Tolokuma Gold Mine by law gives 10% Royalty to the Host LLG which is Woitape Local Level Government.

From this 10% royalty from TGM, YLA – Yulai Landowners association gets 80%, Central Province Government gets 10% and Woitaple LLG, as the host LLG gets 10%.

Woitape LLG’s 10% amounts to K1.25million. This is the amounts been budgeted and accessed.

Mineral Resource Authority took custody of the monies and kept it in the Trust Account for a period of time.

[If this monies were kept in a trust account then should it be incuring interest?]

Last week, there was a meeting held by the Woitape LLG President and his councilors with the Yulai Landowners Chairman and his executives with MRA to initiate talks of leasing the funds through to Woitape LLG.

10% Royalty from MRA to Woitape LLG is amounting to K1.25million.

This K1.25mil was budgeted broken up by Woitape LLG and YLA in the following manner:
10%BreakUp.JPG In the break up, under Infrastructure, 3 projects where identified and funded. Two airstrips and a main market building.

Under the Education sector, 8 schools were identified and funded. The largement amount in this break up was K120,000.00. Everyone else got K10,000 each.

Health had only one Community Health Post identified and funded K50,000.00

Law and Order sector was choosen to not get any funding at all, while Administration got K300,000.00 with the Landowner Support groups getting K400,000.00. Under this sector, it seems the Landowners of TGM and other affected mine areas will be considered.

With the LLG Elections coming up, it would have been a responsible thing to delay the release of these funds until after the LLG National Elections 2018.

From the Break Up and project identification and funding, Ward 8 in Woitape LLG was the only ward that did not get any project indentified and funded. All ther 8 wards directly got some funding allocated.


The Tolukuma (Yulai) Landowner Group representing landowners of the Tolukuma Gold Mine refused to sign the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Port Moresby today.

Chairman George Gusi snubbed the long overdue revised MOA, claiming there are still outstanding issues to be settled.

Facilitated by the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), the signing ceremony was attended by Mining Minister Byron Chan, Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda, Executive Director of Asidokona, Vincent Siou, Woitape LLG President Joe Geru, and MRA Managing Director, Phillip Samar.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gusi asked for an extension to iron out outstanding issues which they want to see contained in the current MOA as he claims there was a lack of consultation by the MRA.

He said some of the outstanding issues include:

Establishment of the Infrastructure Development Committee;
Environmental damage report on the waterway and tailings dam, which is a national issue on the reputation of the mine;
No proper mine development plan showing the lifespan and economic value of the mine; and
No proper landowner business plan under the spin off benefits and life after mine programs.

Gusi also asked why there was a rush to sign the MOA on the eve of the elections, questioning the legal basis justifying Minister Chan and Governor Haoda to proceed as signatories.

“We are confused as to why we are rushing to sign. I strongly recommend that we defer the MOA signing till after the return of writs. It’s only five weeks away,” he said.

“So after the elections, we have a legitimate Government and authority to execute our MOA.

“Ladies and gentlemen, both national and provincial governments have totally failed to implement many undertakings in the previous MOA.”

Despite his refusal, the signing ceremony went ahead with all parties content with the MOA. Gusi maintained his stance and did not sign.

Following the singing, Minister Chan said the previous MOA did not contain any Government commitment, however, the revised agreement contained guarantees which the government was willing to deliver.

They include, among others, the Tolukuma Highway upgrade project.

Chan said he would not have proceeded with any signing if he knew there were still outstanding issues.

However, he said the revision of the MOA was an ongoing thing and any outstanding issue would be catered for down the track.

“Whatever we sign today, it’s continuous, it’s a Government commitment to the people of Central Province, Goilala District and to your people. It is our commitment,” he said.

“This Government has committed all of these projects to you as of today.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie Gelu, from the State Solicitors office, who was present informed landowners and guests that Minister Chan and Governor Haoda, as signatories to the MOA, are acting within the legal parameters as they are still recognized as elected leaders until the return of writs.

Picture: Signatories to the revised Tolukuma MOA having a toast while Yulai Landowner Association Chairman, George Gusi, shows disinterest.

Author: Cedric Patjole, LOOPPNG

MRA inks deal with helicopter Company To Conduct Mapping Surveys in Goilala

MINERAL Resources Authority has signed a deal with a helicopter company to transport its geologists to conduct a mapping survey in Goilala district, Central.

Pacific Air Ltd will transport geologists to Wasa and Yule from July 27 to October 13. The helicopter and associated support operation will be based at the Fane Station, Goilala.

Most flights will be in a radius of up to 80km from the base.

MRA managing director Philip Samar said the contract was awarded after a tendering process with the National Tenders Board.
“We are happy to work with companies who can provide services of international standards,” Samar said.

He said the MRA was using its own funds to carry out geological survey work because it believed that the results would go a long way in helping exploration work for potential investors and a planning tool for the Government.

The mapping project will be the third to be carried out by a PNG team of geologists from the PNG Geological Survey in MRA.

From 2011 and 2014, a similar survey was carried out in Wau-Bulolo of Morobe.

Source:  The National, Monday July 27th, 2015

Confusion and Suspense – Tolukuma Gold Mine

TGM Workforce Against Petromin
TGM Workforce Against Petromin

By COB today, 6th May 2013, it will be 59 days of NO PRODUCTION at Petromin Holdings Limited [was owned] Tolukuma Gold Mines, just a few Kilometers north east from Port Moresby, in Central Province.

Production was halted due to negligence by Management towards a fatal incident that came so close to resulting in death and the subsequent visit by an inspector from MRA. The management failed to launch an investigation into the cause of this near miss incident which took place in the early hours of Wednesday 6th of March 2013 in the underground level 1450.

On the 3rd May 2013, Minning Operations Manager under Petromin Ms Linda Brown Kola, with a new “proposed” GM Mr. Sarimu Karimu from North Solomon (a mine engineer) to introduce to the work force here at Tolukuma.

However, prior to the arrival of the delegation lead by Ms Brown, the work force at Tolukuma had a placard which read” GO BACK LINDA WITH PROPOSED MANAGER BY TGM WORKFORCE”.

Linda was stopped at the helipad with her delegation, not to pass through to the camp site and was forced to get back on the same chopper and get out of TGM, which she did. Ms Brown never mutered a word nor could she speak a word or was allowed to speak.

The general feeling in and around the mine site was “had enough of playing politics, cheating and reaping out from this mine while the people of this area and the workforce are still suffering.”

On Saturday 4th May 2013, Acting GM Vincent Appo and his team headed to Pom for further negotiations with the Prime Minister. If the Member for Goilala will assist and accompany this Team to face off with the Prime Minister is another issue in itself.

On Sunday 5th,  May 2013, Mr. Dominic Warege Mill Superintendent, the man Petromin chooses to be the next General Manager for TGM, flew into TGM with eight (8) Task Force (SSD). When quiried by the workforce what their purpose was in coming up to TGM, they responded, their deployment was purposely to “take care of the state properties” on site and also the workforce.

However the chopper landed and waited for 10 minutes before it was forced off by the workforce to get back to Pom. The workforce suspected this team deployed here were under instruction to get the remaining ounces of gold [gold bars] smelted back to Pom.

They have not received any updates from the team that left TGM, lead by Vincent Appo, on Sturday.

Live. Workforce waving to Acting GM Vincent Appo and his team
Live. Workforce waving to Acting GM Vincent Appo and his team

While all this is happening, MP for Goilala Daniel K Mona is unheard off. Mr Mona, seems to be so  pre-occupied and has other pressing issues the needs his attention and time.

Simillarly, the Yulai Land Owner Association Chairman Mr George Gusi is gone silent. He is actually no where to be seen or there has been no news of him anywhere.

The last time George Gusi was seen in TGM was when he was there trying to fight for the K3.00 royalty payment paid to his principal land owners. This is one issue and opportunity George and Mona should be standing up together with the support of the 3 LLGS, and District Administration and the people of Yulai primarily and Goilala generally to ensure the decisions made by the government is beneficial to the indigenous people – the locals.

Needless to say, Operations at the Mine site reminds suspended, with critical departments having selected staff manning the place, with special police personnel onsite to ensure law and order is adhered to.

While this is episode of events turn out each day, the life of a TGM Mine worker reminds an issue worth looking at.
No accommodation provided by TGM [own accommodation], lack of electricity in their homes, sanitation is a major health risk; water supply is to central spots only [shared]. And hygiene is below acceptable health standards.

This is genocide. And Suicidal. And all this is done and allowed to happen and watched by our Government of Papua New Guinea