MOA Sign - Goilala DDA, CPG, Provincial Works


Goilala DDA has formalized a Memorandum Of Agreement [MOA] with Central Provincial Works Department to have Goilala Highway maintained and cleared.

MOA Sign - Goilala DDA, CPG, Provincial Works
MOA Sign – Goilala DDA, CPG, Provincial Works

The MOA will see Goilala and Central Province work on a 2:1 funding ratio to help keep the Goilala Highway open and usable.

2:1 ration mean – for every K2mil Goilala DDA allocates to Goilala HW, Provincial Government will put K1Mil as counter funding annually.

MOA Sign - Goilala DDA, CPG, Provincial Works
MOA Sign – Goilala DDA, CPG, Provincial Works

This in essence means annually, Goilala Highway will get a funding of K3million from both Goilala DDA and Central Province Government under the watch of Hon Robert Agarobe and Hon William Samb.

Witnessing the MOA signing was the Governor of Central Province – Hon. Robert Agarobe, Goilala MP Hon. William Samb, and Central Provincial Administrator Mr. Gei Raga, Goilala CEO Mr. Titus Girau

Photo credit: Goilala DDA Officers.


Good morning PNG!

Samb Clears Air on TGM Affair - Asidokona
Refer to another post which will have the full news article.

Its awkward to see that the honorable MP for Goilala is losing track towards representing the interest of his own people rather than protecting the interest of the foreigner business firm.

As the chairman, l am still waiting in anticipation for clear explanation from relevant authorities to explain the causes of delaying commercial production at Tolukuma Gold Mines.

I have formally tasked MRA to explain to my people whether Asidokonas is conducting businesses within the jurisdictions of the mining regulations in light of the current pace at which Tolukuma gold mine is operating.

Asidokonas business deals are not my peoples issues or problems which we have no right to know. Our problem is for the mine to restore back to normal operations as soon as possible conforming to the statutory requirements. If the business partners are withdrawing then that means they don’t have confidence in Asidokona. This message also signals us the resource owners that they are incapable to operate Tolukuma gold mines

Tolukuma gold mine is the only lifeline for my people of Goilala and such delay is costing the lives of people.

Let me clarify that care and maintenance period has lapsed two years ago. Commercial operations should have resumed then.

Asidokona is just waisting my people and the governments time to benefit out of gold production. Let no individual protect or harbour the interest of an incapable investor who lacks the capacity to get the mine up and running.
Finally, let me admit that I was knowingly left out during the negotiations to bring in Asidokona by so called Politicians and beuracracts of central province.

I will not pay heed to any elements this time. I will always pursue my peoples interest without fear or favour unless satisfied. If opportunity arises this time I will exercise my landowner power if allowed in the Mining act to seek for a potential investor myself.

Source: George Gusi Facebook Wall



This is becoming absurd. Who actually is the Government for Goilala?

Certainly not the Bishop or Fr Brian.

I would have thought that this is the role and function of the Member, who is the political head of Government in the district, and the CEO is supposed to be the Administrator of government policy, the chief public servant leading a team of district public servants.

It is supposed to be their responsibility as Government for the district to ensure service delivery drawing on support from district development partners, not the other way around.   Roads and transport are crucial for service delivery and development. Roads are the responsibility of Government.

If the maintenance of the Tapini road cuts across three or more Government authorities (jurisdictions), then I would have thought it is the responsibility our Goilala District Government officers to go door knocking, and follow-up on matters with their colleagues in these other jurisdictions. Whether it is National Works, Provincial Works, Kairuku-Hiri District Government, Provincial Government, or National Government. This is their job – this is what they are paid to do – and not the work of the Bishop or Fr Brian as Mr Girau suggests.

Of course, this requires a commitment to the job, and competency.

Moreover, it is also the function of the DDA to budget sensibly, prioritise-monitor expenditure, and source funding other than DSIP for development work if need be. I would think that the use of DSIP on the Kairuku stretch of road would be the least worry for illegal use of funds by the current administration.

I would have thought also that maintaining road access to the district headquarters for government operation, the operation of the district high school, and the operation of the district health center would be a priority.

The road to Tapini connects to other road networks from the district center to Guari, Kerau and Woitape. This road network is already in place from the colonial period (largely a legacy of the early missionaries), awaiting revitalisation.

Once the road network is opened up, then development can follow in other parts of Goilala outside of the Tapini area.

You can’t have development without roads, and it is a giant step backwards for development in the district to allow the main road connecting the district centre to the coast, and the hub for road connection to elsewhere in the district, to close.

Where is this being fair to the medium-long term development for Woitape, Tapini and Guari LLGs respectively?

Except to make everyone equally disadvantaged, and equally further behind in achieving meaningful progress for development throughout the district.   As a road engineer, the current Member knows this. Yet it appears to me that there is a climate of ethnicity in district politics which is clouding judgement and obscuring a sensible development vision for the district.

Mr Girau, the bottom line is the road is closing. It is happening under your watch as district CEO, and the current Member’s watch as the political head. As the Government for the district, it is your responsibility to act.

No excuses!


Fr Brian Cahill msc
Parish Priest – Tapini Chancellor Diocese of Bereina


After the 28th exclusion, William Samb is the member for Goilala Open.

Box 11 – Mathew Poia was the decider for the race between Samb and Alex Hoem Robert.

Despite Robert collecting a good 1,105, Samb climbed 89 votes higher to 6,576.

The absolute majority was 5,664.

Samb was declared the legitimate member at 4:30pm this afternoon by RO Theodore Maia at the counting venue, Gordon Police gymnasium.

Runner up Robert was 4,752.

This will be Samb’s first full 5-year term.

He won the by-election after the passing of Daniel Mona in 2014.

He was member-elect for 18 months.

Samb was escorted to the venue this afternoon by his wife and two children.

Addressing the counting officials, security and media personnel on ground, Samb thanked everyone for the support and cooperation and the trust in him.

He asked for the cooperation of all other 29 candidates to bring service into the district.

Samb hopes to continue the projects he undertook while in office.

Source: Samb Retains Goilala Seat



Campaign Period:
28th APRIL – 23rd June 2017.
We are in MAY 10th 2017. We got 5 more weeks left to campaign.

The Tapini Highway has been one major hiccup to the flow of candidates to and from Goilala, esp. Tapini and Guari LLG.

In the past Elections, candidates would normally drive up to Tapini station make their entry known to the locals there and then branch out to various LLGs.

With the Highway in shatters and unpassable, not open to traffic, most of Tapini and Guari LLG candidates are stuck in Port Moresby.
Patching and Backfilling Road - Goilala.jpgWoitape LLG candidates are slowly flying in to kick-start their campaign.
Henry Ivoro was the only candidate who has been in TGM. Henry Ivoro has flown back into Port Moresby yesterday and will fly back into TGM next week.

Candidate Ivoro will then move into Udaba valley to continue his campaign. He seems to have completed the Auga Dilava valley.

Airborne Logistics has ceased servicing Kodige so Matilda Koma will fly into Fane and make her way into Dilava area. Candidate Michael Tosip will fly into Fane has well and slowly makes his way around Auga Dilava and head towards Lower and Upper Veitapu.

William Samb Team after returning from Ononge and according to Jimmy Gulolo, they just completed the Chirime valley campaign leg.

Candidate William Samb in Kumuga Village, Chirime

They flew into Kumunga and walked through Yongai and into Kafano to fly out on Monday.

Candidate William Samb in Kafano Villag, Chirime.

Bruce Mamando with Felix Gitai and Alex Hoem Robert has teamed up to address the Highway dilemma together.

Supporters of Candidates Alex Hoem Robert, Bruce Mamando & Felix Gitai

According to postings on Facebook, there seem to be some progress but if the bad sections are cleared for usage, it something these candidates and their supporters on the ground will advise. 

Peter Nomai is said to be already in Tapini station. Henry Kita was the first candidate to reach Tapini after nomination closed and he has been there for 2weeks now.

Apart from the mentioned candidates, it seems most of our Goilala Open candidates are still stuck in Port Moresby.

And we are in week Two of the campaign period. About 3/4 of the 30 candidates are still stuck in Port Moresby for various reasons.



Sitting Member of Parliament and Deputy Pangu Party Leader William Samb has nominated today at Konedobu, Central Provincial HQ.

AccompanningWilliam Samb was Pangu Party President Mr. Patrick Pundau.
Franked by John Jamoro, Cyprian Mang Ingi and Jimmy Gulolo, candidates who have stepped down to back William Samb in his campaign trail, the sitting MP paid his nomination fee today.
A media briefing was done after the nomination formalities were completed.

Follow news as it breaks here on our Blog covering Goilal Open seat Nominations at Konedobu, Central Provincial Government HQ.



English Potato Farm plot at Kambisea
Michael Atuai
led potato farming project has had its sample harvest done over the weekend.

First Harvest - Kambisea
First Harvest from the Potato seeds been distributed throughout Goilala for commercial farming

Hon William Samb and Michael Atuai flew into Kambisea to make awareness of the CIC arrangement/engagement that is soon to be made known also spent time visiting the potato farming that was distributed earlier.

Michael Atuai in the Potato Farm plot
Michael Atuai in the Potato Farm plot in Kambisea

Using this opportunity, Mr. Atuai was able to educate people about the correct procedures in how to harvest and when to harvest and how to stock it and where to stock the seeds for nursery purposes.

Michael Atuai with farmers at Kambisea
Michael Atuai with the Farmers after sample harvest at Kambisea

Sample harvests were done. And here are the photos.

Member for Goilala with the Farmers after sample harvest at Kambisea
Member for Goilala with the Farmers after sample harvest at Kambisea

Photo credit: Michael Atuai from kambisea.
Awareness Drive at Kambisea -


Or has TGM under ASIDOKONA gone into full swing Operation already?

From reliable source at Tolukuma Gold Mines, it is said that the local workforces have not received their fortnightly wages and salaries for x4 fortnights to dates.

It’s not just the first time for such experience. This has occured a couple of times before.

Digicel Network coverage moat of the time goes off and makes life difficult for employees to communicate with families in pom and around png.

Food rations has run out on several occasions before. And might be winding up sooner.

The sad thing is that the employees on site has families who frequent ATM machines to check balances only to find K0.00.
They have school fees to pay, hospitals fees to pay.

There is no clear cut Mine operational direction. Every one is living one day at a time. No one knows what tomorrows operational plans are.

Is ASIDOKONA MINING company really a reputable company that has what it takes to operate a Gold mine?

Could the developer shed some light on this.

when actually does does the production start?

The employees of Asidokona ownes TGM and the larger Goilala people need to know what the current status of TGM is in as far as its operations are concern.

This Gold mine has been under care maintainance for 2 years now. Is this the normal lenght of time required to run a mine under care maintainence?

TGM is one if not the only revenue generating avenue for 90% of Goilalabpeople and the confusion on the general mine’s operation is so loud that its becoming very visible.

TGM is currently been managed at an adhoc basis.

Leaves alot to be desired about regarding Asidokona Mining Company.

Where is George Gusi – YLA Chairman and Yulai elite?

Woitape LLG President Hon Joe Geru, do you have any idea of whats going on?

Philip Gugub, the EO for Member for Goilala, is Hon Samb aware of the unprofessional nature of things at TGM?

Employees and former TGM employees like Gee Mavai, Peter Yaria, Henry Kisio, James Francis, Albert Lalup, Daimahn Biah, Camillo Uvi, James Koga, Michael Songen, Daniel Kulolo Andrew Olu, Epi Koga

Can this piece of rumor be confirmed or denied?



6 more Goilala teachers will be enrolled with Bomana Sacred Heart Teachers college in 2017.

The K35,000.00 will cover the fees the new intakes and continuing students.

This was announced by the Open MP for Goilala Hon William Samb during the graduation ceremony at Bomana today.

Goilala Students Graduating from Bomama Sacred Heart College - 2016
Goilala Students Graduating from Bomama Sacred Heart College – 2016

While at the same time, it was revealed, GDDA will do likewise for Veifa Nursing College in Kairuku will also have its share of sponsorship in 2017.

Present at the ceremony were Brian Cahill and Rochus Tatamai.

Member Samb made it known that sponsorship will be made available to Professions that are of immediate need in the District.

Such professions would be teachers, nurses, agriculturalists, etc..

Total students for 2017 is 17.
6 x 2nd-year students and 5 x 3rd year students and 6 x 1st-year students.



A community in Goilala District has been given the ownership to rebuild its only primary school.

Goilala MP, William Samb presented K32,000 to Fane villagers recently for the construction of classrooms.

The school was forced to close because of lack of teaching staff and learning facilities. Health and Education infrastructure were established in the colonial era, however, received no support over the past 15 years.

Goilala MP William Samb visited the small village to support the community rebuild its only education institution. The community aims to build classrooms using bush materials.

MP Samb also called for an investigation into the posting of teachers to Goilala who remain in Port Moresby but are on the payroll.

“The Central Education Office will be written a letter to look into the matter”, said MP Samb. “This matter is serious because these teachers are getting paid while our children are suffering”, he added.

For this small community, the closure of the school has affected its young population.

The Fane Community aims to rebuild the school before the 2017 education calendar commences.