit claims for allowances backdated to 2013, 2014 four times and still waiting for some kind of acknowledgement from the Department. So, you can imagine the kind of system we are operating under. WE ARE NOT PLAYING A BLAME GAME HERE. SOMEBODY IS NOT DOING HIS/HER JOB and as a result we get unnecessarily victimized.

The administration is not obliged to report to people like Anthony Morant or the GDF which I presume is not a legal entity detailing our administrative responsibilities. If Gabriel Bauai, et al want hard copies, they should go down to Konedobu and then to the 5th Flr of Fincorp Haus and ask them for one. Otherwise, come to the school and I will be more than happy to make copies available to you if it is of any use to you guys. Obviously, if they can’t locate the documents at Konedobu or Fincorp haus, they will take the easy way out and blame the school for not submitting the document in question. I don’t even think they have a register to record correspondence, etc coming in and going out. If the Census Data did not reach them, the Department is obliged to advise us so that we can take remedial action.

The Manager TFF, Mr Mark Meninga personally advised me on Wednesday 9th September that some schools including SHHS –Tapini that bank with ANZ did not get money due to some system error. They are awaiting an audit report of the TFF transaction from ANZ in order to rectify the problem. Nothing was mentioned about non-submission of Census Data!

The BOG and school Administration have made representations to all relevant authorities (Hon William Samb MP, Provincial Education Advisor, TFF Secretariat-NDoE ) in regard to the plight of the school. The ball is in their court!

Our meeting with Hon William Samb MP on the 25th August in the presence of Woitape LLG President Hon Joe Gelu and incumbent acting Goilala DDA CEO, Mr Francis Javia was to brief him on the school’s financial situation and future development plans. This meeting occurred at the request of the MP after he saw a face book posting on the 23 August 2015 about the imminent suspension of classes. As to what transpired out of the meeting, I am not at liberty to discuss that on this wall. I suggest Anthony should contact the CEO and his President to fill him on that. We don’t operate on hearsay, but we respect and observe protocol and lines of communication. I find Anthony Morant’s assumption about the school been closed as a punitive measure by the Catholic Church for non-representation on the DDA very very offensive and an insult to the BOG, School Administration and the Church. Representation on the DDA is a political issue that has NOTHING what so ever to do with the IMMINENT suspension of classes for year 7 and 9 come Term 4 due basically to financial constrains we are forced to encounter. I find this line of thinking naïve, childish and immature. The most honourable thing for him to do is to APOLOGISE for his misconceptions and spreading malicious gossip on this forum. Otherwise, we have no respect and time for people like that who go about making wild accusations without establishing the facts. Some crash course on investigative journalism will do … and with that comes ethics, standards and responsible reporting!

Arasu Hayden Ason
Head Teacher- SHHS (Tapini)