Unitech Invests To Have Wi Fi Coverage – EMTV

The Lae University of Technology will be investing a significant amount of financial resources to develop a Wi-Fi network for the whole of the University Campus.

The Vice for Unitech, Dr Schram, since resuming Office has embarked on ensuring the Premier Technical University in Papua New Guinea lives up to its reputation.

And with the limited space in computer laboratories in Unitech Campus, Wifi Technology seems the remedy that will assist in cutting down on the high demand for Computers in departmental labs.

The primary reason why students rush into and scrump up in Computer laboratories is to do research on the internet.

Having a Wifi service accessible throughout the campus will greatly improve the ease with which students access internet services.

This service is long over due but only visionary people see the need to have such a service invested in.

Thank You VC Schram.