Good morning everyone.

I am one of the central province scholarship recepient here.

Since I am the only Goilala student here who is facing a very critical situation under this scholarship scheme I am putting this information out so that everyone has to make a right choice for a good leader if we want more students from our district to apply for this scholarship.

There were 6 Goilala students who were selected by this scholarship last year as you all know. It took one year two months for the visa and everything.. After all I am the only one who is in Malaysia now and my other friends a still in port moresby doing nothing, just waisting there time waiting because of the delay, what a scholarship.

To all Goilala students who a willing to apply for this scholarship I think you should just stop thinking about it because since we left PNG not even one of the scholarship coordinator visited us.

There is no allowance for the 2nd batch first group students, only the senior students a receiving RM 30 which is equivalent to K17 by the school not the scholarship people.

While the 2 batch students both male and female students a leaving in one apartment which is really awkward. We all contribute to buy our food and again it’s only our parents financial support.

We were supposed to be at Malaca not KL but we were told that we haven’t got any accommodation there.

Our seniors receive lunch during weekdays. Not weekend. The 2nd batch are worse off then the first batch. As we do not get any allowance at all. We live in very unsatisfactory conditions.

We can not stream to Courses we want to study even though we were told we would be able to do so when we arrived here.

To students who want to apply for this scholarship please be aware of this issues and if you have absolutely no other options den apply. If you are currently in a institution do not leave it for what is portrayed as a greener pasture.
Vote wisely.


Student: Thinah Thou is a FIRST year students in Malaysia under this Central Governor Scholarship.  Her Biography is as follows.

Name: Tina Tou
District: Goilala
LLG : Tapini
Last school: Mainohana Catholic Secondary school Grade 9-12 and grade 7&8 sacred heart high school tapini..



The Tolukuma (Yulai) Landowner Group representing landowners of the Tolukuma Gold Mine refused to sign the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Port Moresby today.

Chairman George Gusi snubbed the long overdue revised MOA, claiming there are still outstanding issues to be settled.

Facilitated by the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), the signing ceremony was attended by Mining Minister Byron Chan, Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda, Executive Director of Asidokona, Vincent Siou, Woitape LLG President Joe Geru, and MRA Managing Director, Phillip Samar.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gusi asked for an extension to iron out outstanding issues which they want to see contained in the current MOA as he claims there was a lack of consultation by the MRA.

He said some of the outstanding issues include:

Establishment of the Infrastructure Development Committee;
Environmental damage report on the waterway and tailings dam, which is a national issue on the reputation of the mine;
No proper mine development plan showing the lifespan and economic value of the mine; and
No proper landowner business plan under the spin off benefits and life after mine programs.

Gusi also asked why there was a rush to sign the MOA on the eve of the elections, questioning the legal basis justifying Minister Chan and Governor Haoda to proceed as signatories.

“We are confused as to why we are rushing to sign. I strongly recommend that we defer the MOA signing till after the return of writs. It’s only five weeks away,” he said.

“So after the elections, we have a legitimate Government and authority to execute our MOA.

“Ladies and gentlemen, both national and provincial governments have totally failed to implement many undertakings in the previous MOA.”

Despite his refusal, the signing ceremony went ahead with all parties content with the MOA. Gusi maintained his stance and did not sign.

Following the singing, Minister Chan said the previous MOA did not contain any Government commitment, however, the revised agreement contained guarantees which the government was willing to deliver.

They include, among others, the Tolukuma Highway upgrade project.

Chan said he would not have proceeded with any signing if he knew there were still outstanding issues.

However, he said the revision of the MOA was an ongoing thing and any outstanding issue would be catered for down the track.

“Whatever we sign today, it’s continuous, it’s a Government commitment to the people of Central Province, Goilala District and to your people. It is our commitment,” he said.

“This Government has committed all of these projects to you as of today.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie Gelu, from the State Solicitors office, who was present informed landowners and guests that Minister Chan and Governor Haoda, as signatories to the MOA, are acting within the legal parameters as they are still recognized as elected leaders until the return of writs.

Picture: Signatories to the revised Tolukuma MOA having a toast while Yulai Landowner Association Chairman, George Gusi, shows disinterest.

Author: Cedric Patjole, LOOPPNG


Earlier today at Konedobu, Central Province HQ,  a small but very significant ceremony was held to officially hand over of the Tapini Sacred Heart High School six-wheel truck and the Tapini Station police 10 seater truck respectively to the new owners.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School and Tapini Station Police.

In Thanking the Goilala District Development Authority under the leadership of Hon William Samb, Fr Brian Cahill said “GDDA under William Samb has assisted TSHHS  [the school alot] in a short [period] time.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School BOG Chairman Fr. Brian Cahill - Speaking
Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Provincial Police Commander. Mr Asi Laimo said “public may mistake this vehicle as politics at its best but we police need such assets to beef up our operations in the district.

His challenged everybody to report to his office if the vehicle is seen in odd places at odd times.”

Central Province Provincial Police Commisioner - Asi Laimo - Speaking
Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Deputy Provincial Administrator, Mr. Edward Kila, representing the Central Province Governor Office acknowledged the work Goilala MP has done in a space of just 1 and half years in office. Mr. Kila passed the gratitude and appreciation of the Governor Hon Kila Hoada towards Hon Samb saying, Samb has done more than some of his counters parts in Central Province.

Deputy Provincial Administrator - Central Province speaking
Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Present to officiate is Goilala Mp William Samb accompanied by Bishop Rochus Tatamai and Tapini SHHS BOG Chairman Fr Brian Cahill including other delegates.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School 6 Wheel Truck and 10 seater Land cruiser Presentation Ceremony at Konedobu, Port Moresby


Traditional land boundaries has it that Goilala people from the Lower Veitapu area and Auga Dilava areas in Woitape LLG extends deeply into Kairuku Hiri District, down as far as the Hiritano Highway or even passed that towards the Central Province coastline.

But political/government boundaries has it mapped out differently so to speak.

Alone the Hiritano Highway starting from Laloki bridge through to Baramata/Sabusa, Brown River, Vanapa, Kuriva, Veimauri, Martin River and further up towards Hisiu are dominated by Goilala folks from al 3LLGs in Goilala.

While they fall directly under Kairuku Hiri MP, am 100% sure most of these Goilala folks go back home to vote come a National Election day.

So does that in itself commands some attention from the Goilala MP?

Additionally, most of these people vote in the Kairuku Hiri come National Election day, hence rightfully it’s the responsibility of Kairuku Hiri’s MP Honourable Peter Isoaimo. (2012-2017).

Add on this mixture of voter presence, on the road transport side of thing, before Goilalas gets to Tapini, they run through Kuni and Bakoiudu villages which is in Kairuku Hiri District.

My recent trip up Mona Highway, passing through Kuni and Bakoiudu villages, it was practically impossible.

Then we reach the boarder of Goilala District and Kairuku Hiri District at Angabanga bridge, the Mona Highway after this bridge is been cleaned and worked on and is usable (apart from the muddy sections and landslides along the way).

Goilala District Development Authority has approved 3 reputable contractors – Kaia Works, TRB Constructors, and Construct Oceanic Limited – engaged to work on Mona Highway.

Mona Highway Been Worked on by Contruct Ocenic Limited - From Angabanga River back towards Kuni-Bakoiudu village in Kairuku Hiri

Construct Oceanic Limited ( Sape Molumi) has been assigned the Arabure to Turn off (Arapokina junction). During the time I passed through work has started off from Arabure bridge towards Mobile Mountain.

if I was the Kairuku Hiri MP, I’d counter fund this section of the road.because this falls directly under Kairuku Hiri District.

Mona Highway Been Worked on by Contruct Ocenic Limited - From Angabanga River back towards Kuni-Bakoiudu village in Kairuku Hiri
Mona Highway Been Worked on by Contruct Ocenic Limited – From Arabure River back towards Kuni-Bakoiudu village in Kairuku Hiri

How can Goilala people’s scarce DSIP funds been allocated to a section of the Mona Highway?

Yes Goilala people will benefit from this road far more than the Kuni Bakoiudu people but am sure Kuni/Bako people will benefit on this road just as their fellow Goilala folks do.

So Hon Peter Isoaimo, can you compliment the works of GDDA by counter funding the Arabure-Arapokina turn section of the road?

there is also Dubuy Highway been worked on by Kaia Works Limited starting from Kuriva Primary school up. Is Hon Peter Isoaimo aware of this as well?

Asidokona Mining Company – Kelly Mende – has solely funded the TGM – Bako road. Are Goilala and Kairuku Hiri MP’s aware of this and are they going to compliment and supplement the works/efforts of Asidokona?

And where is Central Province Governor and his Government in all this cross-boarder developments?

Can the Goilala District and Kairuku Hiri MPs together request for counter funding from Central Province Government to help with such projects?

From observation, every body in Central Province seems to work in isolation.

No Wonder we are refereed to as “Madi Taudia”. Translated: Poor People.

Photo Credit: Anthony Morant
Location: Arabure Bridge, Border of Goilala and Kairuku.

Note: Pay close attention to the timbers been used to patch up a large section of a bailey bridge. This work is funded by Central Province Government – Provincial Works – at a cost of K50,000.00. Look out for more information on this soon.

Aravure River - Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure Bridge – Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure River - Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure River – Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure River - Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure River – Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure River - Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala
Aravure River – Boarder of Kairuku Hiri and Goilala



Its been revealed that the Governor of Central Province Honorable Kila Haoda “is working with the 3 LLG Presidents – Joe Geru (Woitape LLG), Patrick Bauai (Guari LLG) and Keleto Kope (Tapini LLG) to deliver much needed basic services throughout Goilala District.

Before entering the crux of this statement, it would be interesting to know what Services is Central Province Governor Honorable Kila Haoda delivering in Goilala with the assistance of the 3 LLG Presidents.

Since Kila Haoda got into Parliament as the Governor for Central Province, Kila Haoda has never been to Goilala ever.

Governor Haoda did fly into Tolukuma Gold Mines to market the “Asidokona Company” as the new operator of Tolukuma Gold Mine.

When such a comment is made by the political head of our Province (Central Province), what does that reveal about the working relationship between our Governor and our Open MP?

Goilala people voted this Governor into power. These same Goilala people voted Goilala Open MP into power.

Why aren’t they (Member for Goilala and Governor for Central Province) working together to see some services delivered in Goilala for Goilala people?

Our Honorable Governor Kila Haoda is one confused dude (pardon my slang used).

How can a Governor not work with our Open MP?

This very question seem to lead us into the answer which is there in plain sight.

John Mona is the “brief case”carrier for Kila Haoda. Its a known fact. Mr Mona works with Governor Haoda.

So cutting the long story short, Goilala’s political rivalry is actually alive and kicking even up as high as the Governor’s Office.

Its sad a political leader in Kila Haod’s standing lets Goilala Open loosing candidate in John Mona (and cronies) dictate terms in how Governor for Central Province interacts with Goilala Open MP.

Lets hope this tactic goes a long way in returning Honorable Kila Haoda into Office and also setting up agenda driven individuals for a swift roll into Goilala Open seat.

Governor Haoda with his plan of using the 3 LLG Presidents (if any) is literally setting the ground works for 2017 NGE.

How so low can a Provincial Governor get himself into?


Dear Governor for Central Province Honorable Kila Haoda,

I don’t know if you are aware of this running around your PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATOR is engaging in or not. Let me use this avenue to make it known to you.

[Am sure there is a bunch of brief case carriers in this group who will pass the word to our Honorable Governor Kila Haoda].

Since the appointment of the District Administrators – aka – Chief Executive Officers [CEO] for all 4 Districts in Central Province, Goilala District service delivery has not moved an inch because of bureaucratic slow-motion movie been played down at Konedobu.

When our late MP Daniel Mona passed on, to avoid abuse and misuse of public funds, CPG swiftly moved to have the District’s Administration’s financial powers moved back under the care of the Provincial Administrator.

With our District MP recently elected into office, in August 2015, obviously this decision needs to be reversed.

When do you as our Governor think that will be reversed so Goilala District can run its affairs independently and free of Konedobu Politics?

I would not comment on other Districts. But been from Goilala, I will highlight the short comings of the Provincial Administrator and his Deputy who reckon Goilala District is their toy so they can roll it around like a dice as and when they want to suit their agendas and egos.

3 months into 2016, Goilala District has not accessed their funds from the District accounts thanks to the common excuse of constant black outs and air condition equipment in the office is malfunctioning or there is no toners in the printers to print necessary documentation in Konedobu.

The PA and his Deputy also have not fast track the process off approving the staff appointments submitted by Goilala District CEO to the office of PA.

PA and DPA had the balls to approve the CEO appointments to each Districts, which included Goilala, but when it comes to staff appointments to respective/substantive positions, PA and DPA seem to slack off.

Why is that?

PA and DPA seem to have this colonial line of thought that Goilala District is more like a “back page” where they can shuffle around their puppets and have them remain in positions to be able to entertain their agendas at which ever level they feels the need to use them

Honorable Governor, either your PA and DPA are more smarter than you and as such they are outplaying you in this area to delay and frustrate the process of ensuring the respective Districts in Central Province have their affairs and issues addressed promptly and professionally or you are a part of that syndicate that’s intentionally playing it safe and are pulling the strings to suit whatever ego and political agenda there is.

The least Goilala people want from you, our Honorable Governor is to ask your PA and DPA to ensure the Provincial Treasurer keeps his officers on their toes to have our funding processed and chqs printed so Goilala MP and his DDA gets their priority projects delivered to the people of Goilala.

The very people Governor, you have never moved a fly, to pay any attention to. Ever.

Kindly ask your PA and DPA to stop playing politics with the people of Goilala.

This is 2016. Please pause you political games and play them come 2017.

Thank You my Honorable Governor for Central Province.


The recently agreed PURCHASE SALE Agreement deal between Petromin Holdings LImited and Asidokona Mining Resources Pte. Ltd was planned to have its final touches done on site at Tolokuma Gold Mine.

George Gusi, the Yulai Landower Association [YLA] Chairman posted on his Facebook wall earlier this week that the “official handover-takeover” ceremony between Petromin and Asidokona would happen Thursday, 8th of October 2015, which is today.

To the surprise of everyone on site, a chopper loaded with a handful of Asian origin individuals flew into the mine site and  these individuals took a tour of the Underground tunnels and other departments on site and flew back to Port Moresby after a hour.

There was no mention of the proposed “handover ceremony” nor was there word from Petromin Holdings and Asidokona explaining the “no show”.

Everyone on site is lost and not sure who is going to give a factual update. Preparatory works done for today’s events is now hanging in the balance with everyone wondering what to do next.

Central Provincial Government and Goilala District Administration with their respective political heads also seem to be kept in the dark over this whole chain of events.

If this is done by design or just pure miscommunication on the part of Petromin and Asidokona, in not engaging the local Tolokuma communities, with their Local Level Government, Central Provincial Government, local Goilala MP and other Central Province politicians is anyone’s guess.

From social media postings, it seems the only person who is aware of whats happening and is seen working with the Petromin and Asidokona management teams to ensure this deal is sealed is Mr George Gusi, the YLA Chairman.

Reports from Tolukuma Gold Mine confirmed George Gusi is on site and is awaiting the arrival of Petromin and Asidokona officials.


TEARS and wailing from hundreds of relatives and friends yesterday morning in Port Moresby welcomed the body of Goilala MP Daniel Mona upon arrival at Jackson Airport from the Philippines.

Mr Mona died in Philippines on February 4 after a long illness.

The international terminal was packed to capacity as Air Niugini’s Fokker 100 carrying the casket taxied on the runway at 5am.

The casket was removed from the plane and taken into the VIP entrance gate of the international terminal escorted by Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and Goilala district administrator Jimmy Aniawa, and the late MP’s brother John Mona who had accompanied the body from the Philippines.

Mr Mona’s casket was then carried through a guard of honour by members of the Central police task force unit.

Central Province politicians including Governor Kila Haoda, Abau MP and Minister for Public Service Sir Puka Temu, Deputy Governor Desmond Baira and provincial administrator Gei Raga, paid their respect as the casket passed through to the waiting Funeral Home vehicle.

In a statement yesterday Prime Minister Peter O’Neill expressed his sorrow at Mr Mona’s untimely passing.

“I am deeply saddened at the untimely passing of a promising young leader who spoke passionately on national issues, and more particularly about the plight of his people of Goilala.

“While the rugged terrain, and remoteness of his electorate presented a challenge, he was unfazed. He was determined to build infrastructure, and deliver change that would improve the lives of his people,” Mr O’Neill said.

“He was encouraged by the policies of our government, and joined the People’s National Congress party, so that we could work together towards achieving those goals.

“On behalf of the government and the PNC Party I extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the immediate Mona family, relatives and the people of Goilala district on this sad occasion.”

Source: Report by By JOE GURINA, Post Courier,


Source: The National, Thursday January 15th, 2015

THE Central provincial government is investigating allegations of misuse of public funds in Goilala district and abuse of public office by district officers and village leaders.

Acting provincial administrator Edward Kila said allegations made against the Goilala district administration were under investigation.

“Concerns have been raised by district officials as well as village leaders about the abuse of office and misuse of public funds but we have no official report from the MP’s office and we are investigating the claims,” Kila said.
Kila was responding to a media report that Goilala district was starting the new year on a positive note.

It said that the office of Goilala MP Daniel Mona was beginning the 2015 fiscal year by offsetting outstanding contracts and projects from last year.
Mona is sick and is seeking medical treatment overseas.

He has missed three consecutive parliament sessions.

Community leader Peter Normai said Mona was very sick and could not attend parliament session.

He said some people were trying to obtain funds from the district


Source: The National, Thursday December 4th, 2014

CENTRAL Governor Kila Haoda paid K500,000 for a solar home system to be installed in the Guari LLG yesterday.
Haoda paid the money to local solar power provider Sun Tech PNG Ltd.

President of the Guari LLG Patrick Bawai said it was the first time that the LLG was assisted by the Government.

He thanked Haoda for bringing power to their homes. “Guari LLG has a population of 7000-8000 and the only way for my people get to Port Moresby is by walking for almost a week before they can get on a PMV to the city,” Bawai said.
“There is no electric light, the villagers have to walk for miles in total darkness.” Haoda said the purchase of the solar system was part of his initiative to provide basic services to the people in his province, not only to those people in the urban areas but people in the rural areas as well.

“I work and consult through the Catholic Church, as I trust the churches to deliver services.”

He said churches worked with and lived with people in  rural areas.

The cheque was received by an executive from Sun Tech.