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With the recently installed and commissioned VSAT Communications across Goilala, we have listed down here numbers for each site to enable anyone wanting to make calls to families and friends or general information about Goilala District and her people.

[WOITAPE LLG] Woitape Government station 2763060/276 3061
[WOITAPE LLG] Ononge Catholic Mission station – 276 3224/276 3225
[WOITAPE LLG] Kambisea – 276 3214/276 3215
[WOITAPE LLG] Yongai Catholic Mission – 276 3232/276 3235
[WOITAPE LLG] Kodige – 276 3238, 276 3239, 276 3240, 276 3241,
[TAPINI LLG] Sopu –  276 3226/276 3227
[GUARI LLG] Omu – 2763245/2763246/2763247/2763248
[GUARI LLG] Rupila – 1. School &VSAT Haus=2763257.2.Baptist Denomination=2763258. 3.Catholic Denomination=2763259.4.Health Clinic=2763260.
[GUARI LLG] Guarimeipa – NA
[GUARI LLG] Guari Government station – NA

Once the “yet to be installed” sites are done, we will update accordingly to help with wantoks, loved ones, friends, fans, families and curious visitors and information seekers and news reporters with the numbers.

Note also that Tapini LLG has only one site – SOPU – because of the fact that Digicel Communication network has its communication tower at Tapini which feeds a fair bit of Tapini LLG hence communication in and around Tapini LLG is very much via Digicel Communication Network provider.

In and around the Tolokuma Mine site is the same as Tapini. Digicel Communication network provider has a tower there that feeds most of Auga Dilava area with communication service. Kodige which is on the list here is behind Fane Catholic Mission station. Which is hidden mostly by mountain ranges hence is out of Digicel network coverage area.

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