After the 28th exclusion, William Samb is the member for Goilala Open.

Box 11 – Mathew Poia was the decider for the race between Samb and Alex Hoem Robert.

Despite Robert collecting a good 1,105, Samb climbed 89 votes higher to 6,576.

The absolute majority was 5,664.

Samb was declared the legitimate member at 4:30pm this afternoon by RO Theodore Maia at the counting venue, Gordon Police gymnasium.

Runner up Robert was 4,752.

This will be Samb’s first full 5-year term.

He won the by-election after the passing of Daniel Mona in 2014.

He was member-elect for 18 months.

Samb was escorted to the venue this afternoon by his wife and two children.

Addressing the counting officials, security and media personnel on ground, Samb thanked everyone for the support and cooperation and the trust in him.

He asked for the cooperation of all other 29 candidates to bring service into the district.

Samb hopes to continue the projects he undertook while in office.

Source: Samb Retains Goilala Seat


National General Election 2017 in Papua New Guinea, using the Limited Preferential Voting system has given PNG people 3 choices to elect their Parliamentary leader who will represent them in the House Of Parliament for the next 5 years.

To do what? Goilala people will find out after 5 years starting 2018.

For now, let’s look at Goilala Open and how the 21, 516 eligible voters has casted their votes amongst the 30 candidates that contested these NGE2017.

After completion of FIRST PREFERENCE VOTES, [First Choice], this is how the ladder looks.
FinalCount35NGE2017GoiOpenSitting MP and Pangu Party candidate William Samb sits at No 1 with a commanding 5,097 votes following by National Alliance Alex Hoem Robert on 2287, and People National Congress candidate Bruce Mamando on 2206, Gabriel Mavai, an Indepedent on 1999, and former Member of Parliament Mathew Poia on 1946.

Quality Check is currently underway, and Elimination process will kick in to enable the Officials to reach the Absolute Majority figure of 10, 758 + 1 to declare the new MP Elect for Goilala Open.

My article here will digest how the elimination process will help move the numbers from the eliminated candidates and distribute them amongst the Top 6 candidates whose current votes are in the 4-digit totals.
I have catogorised the Rankings into Zero, Double Digit, 3 Digit and 4-Digit groups.

Gilbert Goi did not get any votes [ZERO Category] and so he goes without giving anyone anything.

Out of the Double Digit category which has a total of 321 votes to share, Camilo Esef, Theophilo, Augustine Mark, Tapini Libe, Philip Maip, Tosip will give most of their 2s and 3s to William, Bruce, Gabriel Mavai. Matilda. Aelai and Kiar would have their 2s and 3s shared between Alex, Mona and Poia where as Oresi will have his 2s and 3s shared between Nomai, William and Gabriel Mavai.

After this Double Digit group gets eliminated, expect Poia, Alex, Nomai, John Mona, Bruce and William Samb to have changes made to their Total figures. I see Alex and William collecting heavily from these group.

The 3-digit group has 5,995 votes amongs them to distribute and this figure is big enough to make changes to the Rankings if dominated by one candidate.

As it is, this 5,996 votes wont be distributed to just one candidate. These 5,995 votes will go all angles.

Kaita, Didei, Kopa, Ellison and Kita will make changes to Nomai’s total figure, while Ita, Henry Ivoro and Koma, will push Bruce, Mona, William and  Alex further up.

Jawai, Goilala Aloysis, Heni and Gitai will have most of their 2s and 3s shared between Poia and Alex Hoem. Bruce did collect well in Guari so he stands to collect from these candidates as well.

After the removal of Double and 3-Digit groups, the 4-Digit group will be rearranged. This is how i see the Top 6 after everyone is eliminated.


John Mona will squeeze his way into the 4-Digit group, while Bruce will swap second place with Alex who will get to the 3rd spot. Poia will also sneek into the 4th place, pushing Mavai down to 5th spot. Nomai sticks to 6th place and Mona will settle in the 7th place.

The margin between No.1 and No.2 will still be in Thousand+ votes. No.1 will increase his total votes. Difference between No.2, No.3, No.4 will be very close.

By the time we are left with 7 candidates, the Absolute Majority figure would have come down to 8,000 votes.

In my opinion John Mona holds the key to unlocking the “WHO IS THE NEW MP FOR GOILALA” mystery.

May The People’s Choice Win this tense Battle.


There are 60 informal ballot papers from a total of 21378 ballot papers counted from the District”


This is a vital piece of information from LOOP PNG news article regarding Goilala District NGE2017.

From this information, we can work out how many ballot papers are ALIVE.

We will also work out what is the ABSOLUTE MAJORITY.

We will also work out what is the WINNING figure which will be ABSOLUTE MAJORITY figure + 1.

Now The MATH.


21 516 [Total Ballot papers used] – 60 [Informal] = 21456[Total alive].


21456/2 = 10, 728.


10, 728 + 1 = 10, 729.

The Magic Number, as it stands now, is 10, 729. And after the completion of FIRST PREFERENCE counts, no candidate has collected that figure hence ELIMINATION PROCESS is needed to find the ABSOLUTE MAJORITY figure.

Note that as elimination process kicks in, the ABSOLUTE MAJORITY figure will decrease. As that is happening votes totals for candidates will increase, which as elimination go on, these two numbers – leading candidate total votes which is increasing and absolute majority figure which is decreasing is expected to meet somewhere.

Once and when these two Numbers meets, a Declaration will be made.

I am waiting to get the Count 35 FULL LIST for 30 Candidates, and their placings on the Rankings Table.

Once I get that, I will then do a REVIEW of the FIRST PREFERENCE Votes and also points out how the 2s and 3s will move and hopefully using that information, point out who the new MP for Goilala would be. [in my opinion].


Ballot Boxes - Flies to Pom

Confirmation from Woitape using the VSAT phone and Tapini [photo credit to Father Casmiro Kito – local priest from Tapini’s Catholic Church] and via social media posting has it that Goilala Open ballot boxes which were flown into Tapini station from the 3 LLGs after polling today is been flown into Port Moresby using one of the airlines operating out of Port Moresby.

Counting is confirmed to be held at Gordons Police barracks.


As of 2pm today 2nd of July 2017, polling across Goilala’s 3 LLGs – Tapini, Guari and Woitape are either underway, or has winded down or will be concluding tomorrow -3rd July 2017.

Tapini LLG.
Chopper at Tapini

Tapini LLG’s 10 wards has completed 98% of its polling as of 2pm today. Pilitu 1 and Pilitu2, Jova Loloipa, Tapini urban, Ivani Ward 1 has completed their polling as of yesterday. This also include Ward 5 which is Kerau and Lavavai villages. Ivani Ward 2 and Ward 3 completed their polling today. Polling team extraction is expected to start for outter wards like Ward 2, 3 and 4. While Jova Loloipa and Pilitu 1 & 2 should have had their team returning into Tapini station today via road.

Guari LLG.

Guari Station
Guari Station

Guari LLG’s 4 Wards is believed to have completed their polling as of yesterday. Most of the teams have started moving towards Guari station where the extraction if expected to happen. Calling into Omu and Rupila ran out unanswered. We will continue to follow up to ensure this is confirmed and if polling teams has been extracted.

Woitape LLG

Woitape - From Hiri Moare Mountain
Woitape Station

Woitape LLG’s 9 wards got their teams dropped off as of Thursday 29th June 2017. Only ward 1 and ward 2 which is in Chirime got dropped off today – 2nd July 2017. The reason for the delay in dropped chirime teams off was primarily due to bad weather. With the drop of Chirime teams done, most of the teams according to Sources in Kosipe, Woitape, Tolokuma and Ononge, Kambisea and Yongai are slowing making their way back towards Woitape station or towards extraction points.

TGM polling team is at Mondo today. They should reach TGM this afternoon. Fane polling team is also in Belavista today. They make their way into Fane and conduct polling tomorow. Kodige also confirmed their team will be winding down end of tomorrow.

Kosipe source confirmed polling team is in Tanipai today. Team will reach Kosipe today and tomorrow should see polling conducted in Kosipe. And walk over to Yeme.

Ward 7 and Ward 8 also had their teams dropped off last week so polling teams should be heading back towards Ononge station and Kambisea respectively for extraction hopefully starting tomorrow.

Ward 1 and 2 in Chirime hopefully will complete their polling before Wednesday 5th July 2017. Should any changes happen inbetweeen, we will keep all updated.

One o the major frustrations out of this 2017 NGE in Goilala is that most eligible voters were turned away because they did not have their names listed on the common roll.

It is unknown whose fault is it that such is the case. Is this the fault of PNG Electoral Commission and their Update teams? Or is this the fault of the people who are supposed to check on the common roll to ensure their names are registered?

Either way, lets hope some solution is drawn out for this chaos and that solution is implemented by concern stakeholders and State Agencies.


Unlike her 32 flamboyant male contestants for the Goilala Open seat in the NGE2017, Matilda Koma​ is simple, people oriented, and honest in her campaign.

She walks the tracks. She mixes and mingles with the people. Not so much with a lot of fanfare but just on a down to earth level.

On the opposite side of the scale, the male egocentric proud and chest beating male contestants are seen spreading money and goods like pimps and gangstas living the limelight and proclaiming number bases in the hope to outsmart and outscore the others.

A mother is the backbone of a family. She knows what needs to be done and who need attention more than the others. A mother is the one that wakes up in the middle of the night to ensure an infant cleaned, nappies are changed, is fed and nursed and laid back to sleep.

A mother is a sole person who designs the destiny of a child from the very beginning of that child’s life.

A man is an overpowering, insensitive, ego oriented, pride filled creature that does not care one single bit about how his action hurts the people around him.


My appeal to the Goilala women, from all 3 LLGs, Matilda Koma, is not rich, financially, hence she can not fly choppers, nor hire airplanes and put bums on hired 10seaters to and from Tapini in her campaign, but she is a WOMAN.

She is one of you. She is one of us. Make your importance felt in the Ballot box for Matilda Koma, the only female candidate in the race for Member for Goilala seat in this NGE2017.

My admiration goes out to TEAM KOMA. All the Best. You getting my Vote. [one of my votes]

Source: Snip from Matilda Koma’s FB Wall.


This is the tentative polling dates for Tapini Local Level Government.
Source: Teresa Benedict posted on Goilala District Discussion Forum FB group.

Sat 24 Jun  Aikora 51 1 CHIRIME Aikora, Gerui, Soi, Asisi
Mon 26 Jun  Evesa 51 1 CHIRIME Evesa, Gina, Kikori
Sat 24 Jun 51 2 CHIRIME VALLEY Kafano Kafano Community School
Mon 26 Jun 51 2 CHIRIME VALLEY Yongai Yongai, School, Health Center
Tue 27 Jun 51 2 CHIRIME VALLEY  Yoribai Yoribai, Kamunga
Sat 24 Jun 52 3 DILAVA  Kodige Kodige Village, Kodige School
Mon 26 Jun 52 3 DILAVA Karame Karame, Ilide
Tue 27 Jun 52 3 DILAVA   Jaloge Jaloge
Sat 24 Jun 53 3 DILAVA Aveve Aveve
Mon 26 Jun 53 3 DILAVA  Baula Baula
Tue 27 Jun 53 3 DILAVA  Avola Avola
Wed 28 Jun 53 3 DILAVA Babara Babara
Sat 24 Jun 54 4 FANE Popole Popole, Mafulu, Alolo, Manaugoda
Mon 26 Jun 54 4 FANE Belavista Belavista, Yoba
Tue 27 Jun 54 4 FANE Gaiva Gaiva
Wed 28 Jun 54 4 FANE Fane  Fane , Fane Mission, Fane Village
Thu 29 Jun 54 4 FANE Iumu Iumu, Tula & Iula, Mondo, Hidave
Sat 24 Jun 55 5 AUGA Ario Ario
Mon 26 Jun 55 5 AUGA Kaiape Kailape, Pitoko
Tue 27 Jun 55 5 AUGA  Iguai Iguai, Poromania
Wed 28 Jun 55 5 AUGA  Lavavai Lavavai
Thu 29 Jun 55 5 AUGA Kone Kone, Favane
Fri 30 Jun 55 5 AUGA Garime Garime, Garime School
Sat 01 Jul 55 5 AUGA Karamerit Karamerit, Yeme, Sindo, Kiri
Sat 24 Jun 56 4 FANE Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Mon 26 Jun 56 4 FANE   Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Tue 27 Jun 56 4 FANE Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Wed 28 Jun 56 4 FANE  Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Thu 29 Jun 56 4 FANE Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Fri 30 Jun 56 4 FANE  Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Sat 01 Jul 56 4 FANE Torokuma Urban Torokuma Urban, Yaulo, Vangau, Hameng
Mon 03 Jul 56 4 FANE New Gutsiva New Gutsiva, Udukum
Sat 24 Jun 57 6 WOITAPE Tokio Tokio
Mon 26 Jun 57 6 WOITAPE Tanipai Tanipai, Tanipai School
Wed 28 Jun 57 6 WOITAPE Kosipe Kosipe, Kosipe School, Kopukoro, Mission
Fri 30 Jun 57 6 WOITAPE Yeme Yeme
Mon 03 Jul 57 6 WOITAPE Hiri Moale Hiri Moale, Idiba, Singe
Sat 24 Jun 58 6 WOITAPE Uruna Uruna, Buldo, Ambabu, Masika
Tue 27 Jun 58 6 WOITAPE Elo’o Elo’o, Samarai, Asuna, Wofa, Varisoro
Fri 30 Jun 58 6 WOITAPE Omboli Omboli
Mon 03 Jul 58 6 WOITAPE Tsivilo Tsivilo
Sat 24 Jun 59 7 ONOGE Tafade Tafade
Mon 26 Jun 59 7 ONOGE Siguf Siguf
Wed 28 Jun 59 7 ONOGE Oro Oro
Fri 30 Jun 59 7 ONOGE Visi Visi, Kase, Ginala, Evesi
Sat 01 Jul 59 7 ONOGE Ononge, Ononge School, Mission , Ononge No.1
Mon 03 Jul 59 7 ONOGE Miku, Kakod, Mavo, Mandad
Tue 04 Jul 61 8 ADUA Miku, Kakod, Mavo, Mandad
Sat 24 Jun 61 8 ADUA Iritumu, Enede
Wed 28 Jun 61 8 ADUA Aduai, Ta’a, Omale
Mon 03 Jul 61 8 ADUA Kurama, Kurama School
Sat 24 Jun 61 8 ADUA Seserenda, Bobo’s, Oyarenda
Wed 28 Jun 61 8 ADUA Shumbi, Kailape, Savo
Mon 03 Jul 61 8 ADUA Kambise, Siria, Eve’enda, Tariago (Hamlets)
Tue 04 Jul 61 8 ADUA Kambise, Siria, Eve’enda, Tariago (Hamlets)
Sat 24 Jun 62 9 WOITAPE STATION Fatima Community School, Mission
Mon 26 Jun 62 9 WOITAPE STATION Woitape Vocational Centre, Woitape
Tue 27 Jun 62 9 WOITAPE STATION Woitape Vocational Centre, Woitape
Sat 01 Jul 63 7 ONOGE Standby Mobile Team/Standby Team for Emergency Call out


This is the tentative polling dates for Tapini Local Level Government.
Source: Teresa Benedict posted on Goilala District Discussion Forum FB group.

Sat 24 Jun 36 1 IVANE Minaru Minaru, Dioro
Mon 26 Jun 36 1 IVANE Minaru Lotuava
Wed 28 Jun 36 1 IVANE  Ilaiape Ilaiape
Sat 24 Jun 37 1 IVANE Garipa Garipa, Nionopo, Oro
Mon 26 Jun 37 1 IVANE Koruava Koruava, Maitu, Lavavai, Watogoipa
Sat 24 Jun 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE  Laitate Laitate No. 1, Laitate No. 2
Mon 26 Jun 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE Laitate Laitate No. 1, Laitate No. 2
Tue 27 Jun 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE Maini Maini, Ita
Fri 30 Jun 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE Aporoto Aporoto, Amugaiava
Sat 01 Jul 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE Aporoto Kutumuone, Sene
Mon 03 Jul 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE Aporoto Aporoto, Amugaiava
Tue 04 Jul 38 2 CENTRAL IVANE Aporoto Kutumuone, Sene
Sat 24 Jun 39 3 SOPU  Iiai Iiai, Kiorivi
Mon 26 Jun 39 3 SOPU  Iiai Iiai, Kiorivi
Tue 27 Jun 39 3 SOPU Gane Gane
Wed 28 Jun 39 3 SOPU Kileipi Kileipi
Sat 24 Jun 40 3 SOPU Lamanaip Lamanaip
Mon 26 Jun 40 3 SOPU  Lole No. 1 Lole No. 1
Tue 27 Jun 40 3 SOPU Lole No. 2 Lole No. 2
Wed 28 Jun 40 3 SOPU Sopu Sopu No. 1 & 2, Iveiava
Thu 29 Jun 40 3 SOPU Sopu Sopu No. 1 & 2, Iveiava
Sat 24 Jun 41 4 KERAU Elava Elava
Mon 26 Jun 41 4 KERAU  Iluavai Iluavai
Thu 29 Jun 41 4 KERAU Ponialava Ponialava, Omoritu, Kopurilavava
Sat 24 Jun 42 4 KERAU Lumioto Lumioto
Mon 26 Jun 42 4 KERAU  Kerau Kerau, Kunimi 1 & 2
Tue 27 Jun 42 4 KERAU Ororogaivara Ororogaivara
Wed 28 Jun 42 4 KERAU Oropo Oropo
Sat 24 Jun 43 5 KATAIPA  Kataipa Kataipa, Kame
Mon 26 Jun 43 5 KATAIPA Tawuni Tawuni
Tue 27 Jun 43 5 KATAIPA Lavavai Lavavai
Wed 28 Jun 43 5 KATAIPA Kovetapa Kovetapa
Thu 29 Jun 43 5 KATAIPA Matsialava Matsialava, Kariaristsi
Fri 30 Jun 43 5 KATAIPA Tutupita Tutupita, Potoro, Lamina, Kupav
Sat 24 Jun 44 6 JOVA Pomutu Pomutu, Buruai
Mon 26 Jun 44 6 JOVA Koiloa Koiloa, Perumeva
Tue 27 Jun 44 6 JOVA Erume Erume
Wed 28 Jun 44 6 JOVA Nairelavava Nairelavava
Thu 29 Jun 44 6 JOVA Gigioava Gigioava
Fri 30 Jun 44 6 JOVA Gigitai Gigitai, Meruetu
Sat 24 Jun 45 7 LOLOIPA  Lamanaipi Lamanaipi
Mon 26 Jun 45 7 LOLOIPA  Zanialavava Zanialavava 1 & 2
Tue 27 Jun 45 7 LOLOIPA  Laramaita Laramaita
Wed 28 Jun 45 7 LOLOIPA Tororo Tororo
Thu 29 Jun 45 7 LOLOIPA Gupou Gupou, Neriue
Fri 30 Jun 45 7 LOLOIPA Koiava Koiava
Sat 01 Jul 45 7 LOLOIPA Ariomu Ariomu, Orialavava, Gireavava
Sat 24 Jun 46 8 PILITU Kilekato Kilekato
Mon 26 Jun 46 8 PILITU  Lokout School Lokout, Opore
Tue 27 Jun 46 8 PILITU Tutuna Tutuna, Lotuava, Bolubolu
Wed 28 Jun 46 8 PILITU Topa School Topa, Poravivi, Lamina, Nazareth
Sat 24 Jun 47 9 PILITU CENTRAL Zamaro Zamaro, Varova
Mon 26 Jun 47 9 PILITU CENTRAL Karava Karava
Tue 27 Jun 47 9 PILITU CENTRAL  Lamara (Iri School) Lamara (Iri School)
Wed 28 Jun 47 9 PILITU CENTRAL Wopote Wapote, Kuviat
Thu 29 Jun 47 9 PILITU CENTRAL Niaivi Niaivi, Lilo
Sat 24 Jun 49 9 PILITU CENTRAL  Koapa Koapa
Mon 26 Jun 49 9 PILITU CENTRAL Utalama Utalama
Tue 27 Jun 49 9 PILITU CENTRAL Lavizako Lavizako
Wed 28 Jun 49 9 PILITU CENTRAL Kilekato Kilekato
Sat 24 Jun 48 10 TAPINI URBAN Station Station, Aiwara, Ivane, Sopu, Pilitu, Jowa, Loloipa


Sat 24 Jun 29 4 ZHAKE  Torua
Mon 26 Jun 29 4 ZHAKE  Rapura, Zake
Tue 27 Jun 29 4 ZHAKE Gagave, Denerah
Wed 28 Jun 29 4 ZHAKE  Omu 1 & 2, Omu School, Lobdono
Thu 29 Jun 29 4 ZHAKE  Ganiawai, Omuitu
Fri 30 Jun 29 4 ZHAKE  Warabun, Guburu, Jarirapu
Sat 01 Jul 29 4 ZHAKE  Guari Station, Givenamen, Guari 2, Sisiok, Ivrao
Sat 24 Jun 30 3 RUPILA  Rupila, Rupila Community School
Mon 26 Jun 30 3 RUPILA  Enaugagave
Wed 28 Jun 30 3 RUPILA Bizoa
Fri 30 Jun 30 30 3 RUPILA Eli
Mon 03 Jul 30 30 3 RUPILA  Amena
Tue 04 Jul 30 30 3 RUPILA  Gineva No. 1, Gururak
Sat 24 Jun 31 31 2 KAMULAI  Zonoi, Zagui, Unjai
Mon 26 Jun 31 31 2 KAMULAI Giriok, Komo, Gaveakal
Fri 30 Jun 31 31 2 KAMULAI  Suasi, Bariz
Mon 03 Jul 31 31 2 KAMULAI  Zevenai, Bolpotai, Ipal, Nomaisik
Sat 24 Jun 32 2 KAMULAI  Pilivi, Ivi, Hotave
Wed 28 Jun 32 2 KAMULAI Goliap, Kurirop
Fri 30 Jun 32 2 KAMULAI  Koefa
Mon 03 Jul 32 2 KAMULAI  Kelevi, New Camp, Pul, Menvizel
Tue 04 Jul 32 2 KAMULAI Kamulai Mission, Somsomal
Sat 24 Jun 33 1 ZARIMAI  Kaskapel, Iguai
Mon 26 Jun 33 1 ZARIMAI  Amenu, Taonavai
Tue 27 Jun 33 1 ZARIMAI Taveve, Boeava
Wed 28 Jun 33 1 ZARIMAI  Peramua, Hava
Fri 30 Jun 33 1 ZARIMAI Guarimeipa, Auaria
Sat 01 Jul 33 1 ZARIMAI Sivio, Zakaopa
Sat 24 Jun 34 1 ZARIMAI Mariboi No. 1
Mon 26 Jun 34 1 ZARIMAI  Mariboi No. 2
Tue 27 Jun 34 1 ZARIMAI  Rorovelei
Wed 28 Jun 34 1 ZARIMAI  Kwapa
Thu 29 Jun 34 1 ZARIMAI Potorva
Sat 24 Jun 35 1 ZARIMAI  Daklavaro
Mon 26 Jun 35 1 ZARIMAI  Uemur
Tue 27 Jun 35 1 ZARIMAI Hotae
Wed 28 Jun 35 1 ZARIMAI  Zonoro
Sat 01 Jul 35 1 ZARIMAI Olivi, Porizo
Mon 03 Jul 35 1 ZARIMAI  Giriok, turutup



Going by GDDF commentary, Candidate Bruce Mamando and his Team is preparing for the visit of Rt Honorable Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and PNC Party Leader Mr. PETER ONEIL to Goilala District in the weeks ahead.

The dates of this visit, if confirmed, will be made public for everyone’s information.

Just like every political party leader, Hon Peter Oneil has the duty to give his moral support to his party endorsed candidates. And he does that here in support of Bruce.

Now the issue of concern. I see two issues arising out of this. Can Team Bruce Mamando make that known to the Goilala people? Dates, venues and maybe programs involved.

Peter Oneil while its Election year, and him been doing the campaign for his candidate, is still the PRIME MINISTER of PNG. The respect accorded to him does not change at all and must be maintained.

The second issue is the opportunity for Goilala people to ask the Prime Minister about the [1] promised K10mil funding for Tapini Highway and the also [2] promised TGM – Bako Road works funding he committed during the BY ELECTION campaign at TGM in support of John Mona who back then contested under PNC Party. PNC since then has dropped John Mona and gone with Bruce Mamando in the NGE2017.

Lastly, if given the opportunity, Goilala people can also enquire of SOUTHWEST AIR will continue to service Goilala to provide air transport after 2017NGE going forward or South West Airlines Twin Otter airplanes currently used by Team Bruce is just here for the campaign period.

Information is unconfirmed at this stage. Once confirmed, more updates on the trip will be posted on our District Blog for all to see.

GDDF Blog Admin