Asidokona owned and operated Tolokuma Gold Mines Limited has once again hit the spot light.

This time, TGM has been evicted out of Petromin House at Murray Barrack, Port Moresby for non payment of rental going back a month or more.

Reliable source from within Tolokuma Gold mines confirmed the eviction rumor is real.

Sources from Tolokuma Gold mine site also confirmed employees have not been paid for over 6 fornights.

Most of the hired employees have left and the local employees are not sure what really is going on with this mine.

The Mine now has a handful of senior management staff who are over seeing the already malfunctioning mine operations.

The mine is actually not runing to its full capacity at all.

It was confirmed this morning Chopper company providing air transport service to the mine’s operations has also pulled back due to non payment of dues.

This ineffective, substandard management of TGM by Asidokona Minning Company has also affected Tolokuma Primary schools operations. Head Teacher of TGM Primary confirmed they have sent students home due to shortage of stationary and support from TGM to their general running of the school.

TGM Clinic has also scaled down on its operations due to shortage of drugs in their storeroom.

Prices of basic food stuff at the mine site has double if not trippled in the last few weeks.

Asidokona is truly a mystery mining company that seem to have no idea whatsoever in running this mine. There is no professionalism in its structure and its planning and its execution of its plans and goals.

Its a pity the PNG Government seem to turn a blind eye on TGM and its hardship.


The Tolukuma (Yulai) Landowner Group representing landowners of the Tolukuma Gold Mine refused to sign the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Port Moresby today.

Chairman George Gusi snubbed the long overdue revised MOA, claiming there are still outstanding issues to be settled.

Facilitated by the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), the signing ceremony was attended by Mining Minister Byron Chan, Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda, Executive Director of Asidokona, Vincent Siou, Woitape LLG President Joe Geru, and MRA Managing Director, Phillip Samar.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gusi asked for an extension to iron out outstanding issues which they want to see contained in the current MOA as he claims there was a lack of consultation by the MRA.

He said some of the outstanding issues include:

Establishment of the Infrastructure Development Committee;
Environmental damage report on the waterway and tailings dam, which is a national issue on the reputation of the mine;
No proper mine development plan showing the lifespan and economic value of the mine; and
No proper landowner business plan under the spin off benefits and life after mine programs.

Gusi also asked why there was a rush to sign the MOA on the eve of the elections, questioning the legal basis justifying Minister Chan and Governor Haoda to proceed as signatories.

“We are confused as to why we are rushing to sign. I strongly recommend that we defer the MOA signing till after the return of writs. It’s only five weeks away,” he said.

“So after the elections, we have a legitimate Government and authority to execute our MOA.

“Ladies and gentlemen, both national and provincial governments have totally failed to implement many undertakings in the previous MOA.”

Despite his refusal, the signing ceremony went ahead with all parties content with the MOA. Gusi maintained his stance and did not sign.

Following the singing, Minister Chan said the previous MOA did not contain any Government commitment, however, the revised agreement contained guarantees which the government was willing to deliver.

They include, among others, the Tolukuma Highway upgrade project.

Chan said he would not have proceeded with any signing if he knew there were still outstanding issues.

However, he said the revision of the MOA was an ongoing thing and any outstanding issue would be catered for down the track.

“Whatever we sign today, it’s continuous, it’s a Government commitment to the people of Central Province, Goilala District and to your people. It is our commitment,” he said.

“This Government has committed all of these projects to you as of today.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie Gelu, from the State Solicitors office, who was present informed landowners and guests that Minister Chan and Governor Haoda, as signatories to the MOA, are acting within the legal parameters as they are still recognized as elected leaders until the return of writs.

Picture: Signatories to the revised Tolukuma MOA having a toast while Yulai Landowner Association Chairman, George Gusi, shows disinterest.

Author: Cedric Patjole, LOOPPNG


Since 2011, when Petromin took over TGM, am tipped off Yulai Land Owners have been getting some lousy sums in their Royalty payments.

There are three clans that makes up the Yulai Landowners Association. And according to whats been said, each month Petromin pays a mere K3000.00 to each clan.

That’s a total of K9,000.00 for Royalty payments.

Am not sure how many people are in each clan. I tried to verify that information with George Gusi [who I have his number] but he kept turning me down. Not sure why.

Imagine if each 3 clans has a family head of say 500. With each of this families having their children whom also have their own children, how could you end up sharing K3,000.00 amongst this lot of people?

With the monies aside, how much Gold does Petromin make each day from TGM?
Does the give-&-take ration match up? Why is the LO Chairman [George Gusi] so silent on this?
And why is MP Mona very much non-existent on this as well?

Oh and just so you know, we have two LO Chairmen – George Gusi and Epi Koga.

Word has it that Epi Koga was elected into Office with a landslide votes but George Gusi isn’t giving up that Chairman seat to him on a golden platter.

Why is George Gusi so desperate and holding onto power? And why are the people so silent? Why is Petromin not recognizing Epi Koga and keeps dealing with George Gusi?

Amongst a host of reasons I have raised this issue here, I have only one major point that seem far more important that all Goilalas needs to take note off.

And that is the Exploration Licenses that Petromin [legally] has in GOILALA DISTRICT totals up to 6.

Legally Petromin Holdings Limited owns and has the right to operate these 6 ELs throughout Goilala come the right time. [Funding I assume].

With the mediocre management with disregards to safety, environment and welfare of its local workforce, God helps us the whole of Goilala District if Petromin Holding turn out to be the Company engaged to operate these 6 ELs in Goilala.

Gold Mine prospects range as far and wide as Ipi River, Mt Yule, Kerau, Minau, Sindo, Olom, Ononge, Aigora, Mt Dai, and Mt Albert Edward.

Goilalas, wake up and pay some attention to what is happening in Tolukuma Gold Mine and make some hard decissions or we will end up getting K3,000.00 for monthly Royalty payment to be shared amongst God knows how many clans.

Lord Have Mercy on Our Future!!