Tolokuma Gold Mine by law gives 10% Royalty to the Host LLG which is Woitape Local Level Government.

From this 10% royalty from TGM, YLA – Yulai Landowners association gets 80%, Central Province Government gets 10% and Woitaple LLG, as the host LLG gets 10%.

Woitape LLG’s 10% amounts to K1.25million. This is the amounts been budgeted and accessed.

Mineral Resource Authority took custody of the monies and kept it in the Trust Account for a period of time.

[If this monies were kept in a trust account then should it be incuring interest?]

Last week, there was a meeting held by the Woitape LLG President and his councilors with the Yulai Landowners Chairman and his executives with MRA to initiate talks of leasing the funds through to Woitape LLG.

10% Royalty from MRA to Woitape LLG is amounting to K1.25million.

This K1.25mil was budgeted broken up by Woitape LLG and YLA in the following manner:
10%BreakUp.JPG In the break up, under Infrastructure, 3 projects where identified and funded. Two airstrips and a main market building.

Under the Education sector, 8 schools were identified and funded. The largement amount in this break up was K120,000.00. Everyone else got K10,000 each.

Health had only one Community Health Post identified and funded K50,000.00

Law and Order sector was choosen to not get any funding at all, while Administration got K300,000.00 with the Landowner Support groups getting K400,000.00. Under this sector, it seems the Landowners of TGM and other affected mine areas will be considered.

With the LLG Elections coming up, it would have been a responsible thing to delay the release of these funds until after the LLG National Elections 2018.

From the Break Up and project identification and funding, Ward 8 in Woitape LLG was the only ward that did not get any project indentified and funded. All ther 8 wards directly got some funding allocated.


The Tolukuma (Yulai) Landowner Group representing landowners of the Tolukuma Gold Mine refused to sign the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Port Moresby today.

Chairman George Gusi snubbed the long overdue revised MOA, claiming there are still outstanding issues to be settled.

Facilitated by the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), the signing ceremony was attended by Mining Minister Byron Chan, Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda, Executive Director of Asidokona, Vincent Siou, Woitape LLG President Joe Geru, and MRA Managing Director, Phillip Samar.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gusi asked for an extension to iron out outstanding issues which they want to see contained in the current MOA as he claims there was a lack of consultation by the MRA.

He said some of the outstanding issues include:

Establishment of the Infrastructure Development Committee;
Environmental damage report on the waterway and tailings dam, which is a national issue on the reputation of the mine;
No proper mine development plan showing the lifespan and economic value of the mine; and
No proper landowner business plan under the spin off benefits and life after mine programs.

Gusi also asked why there was a rush to sign the MOA on the eve of the elections, questioning the legal basis justifying Minister Chan and Governor Haoda to proceed as signatories.

“We are confused as to why we are rushing to sign. I strongly recommend that we defer the MOA signing till after the return of writs. It’s only five weeks away,” he said.

“So after the elections, we have a legitimate Government and authority to execute our MOA.

“Ladies and gentlemen, both national and provincial governments have totally failed to implement many undertakings in the previous MOA.”

Despite his refusal, the signing ceremony went ahead with all parties content with the MOA. Gusi maintained his stance and did not sign.

Following the singing, Minister Chan said the previous MOA did not contain any Government commitment, however, the revised agreement contained guarantees which the government was willing to deliver.

They include, among others, the Tolukuma Highway upgrade project.

Chan said he would not have proceeded with any signing if he knew there were still outstanding issues.

However, he said the revision of the MOA was an ongoing thing and any outstanding issue would be catered for down the track.

“Whatever we sign today, it’s continuous, it’s a Government commitment to the people of Central Province, Goilala District and to your people. It is our commitment,” he said.

“This Government has committed all of these projects to you as of today.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie Gelu, from the State Solicitors office, who was present informed landowners and guests that Minister Chan and Governor Haoda, as signatories to the MOA, are acting within the legal parameters as they are still recognized as elected leaders until the return of writs.

Picture: Signatories to the revised Tolukuma MOA having a toast while Yulai Landowner Association Chairman, George Gusi, shows disinterest.

Author: Cedric Patjole, LOOPPNG


We will upload Tolukuma Gold Mine Limited monthly newsletters onto Dropbox and re-share the URL of that Newsletter here on the Blog for anyone interested t download.

Below is the URL for the May 2016 Newsletter.


Highway Monthly Newsletter – May 2016

Thanks to TGM Management for sharing the Newsletter with us here on the District Blog


Asidokona Mining  Company after taking over Tolokuma Gold Mine from defunct Petromin Holdings Limited has embarked on a vigorous infrastructure development in and around Tolokuma Gold Mine area.

The major project that Asidokona has taken head on and treated it as priority is the Tolokuma mine to Bakoiudu road link.

Previous operators of TGM has relied too much on air transport to bring in their cargo and materials to operate this mine.

And that along had TGM tagged as the most expensive mine to operate in the whole world. This was purely due to the fact that choppers were engaged in transport personnel and materials to and from TGM.

Thanks to Asidokona Mining Company, engaging of choppers to assist with operations of the mine is now history.

Chiefs and leaders from Mondo, Hidu and Fane with Tolokuma Gold Mine’s CRO and CPG Police held a meeting in Gaiva village to lay out the foundation for the villages to join hands in seeing this road project from Gaiva to Belavista and Popole village.

Meeting at Gaiva for road to pass through, 7chiefs, holding hands…giving access for road.

Blogger Note.
A very heart felt Thank You to Asidokona Mining Company. And thanks to the people of Auga Dilava for allowing this very vital road to pass through their land [destroying their food gardens and some villages].

Today’s sacrifices are tomorrows many successful returns.

Hats off to the chiefs and leaders and all the people involved in seeing this major development take place.

Photo credit: Kelly Mende – TGM GM


October 15,2015, 11:47 pm

A vocal landowner association in the Goilala District has expressed concern on the recent transaction which will lead to the reopening of the Tolukuma Gold Mine.

Auga-Dilava Resource Association has been a mouth piece for local communities in the Goilala, Kuni and Mekeo areas affected by mining activities of Tolukuma.

The association has been pushing for the state to address long outstanding environmental and other mine related issues.

Representing the association and the people once more, chairman Billy Aia, this time has questioned about this new operator – Asidokona Mining Resources PTE LTD.

Mr Aia said the announcement of the “Formal Exchange Sale Share Agreement” regarding TGM, has come as upsetting news.

In a letter written for government bodies, the association said: “Petromin has failed to introduce to the affected people in Goilala, Kuni and Mekeo and the rest of PNG the strange Singaporean Firm with Local Motu Language name Asidokona.

“Where on the planet earth has this company conducted and operated a mine or has managed mining operations?”

While they are calling for an intervention, similar concerns in this regard have been raised by Social Media activist and blogger, Anthony Morant and another Papua New Guinean, also well versed with TGM.

“It is interesting to hear from the Mining Minister Byron Chan how he hails the TGM buyer Asidokona as ‘reputable with integrity’.

“Can he substantiate what he terms as reputable to ‘Asidokona when in actual fact, Asidokona has allegedly existed for three months after it was registered in Singapore?

They are also calling on those involved in selling TGM to come out clear on the truth about who actually owns TGM.

Despite these concerns, pioneer chairman of the Yulai Landowners Association, Fabianne Aia, on behalf of the landowners, said they’ve accepted the announcement of the takeover by Asidokona.

“We don’t know the history behind Asidokona, but we are not against it, so long as the company fulfills the requirements in the MoA, including the road development,” he said.



During one of the weekends after tiring days of working life in the capital city, I had change to travel out of the city to get away from hassle and bustle of the city life. It happens that I hope on a ten sitter land cruiser. Even though I’m from that part of the country, I’ve never had a change to travel up to Tapini by road. I’ve heard from people who frequent Tapini Highway, the deplorable condition of the road and thought, this was an opportune time for me to gain firsthand experience.

It was a smooth journey out of POM heating Hiritano Highway until we had a stop at Agevairu. After a fatigue break, we were on the road again and in few minutes time arrived at Harapokina junction where dusty road begins, the link to the flow of goods/services to Goilala.

Goilala Highway In Shatters - Photo By Father Casmiro Kito
Goilala Highway In Shatters – Photo By Father Casmiro Kito

What I had in mind was a highway, with two lanes or at least enough space for two vehicles to pass through. But it turned out to be the opposite. It was a one lane dusty track leading into the hinterlands of Kairuku and up the mountains down the valleys crisscrossing mountains. The ride was bumpy and back aching but we have to endure it to reach our destination. A couple of times the vehicle got bogged and passengers had to push and drag it to safer place. Along this rough journey, we come across a camp with a small backhoe machine with fuel drums. What I heard was it belongs to a small contractor who does maintenance along the road.

Goilala Highway

Anyway, the point that I was trying to bring across is development and service. While at Tapini, I’ve observed that change is imminent unless we stop giving excuses and serving self-interest. Building a proper road isn’t a rocket science were you need complicated machinery etc. to build. It is a matter of putting resources at the right place or projects that are economically viable. Part of the problem lies with our elected leaders and public servants. Most of the time I heard our elected members giving excuses and I quote,(1) “Goilala has rugged terrains and I’m unable delivers servers,” (2)”I’m a first timer in Parliament therefore I’m in the process of learning” or (3) “I’m not in the government camp so impossible to deliver”.

These are all total bullshit, you supposed to contribute to change but you leaders use excuses to suffocate development. At least take a small step and at the end of your tenure, the small steps you have taken without realizing, would bring forth enormous changes.

We need road networks. Thats fully maintained and serviced.
We need road networks. Thats fully maintained and serviced.

Even Public servants doesn’t have the heart for people. Their attitudes towards people are big man mentality which they look down on people and expect people to look up to them. This behavior had been practice overtime were people develop wrong perception of public servants. One of the approach which I’ve observed is; Goilalas treat their public servants at Kone as masters and almost forget all about their right to basic goods and services. This Big man mentality then creates functions where there is no corroboration amongst public servants. Everyone then seems to rule in his/her own domain here at Konedobu – where Central Provincial Head Quarter is.

As a result, you’ll hardly see public servant at Tapini except for teachers and medical orderlies who works under the Catholic Church. And to be exact, Tapini is not a Government Station anymore. It is run by the church, and has the say in what sort of good/service to be delivered there. For instance, while at Tapini during my trip, I’ve realize one thing and that is 3/4 of Tapini is run down. The Police Barracks, Agriculture Compound, Council Champers, District Court House and Administration Blocks are all run down. No public servants to run these government institutions. Everyone had moved to Port Moresby, leaving Catholic Church and villagers to run the affair back in Tapini.

Goilala had gone through By-Election process to fill in the sit vacated by late MP, Hon. Daniel Mona. Candidates with colorful back grounds as well as former MPs’ had given their best short. From observation, the trend through which people of Goilala cast their votes are through:

1. Family, clan or tribal connection,
2. material/money connection, 
3. Whom you know but all these trend have failed.

We have seen a current MP scored all across Goilala, and this clearly indicates people desperately need change whatever their connections are. I urge the people of Goilala to leave behind whatever connections we have and ask God for wisdom to lead the people of Goilala.

Keep in mind where we are now. We are not in stone-age or in our forefathers’ days. We are in the 21 century and digital age therefore; we can’t be spectators in development and distribution of resources of PNG. We had to participate meaningfully to be in pace with rest of the country.

The onus is now with in the MPs’ courts now to determine the part to Goilalas’ prosperity.



A meeting was called involving students [former students] of TGM PS and Central Provincial Education board authorities led by Patrick D Ghorok with Woitape LLG President Honorable Joe Geru with a Teach representing the Teachers of TGM PS in Kone this afternoon.

During this meeting it was decided that all ex TGM PS students will here o head to Tapini Sacred Heart High School to enroll before the start of the academic year begins.

The reason why TGM PS Students were sent to Laloki Secondary High School and not Tapini SHHS is unknown still. Although there was a mention of a letter that was sent to Central Provincial Education Board, probably requesting that allowance of TGM PS Students to be sent to Laloki and not Tapini SHHS.

This letter was rejected [we assume] but the actual decision/response never reached TGM PS Administration and BOG [another assumption].

The decision to send the students to Laloki in this case was the sole decision of the TGM PS Administration and the TGM PS BOG.

Attempts to get in touch with the TGM PS Headmaster Mr Peter Paita was unsuccessful. Text messages were left for him to reply but he never did.

After the decision was made, Central Provincial Education Board authorities has agreed to assist with transportation to have the TGM PS students to be sent TSHHS.

The President of Woitape LLG Joe Geru has agreed to assist and buy fuel transporting the students.

Tapini SHHS Administration & BOG has previously announced that they are open for any Goilala students coming in from all and any primary school in Goilala.

As such, TGM PS students are no different and will be obviously welcome warmly.

::GDDF Blog Note::

For reasons only known to TGM PS Administration and BOG, they have decided to supercede the laws governing the education processes and procedures and systems in place to have Goilala District students sent to a High school in Kairuku Hiri District is a slap in the face of the authourities in place.

It is of critical importanace this news be spread in and around TGM to make this known and have the TGM PS Administration questioned as to why they are fiddling around with the futures of our children.

Peter Paita is from Southern Highlands and his Depty is from Goroka. And sadly there is no Goilala teacher in this TGM PS.

The only Goilala teachers there are involved in teaching elementary classes.

The future leaders of Goilala have been fooled and lured into unknown territories with no proper guidance and direction.

Those responsible has got to be told to explain.

Petromin CEO Visits TGM

Petromin CEO Visits TGM

This is a follow up on the previous post we did about TGM Dying a Slow death.

Petromin CEO Sam Inguba visited Tolukuma Gold Mines on Saturday 20th October, 2013.

In our previous publication we plainly stated the 3 options which TGM Management has endorsed and will enforce. They are:

1. Redundancy.
The Petromin Board has sat for a meeting and agreed that TGM must put 100 plus work force on redundancy and that off course is happening.
The human resources has already interviewed the all section heads(HODs) and finalized which employee to be on that list and once you are on that list then you’ll
paid full package and it’s just same as terminating that employee on no grounds.

2. Annual Leave.
Those employees who have annual leave credits are being forced to apply for leave and go leave in order to allow contractors to come in and do contract works.
If you do not have leave credits then you will be forced go on leave using your long service leave credits.

3. Lay Off.
Upon taking your leave and when it is due and your start work date has commenced and if your boss needed your service then you can come in to resume duties otherwise
you can stay out and be paid with full during two months time and that is when the contractors are already at site doing contract works.

The CEOs in his speech @ 6:00 pm revealed that Petromin Board after its meeting in POM has secured some funds from Westpac Bank and BSP to run operations at Tolukuma (loan) and those who are 50 yrs and over will be retrenched with full entitlements. Those with annual leave credits will be asked to take 3 months stay at home with full pay.

This loan money from Wespac and BSP will be used to buy [or has already bought some machinery for mobile maintenance and part to upgrade the mill.
Chopper flights will be reduced to 2 flights per day /2 flights per week.

The CEO was to meet with the Land Owners group the next day to make this known to them.

By Monday HOD’s [today] will make known who will remain and who is going and arrangements will be made to fly out those going. By end of week workforce manning will be reduce to 200 plus for those who will stay on site to work for 3 months care maintenance period.

Operations will be back to normal by early next year after all required maintenance completed.