Unlike her 32 flamboyant male contestants for the Goilala Open seat in the NGE2017, Matilda Koma​ is simple, people oriented, and honest in her campaign.

She walks the tracks. She mixes and mingles with the people. Not so much with a lot of fanfare but just on a down to earth level.

On the opposite side of the scale, the male egocentric proud and chest beating male contestants are seen spreading money and goods like pimps and gangstas living the limelight and proclaiming number bases in the hope to outsmart and outscore the others.

A mother is the backbone of a family. She knows what needs to be done and who need attention more than the others. A mother is the one that wakes up in the middle of the night to ensure an infant cleaned, nappies are changed, is fed and nursed and laid back to sleep.

A mother is a sole person who designs the destiny of a child from the very beginning of that child’s life.

A man is an overpowering, insensitive, ego oriented, pride filled creature that does not care one single bit about how his action hurts the people around him.


My appeal to the Goilala women, from all 3 LLGs, Matilda Koma, is not rich, financially, hence she can not fly choppers, nor hire airplanes and put bums on hired 10seaters to and from Tapini in her campaign, but she is a WOMAN.

She is one of you. She is one of us. Make your importance felt in the Ballot box for Matilda Koma, the only female candidate in the race for Member for Goilala seat in this NGE2017.

My admiration goes out to TEAM KOMA. All the Best. You getting my Vote. [one of my votes]

Source: Snip from Matilda Koma’s FB Wall.



Campaign Period:
28th APRIL – 23rd June 2017.
We are in MAY 10th 2017. We got 5 more weeks left to campaign.

The Tapini Highway has been one major hiccup to the flow of candidates to and from Goilala, esp. Tapini and Guari LLG.

In the past Elections, candidates would normally drive up to Tapini station make their entry known to the locals there and then branch out to various LLGs.

With the Highway in shatters and unpassable, not open to traffic, most of Tapini and Guari LLG candidates are stuck in Port Moresby.
Patching and Backfilling Road - Goilala.jpgWoitape LLG candidates are slowly flying in to kick-start their campaign.
Henry Ivoro was the only candidate who has been in TGM. Henry Ivoro has flown back into Port Moresby yesterday and will fly back into TGM next week.

Candidate Ivoro will then move into Udaba valley to continue his campaign. He seems to have completed the Auga Dilava valley.

Airborne Logistics has ceased servicing Kodige so Matilda Koma will fly into Fane and make her way into Dilava area. Candidate Michael Tosip will fly into Fane has well and slowly makes his way around Auga Dilava and head towards Lower and Upper Veitapu.

William Samb Team after returning from Ononge and according to Jimmy Gulolo, they just completed the Chirime valley campaign leg.

Candidate William Samb in Kumuga Village, Chirime

They flew into Kumunga and walked through Yongai and into Kafano to fly out on Monday.

Candidate William Samb in Kafano Villag, Chirime.

Bruce Mamando with Felix Gitai and Alex Hoem Robert has teamed up to address the Highway dilemma together.

Supporters of Candidates Alex Hoem Robert, Bruce Mamando & Felix Gitai

According to postings on Facebook, there seem to be some progress but if the bad sections are cleared for usage, it something these candidates and their supporters on the ground will advise. 

Peter Nomai is said to be already in Tapini station. Henry Kita was the first candidate to reach Tapini after nomination closed and he has been there for 2weeks now.

Apart from the mentioned candidates, it seems most of our Goilala Open candidates are still stuck in Port Moresby.

And we are in week Two of the campaign period. About 3/4 of the 30 candidates are still stuck in Port Moresby for various reasons.




I convey my congratulations to Mr William Samb , MP elect, Goilala open. History written in Goilala politics with winning by a thumping majority. Undoubtedly the people’s choice.
I wish you a very successful and eventful term as MP.
God bless you.


My commendations to Mr Alex Hoem Robert- runner up and Mr Bruce Mamando, a Goilala resident and the decider. The only female candidate, Ms Matilda T Koma. Well done.

The election process and choice of candidates into the final exclusions and victory show a diversion in the mindset of the Goilala people. Goilalans have shown the need for young vibrant leaders that can lead change in the 21st century. Leaders that are skilled and learned. Leaders that can lead through and be competitive in an ever challenging political environment. Leaders that can bring his/her people to par with this rapidly changing society and the global community .

Leaders that are not passive but rather proactive. Leaders that develop strategic plans to meet the needs of people. Thus, Mr Samb’s mandate is a manifestation of the people’s aspirations across the district.

This by election brought about like-minded candidates to contest. All I believe, have similar goals to achieve should each given the mandate. Such people will increase with Mr Samb’s existence. Though each may have not reached the intended outcome, collaboration is essential and needed for the benefit of our people . This is the season to cultivate growth mindset. Mindset that is fundamental to foster unity and change.
I urge all candidates and fellow Goilalas to support Mr Samb to bring about much needed services and development to our people. At his declaration MP elect vowed to deliver during his term so let us unite to embrace his vision. Let us believe in him, have no political barrier and be of service to the best we can produce within our capacity. Treat defeat as a stepping stone.

I raise my hand for that matter, I am willing to utilize my expertise at the disposal of the people of Goilala.

God bless Goilala.
Boniface Eve- A Pro Goilala, Candidate Box # 28‎