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It was in 2005 when it all happened.

Andrew Roy, wife Emma Roy and youngest daughter who left the house when she was 4 years and now she is 22 years old.

It started from the case of a 10kg betelnut bag that was to be sold by Emma Roy (landlord) up at the then thriving Tolokuma Gold Mines, a place where betelnut was a prized commodity, during that time. That betelnut bag was given to her to be sold by an Engan man without any payment for freight and labour.

Halfway through her sales up in Tolokuma, the Engan man was lied to by someone and was told that the sales was completed and that Emma earned K3,000.00 from the sales.

Thinking what he heard was true, the disseisor mobilised all his people, came to Morata where Emma’s family lived in their own block and chased them away with bush knives causing them to leave behind their important documents, clothes, household belongings, and ran away with what they had on hand at that time.

Forcefully taking their land, he told them he would return their block after he gets his K3,000.00 from putting their house on rent.

During those years after their block was taken away, the Goilala family had struggled immeasurably. Their struggles ranged from feeding and clothing themselves to finding a home to live in while their block was put out on rent by the trespasser.

With some twist and turns, the block was eventually handed over to a Western Highlander without going back to the rightful owners.

After struggling for over 17 years, the family then came to the Office of the Public Solicitor to seek legal aid which helped them through the courts to get the block back on Monday 22nd of August 2022.

From this story, it can be seen that there are laws in our country to protect us and that no one is above it.

Andrew Roy, wife Emma Roy and youngest daughter who left the house when she was 4 years and now she is 22 years old.

So if you or somebody you know of who might be in a similar situation and need a free legal assistance, feel free to contact the Office of the Public Solicitor.

Author: Rose Pascal, Morata One, Port Moresby



Back in 2012, when Facebook was gaining prominence as the play ground for advocates and keyboard warriors (in PNG), you had your eyes in 2017 NGE.

As usual, being a firebrand radical political hitman,, you had plans. Plans that included being a Party Leader of a political party. And eventually rise to the PM since your political party did well in 2017 and you had the numbers to influence the outcome during the lobbying period.

You did your ground work and became the lead of defunct and crippled PANGU PARTY.

And start rebranding and rebuilding it from.scratch.

You already started your research on who will be your candidate under Pangu Party come 2017 NGE.

Sadly for Goilala our then incumbent Member for Parliament Hon Daniel Mona passed away in 2014.

It seems you already had your Goilala Open candidate choosen behind the scene.

So being the radical political hitman, you knew a By Election was set to come in for Goilala Open and a new Member of Goilala had to be a Pangu Party candidate.

You and your team made contact with TEAM GOILALA. Documents signed and we started planning for Campaign in Goilala.

You flew into Kumunga Primary School.and walked to Yongai Catholic Mission station and slept there with your people.

Next day you flew into Kambisea, continued onto Ononge Catholic Mission Station and slept at a small village named Kakod.

Next day we flew into Woitape station. We slept there and you left for Nadzab on a Spirit of Bulolo aircraft that came in from Nadzab.

You and your candidate, now late William Samb flew to Nadzab to attend the PNG Games opening ceremony in Lae.

One prominent Goilala political candidate once criticized us Team Goilala and late William Samb and said “IF IT WAS NOT FOR SAM BASIL, WILLIAM SAMB WOULD NEVER HAD WON THE GOILALA OPEN SEAT”

That statement is very TRUE. Undisputed.

After William Samb won the by election, you held our hands and literally ran the two Districts under one roof at your Korobosea House, which was then PANGU PARTY Office.

You taught us how to run a District Office. You showed us how to appoint our DDA Members and how to run our DDA Meetings.

You showed us the short cuts to getting things done in politics. You introduced us to your network of people in politics. Some of this networks grew into permanent relationships which we treasure today.

If it was not for you to get so involved in Goilala, we would not have had the 7 years of political Rollercoaster ride we had with our late William Samb.

Hearing of your tragic accident last night, just like how we felt when late William Samb died, we wished it was just a Bad Dream.

NO. News reports confirmed the news was not FAKE but factual.

Sorry BULOLO, and MOROBE. WE JUST LOST A TRUE KUMUL OF MOROBE. Politics in Morobe won’t be the same ever again.

Mipla GOIPEX send our deepest CONDOLENCE to your Family, people of BULPEX and Morobe Province.

Accidents don’t follow time tables. We are deeply sorry this story had to end this way.


When you meet your brother in the clouds welcoming you, pass our regards to him. You two rest Easy. Until we meet again.

Story by Anthony Morant.

Two leaders with their people in Ononge, Goilala
Education Goilala District Technology


The school is situated in one of the most remote areas of Central Province. This place is only reachable by airlines.

Sign board – SHSS Tapini

The road link is so bad that no vehicles are using it. Vital services cannot be brought easily into the Goilala district. Despite the logistical challenges, the school is well equipped and the school infrastructures are in very good conditions.

Classrooms – SHSS Tapini

The Catholic Church has done very well by maintaining this school and providing this vital service to my people who are located in the remotest part of Central Province.

I commend the hard working principal and the school administration for doing a great job.

Mess and Meeting Hall – SHSS Tapini

Furthermore, the local community in the vicinity of the school are doing their part in taking care of the school properties and the teaching staff. The chiefs are always on standby if any conflicts arises.

Scones from Inhouse Bakery – SHSS Tapini

They are always their to solve the problems so that the school operation is not affected.

Assembly Time – SHSS Tapini

The pride of the school is discipline. Both the staff and students are well mannered and caring.



Congratulations to Grade 12s from SHSS-Tapini who went online for the first time using the VSAT doing Grade 12 National online applications.

Grade 12 students in ICT Lab

All login today using their credentials.

Well done.

Grade 12 Students Logging in for the first time.


Students in the ICT Lab
Big Screen Projection
Goilala District



Goilala's District Dev Blog

Goilala District in Papua New Guinea’s Central Province has 38 Community and Primary Schools. Out of these 38 Schools, 11 are Primary Schools while 27 are Community Schools.
Schools in Goilala
15 schools out of these 38 schools are closed.
The reasons for these schools been closed range from no teachers, to no classrooms to no Teachers houses. Even some  schools are closed because of security reasons.

Out of these 15 schools, 3 are Primary schools while the rest are Community Schools.

Omu Primary School [Guari LLG], Tavuniav Primary School[Tapini LLG], Garime Primary School and Garime Primary Schools [Woitape LLG] are closed. While Rupila, Koega, Kamulai, Givena, Kileipi, Iruavai, Minalu, Koruavu, Erume, Belavista and Poromania Community Schools are all closed.

It must be noted here that most of the schools in Goilala are managed by Catholic Church Agency  – Bereina Dioceses.  The only schools thats governed outside of this arrangement is Tolokuma Primary…

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Even though Sacred Heart(Tapini) Secondary is located in the remotest part of Goilala, why not have access to high speed internet here.

Seen here is an installation of the Internet VSET by Digitec today. Internet access at high speed can be access from Tapini starting as of today.

It is another milestone of achievement so far and special thank you to Fr Brian Cahill msc for the purchase of the VSET at the cost of K18,000 which will boost the learning of students and teachers will have more time to access resource materials for their teaching. Fr Brian, em hatwok man tingim pipol blo Goilala and future blo ol.

Sacred Heart Secondary-Tapini is now a school of the 21st Century with its learning facilities. Students will also be given the opportunity to use the internet and access learning materials. Grade 12 will also do online applications(NOAS) for free.

Parents saw it, were overwhelmed and happy with the internet service being provide for the education of their children here at Sacred Heart(Tapini).

Launching of this project (VSET)will be during the Independence day as well as the opening of the Newly Renovated and Extended Student Mass Hall. Special thank you to Digitec for the service provided.

Br Michael Pendekos, msc



After almost 8 months of Resumption we have now reached Ch 45 + 000 St Joseph River Bridge out of 106 km of road length to be covered.

Bridge at St. Joseph river

We have a lot of issues and challenges as a result of the exsisting road terrain, inclement weather patterns, logistics supply due to flood and wet crossing at Kubana River, ethic clashes instigating fear and other ISSUES which are manageable to ensure we progress further to Tapini towards the end of the year.

(i) Camping- Contractor is currently Camping at different locations with fuel tank/Genset and initial Camp at Aropokina (Ch:0+000) has be re-located to Kubuna station (Ch:17+000) . 2nd Camp is at Ch:33+000 after Bakudu, while 3rd Camp is in Progress at Ch: 45+000 (St. Joseph’s river)

Bridge at St Joseph River – Locally this river is Arabure (in this section)

(ii) Clearing/Grubbing & Earthworks progressing from Ch:45+000 backtowards Ch:38+000(Tolokuma Jnt) . Factors of delays on the last note
(iii) Culvert installations and Gabion basket works at Ch:30+000 and progressing.

(iv) Pavement Works (Capping Layer) at Ch: 32+000 after working back from Ch:35+000 ( Baba Quarry #2) while Capping Layer from Ch:0+000 is at Ch: 26+000 , material extracted at Quarry #1 (Ch:8+000).

Barba Bridge Quarry, near Bakoiudu station.

(v) Major Delay Factors
– No bridge across Kubuna River, Ch: 17+000 ( can’t explain the difficulties faced for logistics support and carting of Capping Material across) Requires immediate attention.

No Bridge – Wet Crossing – Kubuna Station

(vii) Ethic Clash between Goilalas and Highlanders ( Hiritano Highway) more killings in POM keeping workmen working under fear- need Police Presence.

(vii) Joint Scoping for the entire Project with DoW/DDA.

(viii) Weather- Rain experienced on a daily basis whether in the morning/afternoon or night

Source : Construct Oceanic Limited – Media Team

Goilala District


Goilala is the most high land District of the Central Province. The District has three LLG Areas namely Guari, Tapini and Woitape. The District Headquarter is Tapini. The entire landmass of the District is rugged and mountainous. However, it is one of the first places in PNG where white men were keen to explore in the early 1800s.

Kambisea Primary School with Missionary built mule tracks snaking through the steep ranges

Hence, the Goilalas were the first to come into direct contact with the outside world whilst the rest of PNG were still living in primitive societies. They were the first to accept Catholicism and Christianity. The Goilalas were the first group of people to attend schools and acquired formal education apart from their coastal cousins of the Kairukus and the Keremas.

Kosipe airstrip in Kosipe Catholic Mission – closed at the movement. Kosipe Catholic Mission was the first school where most Goilalas and Kairuku and Kerema students got educated at

When one scope the entire cross section of Goilala District today, you can notably see the ramnants of the contacts with the outside world and the influences left behind in relics. The entire District is connected by rings of Horse Tracks carefully curved on every mountain side which is mind boggling. There are more old Church buildings, Sister’s Convents and religious relics in Goilala alone than anywhere in PNG. There is at least a Primary School and a Health Aid Post in almost every second or third village in the District. There are too many disused Air strips only found in Goilala. To anyone’s amazement, the most elderly person alive in a village can fluently speak Latin, French, English and of course Tok Pisin.

Author Fred Hussein Barre with one of his Goilala friends in Guari.

The early Goilalas lived in great empire of Tribes and clustered neatly with their closed families for survival including many communial and social ceremonies. They were densely populated and covered almost everywhere easily for the early Missionaries and Explorers to reach them and spread their influence amongst the people.

Shortly after the Second World War and years that followed, there was an acute decline in the population accross the entire District. More people were recruited to work on Government Own Plantations whilst others were assistants and helped white men as interpreters, cooks, drivers, carpenters, mechanics, guides, policemen and many more that served convenience to the white men.

After Independence, another lot of migration took effect. The people left their much beloved homes to attend schools outside. Some left home to seek better life in a growing Port Moresby and never returned. Hence, further decline of the population that took a nose dive. As the aging elderly passed on, the once filled villages experienced emptiness and silences of the surrounding nature with agony. The grieve reality of sadness mermerized and surely natural vegetation reforested the once human habitats.

Seeing Tapini from the top of Mountain top of Kamakoav, hear Koruavu Village, Tapini

Sadly today, there are certain remains of abundant homes and villages all across the land of 105. The general depreciation of the population remains a sad reality as the mountains begin to roar up in great emptiness in the background of Goilala:

From the Kunimaipa land of the Mighty Erom Warriors: Rupila to Eli, Givena to Omu, Guari to Kamulai and to the footstool of the mighty Mt. Yule only lay vacuums of empty space only to be told in tales.

Looking back at Tapini from the home of the only Sheep farmer in Tapini, Mr Airi Kote, with the backdrop steep Kamakoav mountain in our face.

From the Tawada land of the giant climbers, Nakiame Spiders: HeadWara of Kerau to Pole and onto Tapini. The emptiness of depopulation calculatibely broadens with time and space to further compliment the daunting reality of Goilala and remains in the history of minds and only to pass on by mouth.

From the Fanima land that meets the sky overly maintains Mt Albert Edward with an antenna that continously receives signals of nature: Ivani to Kosipe, Woitape to Chirime, Yongai to Ononge, Seki to Tolokum, Mondo to Fane, Belavista to Popole, you the keepers of the ramnants of the Explorers and Early Missionaries. Your gold were extracted in abundance until the dawn of civilisation alighted your emptiness in its entirety. The folktales remain to be passed on to the next generation occasionaly around fire places and before bedtime. This is the damning Goilala experience.

Kerau Catholic Mision – Tapini LLG, Goilala District, Central Province

Learned sons and daughters of Goilala should clearly come to term with the progresive reality of these daunting past that shape today. The impending challenge is, how do you take it further from here going forward for tomorrow?

Good night my beloved Goilala.

Goilala District

Watch “Fr Jules Dubuy Peace Reconcilliation” on YouTube



They came in droves.

They came from close and afar – from the mountains of Goilala and kept virgil for a week just to say sorry for the murder of a clergy that their traditional chiefs had secretly decreed.

For 68 years, as they regretfully admit, this very murder had turned into a spell of misfortunes – lack of development both intellectual and practical.

For 68 years they lied under their breath that Fr Jules Dubbuy a Frechmen of the the MSC Order of the Catholic church serving in Ononge died when a tunnel he was digging, almost adjacent to the current Sisters’ convent, caved in. This is even recorded in Catholic journals of the early Catholic missionaries in PNG, especially Goilala. The truth however, was that he was murdered by way of a chiefly decree.

Fr Jules Dubbuy was a quasi government of sorts in the mountainous regions of Goilala. Existing remnants of his ‘handiwork’ or age old infrastructure development along this rugged terrain district are testimony of his influence there.

Many Goilala individuals also bear French names todate in respect of French’s influence and affluence per se. Several prominent individuals confessed, had it not been for the murder of Fr. Dubbuy, Goilala would have been mini French or that Goilala would have been miles ahead in terms of development both spiritual and practical.

Those from the area have for a long time now expressed fear that the murder of the priest had brought about a generational curse resulting in general breakdown in government service delivery and others. But far more importantly, the curse had taken a toll on their children’s education.

The 6th of August 2020 Peace and Reconciliation ceremony will go down in Goilala’s history books whereby the lineage of Chiefs from the Udaba valley area whose forebearers decreed the murder of Fr Dubbuy in retaliation for his part in a nasty settlement of a traditional dispute, sought forgiveness from the immediate family of Fr Dubbuy from France and the Catholic church’s MSC Order.

Over 2000 Goilala’s attended this week-long virgil underpinned by strict adherence to traditional customary obligations and expression of remorse prior to and during the ceremony proper and capping off with a holy eucharist mass on 6th. It is their prayer that this six decade long curse has finally ended.

The families of the late Fr. Dubuy were unable to attend the reconciliation ceremony due to COVID-19 pandemic, but sent a profound yet heartwarming letter of acceptance of the public apology by the chiefs of Udaba valley.

Ambassador Philipe Janvier-Kamiyama of France who was the special guest of honor, who also represented Fr Dubbuy’s family said the gestures of the Goilala community to reconcile will further strengthen co-operation between France and Goilala.

“I hope co-operation can be established between this region and France, in line with the past actions of the missionaries, especially those of Fr. Dubuy, and so that what they have undertaken can be continued.

For the French and Europeans, this ceremony serves as an example that can inspire many countries recovering from war, to build from it, humane, generous and positive societies and that the Goilala people are showing the way, ” Ambassador Janvier-Kamiyama stressed.

Ambassador Janvier-Kamiyama read from a letter sent from Fr Dubbuy’s family…..”we do more than forgive you and in memory of our great-uncle Jules, let us express our most sincere wishes that this ceremony will contribute to the happy development future relations between all the inhabitants of the district, and even of the province and beyond.”

NB: The Fr Dubbuy Peace & Reconciliation ceremony is an initiative of yhe people of Udaba valley.

They, including police Inspector Casmiro Aia and his organising committee approached the Goilala District Development Authority whose chairman is the Member for Goilala Hon. WILLIAM SAMB who willingly assisted.

It took two years for this initiative to come into fruition. Hon. William Samb acknowleges that there are several similar demise of clergies in other parishes of Goilala that he stands ready to assist.

But the initiative will have to come from affected parties and must be serious and genuine.

He says reconciliation is very important for Goilala if the district is to leave behind its past going forward.