We hope to put in perspective the reason of our sudden departure. We left in PROTEST over a criminal case that was mishandled involving Alphonse Kaita (a parish sponsored, ex-Sogeri student) and one of our daughters.

Father Brian and Alphonse Kaita - After a Morning Walk
My son Alphonse Kaita and I just returning from a brisk morning walk and run at MSC Gordon. Mass, breakfast then off to the dentist for Alphonse (needs a filling) Source: Fr.Brian Facebook Wall

It was apparent to us that the culprit named made a calculated move to harrass her while in Hamilton (Australia).

According to our daughter, prior to the incident, Alphonse made disguised advances towards her through messenger on Facebook. The issue was trivialized and she was made to look and sound like a liar. We sought advise from AFP (Australian Federal Police) and were advised time was against us .

We therefore did not file a formal complaint and proceed with pressing charges.

Given this complication and scenario, we demanded for his repatriation through the BOG Chair who is directly responsible for the sponsorship and exchange program.

Nothing was done about it.

What was even more frustrating is the fact that the same culprit physically assaulted the Deputy Headmaster Mr Yanzinga and gave him black eye in 2014.
As this incident occurred straight after the Gr. 10 Exams, we could not take any discipline measures against him. We therefore wrote to MSD and advised them not to certify him due to the serious nature of the offence.

However I was coerced to sign a statement (written by someone else) retracting this report to MSD.

Hence he got his certificate and a golden ticket to Monivae College under the Exchange program.

Where is justice and fairness? ?

People Like him consider themselves very “special” and are led to believe that they are immune to discipline processes because of the sponsorship privileges they enjoy.
This culture is reinforced by the lack of impartial action or inaction to discipline them.

We were excited and looking forward to be part of the transition, unfortunately our family affairs takes precedence.

The BOG chair is very proactive and we are confident that the school will commence smoothly.

Best wishes and kind regards.
Arasu and Pasi.


Brian Cahill Replies to this article…

 Anthony, I have been following your post on this topic, and I am not quite sure where you are coming from and of what you appear to be accusing me of doing that lacks transparency and fairness.

With regards to sending students down to Australia from Sacred Heart High School. This is an arrangement established by Monivae College with the Catholic Parish of Tapini through its Parish Priest (who happens to be an Australian MSC) in favour of students in the Tapini area attending Sacred Heart High School. It is funded by Monivae College (which is an MSC owned school in Australia) and the Catholic Church at Tapini.

This is not an arrangement between Monivae and Sacred Heart High School. And it is not in any way funded by Sacred Heart High School.

Therefore how the Catholic Church at Tapini chooses to support particular students in this regard, or provide any form of support for particular students attending Sacred Heart High School, or other institutions for that matter through sponsorship is not the business of others. It is a private matter to do with a particular student, the student’s parents and the parish with its benefactors.

To draw a parallel, the same can be said for Kanosia students attending Sacred Heart whose fees are paid for by the Doa Rubber Plantation. Is that being unfair to other students attending Sacred Heart who are not from Kanosia, whose fees are not being paid for by the Doa Rubber Plantation?

The arrangement in place between Monivae College and the Catholic Church at Tapini for sending students down to Australia is very much dependent on me, and contingent on me. Monivae is reliant on my good judgment in selecting students for this scholarship. In doing so, I consult with others on the ground at Tapini, such as the HT of the High School. There is criterion followed for the selection of students that takes into consideration their suitability and well-being. In this, I am accountable to parents, the MSC, the Diocese and to Monivae College.

Most importantly I take on a duty of care and responsibility for the welfare for these students from my parish sent to Australia in ensuring that they are well prepared beforehand, that they have adequate and proper support structures in place while they are in Australia, and that they have support for re-entry when they return. This is not a simple job. Surely this is the main complaint coming from Central students being sent to Malaysia by the Governor.

Fr Brian Cahill msc PP

Catholic Church

Tapini High School, Goilala Central Province, Papua New Guinea