Let me get straight to the point.
When our late MP Honorable Mona passed on unsuspectingly, all our Treasury responsibilities were taken over by Central Provincial Government and moved to Konedobu.

There was even restrictions put into place to ensure any draw downs were done with the confirmation/approval/clearance from the Provincial Administrator.

Cheques from Goilala District were [are] expected to have some form of confirmation from the Provincial Administrator to confirm its validity before deposits were done or cheques were cashed.

This was more of a control mechanism put in place to control the way money from Goilala District accounts were cashed out.

With the MP gone, District Administrator had the veto powers to approval anything that looked rosy. Jimmy Aniava was that DA.

Cut the long story short.
We now have an MP in Honorable William Samb. Can we now have our Treasury office and powers and responsibilities passed back to Goilala District Treasurer and his officers?

One thing that is obvious when it comes to printing of cheques is, Central Province Treasury will play delayed tactics… not intentionally.

They have a office to run. They have their own time line and their own cheque printing needs to be done. So they will have to get their cheques printed before Goilala District’s cheques are printed.

All the while, Goilala District will have their own plans/projects/time lines to meet.

However Goilala District can not do much because our cheques are still held up there in Treasury office of Central Province down at Konedobu.

For example:
All our K6million projects identified and funded, had to rely heavily on how soon the cheques were printed down at Konedobu.

We had to wait and our projects delayed because, firstly the cheques had to be printed. Then a “Confirmation Letter” had to be done up accompanying all these cheques from Provincial Administrator.

Do we have to go through this crap? Does that mean Goilalas are not capable of doing their own thing? Do we have to be hand-held by CPG every step of the way? Goilala is a District on its own and has its own political heads and District’s public service machinery.

Yes, we had our MP who passed on untimely and such measures had to be taken to protect the people’s monies from misuse and abuse from Jimmy Aniava led gang of “kai kai man”…

But we now have a political head. Can we reverse everything already?



The much talked about change of hands for the District Administrator was sanctioned to have taken place on the 4th of January 2016.

It was delayed/deferred to 13th January 2016, which is today. However word on the streets has it that, it is now locked down for next week which is 18th -19th January 2016.

One thing that has to be mentioned here for everyone’s benefit is the funny way of doing positional changes and hire and fire exercises when it comes to politically appointed positions.

The person who was occupying the position prior to the change for reasons known to himself/herself does not corporate with the new incoming replacement.

Hence that former keeps intentionally delaying and dragging processes and procedures for however long he/she may want to.

For Mr Francis Javia, [current changes] been the gentlemen he is, a leader in his own right, an educated elite by merit, he has kept a low profile, accepted the decision of his superiors and also respected the Member elect for Goilala District Honorable William Samb, has from day one, stayed in touch with the Member and worked closely with his predecessor Mr Titus Girau.

This is rare. This hardly happens nor will such be repeated again any where in Goilala short political history.

We are blessed to have people like Mr Francis Javia who is able to put Goilala and her people’s interest before his own.

According to the information available, Mr Javia stands very good chance of taking this to the legal field and winning it but only God knows his heart.

Thank You Mr Javia for your short stint as the head of Goilala’s public service machinery.

Thanks also for your time sharing your mind/thoughts on GDDF. It is people of such standing that makes GDDF what it is. We look forward to your continued presence here on GDDF.

It is known you will still be engaged in development agendas by the current Member. In whatever capacity that is, Goilala is blessed to have such people of your caliber.

God Bless Your Heart. God Bless Your Future. God Bless Goilala.



Goilala District is the first District in Central Province political history to be seen buying vehicles using the District Service Improvement Project funds and hand that over to the Local Level Government Presidents in the District.

Woitape LLG President Joe Geru [2013-2018]
Woitape LLG President Joe Geru [2013-2018]
On the 2st of December 2015, just days before Christmas and a week out from New Year 2016, Goilala people’s DSIP funds were used by the Member for Goilala Honorable William Samb to buy a Toyota Land cruser each for the 3 LLG Presidents in Goilala.

Woitape LLG President Joe Geru, Guari LLG Preisdent Patrick Bauai and Tapini LLG President Keleto Peto were all handed the keys to these vehicles by Honorable Member for Bulolo, Pangu Pati leader and Deputy Opposition Leader Samuel H. Basil at Konedobu.

Patrick Bauai  - Guari LLG President - 2014
Patrick Bauai – Guari LLG President – 2013-2018

These event was witnessed by a lot of people and it even made the evening news on local TV stations – EMTV and Kundu 2.

Apart from Honorable Keleto Kope – Tapini LLG President, Woitape and Guari LLG Presidents have taken this gift as a right. And they are seen drinking around in these vehicles as and when they want. They are sighted at odd places at odd hours.

Is this the type of leaders we expected and is this the type of behavior we expect from our LLG Presidents? Is this the kind of use we want these vehicles to be put in?

Are these two Presidents – Joe Geru and Patrick Bauai invincible? And as such, are they untouchable by Member for Goilala District William Samb?

This vehicles were bought and handed over to these newbies as a PRIVILEGE. It is not a RIGHT.

The general Goilala population wants to see their DSIP put to good use. And this arrangement was done with a good heart but it seems its been abused and misused by mentally unstable “leaders.

Please expose this “confused adults” who are occupying respected offices respectively but doing the opposite of whats expected of them.


To download the complete film go to http://www.jfkmurdersolved….

On the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination, from Stateville Correctional Center, Joliet Illinois, confessed assassin James Earl Files tells of his role in The Crime of the Century.

In 1989, Houston private investigator Joe West launched an independent investigation to find the true assassins of President John F. Kennedy. After three years of disappointments and dead-ends, West received a tip from an unexpected source: an FBI agent who asked to remain nameless. The tip led Joe West to Stateville Correctional Center at Joliet Illinois, and a prisoner named James E. Files.

Files, who was serving time for attempted murder of an Illinois police officer, was at first, very reluctant to talk. Slowly and meticulously, West established a relationship with Files. Through months of personal visits and detailed correspondence, Files began to reveal his participation in the JFK assassination.

Files was nearing a full confession when West became ill and suddenly passed away in 1993. It took 13 months after Joe West’s death, but on March 22, 1994, associates of West videotaped an interview with Files. It was during this interview that James Files first confessed to being the shooter on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, that it was he who delivered the final, fatal shot to JFK’s right temple. He also implicated organized crime members Charles Nicoletti, Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana, who all had been murdered in the 1970s.

For the next two frustrating years, attempts were made to bring the interview to the public. This finally led to an agreement for a nationwide TV program. As the program was being prepared, a consultant became involved. Based on his input, the program was suddenly cancelled for reasons that have since been proven to be untrue. Also, reputable JFK researchers have confirmed that the consultant was solidly connected to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Upon his retirement in 1998, the FBI agent who had given the original tip on James Files, decided to come forward. His name is Zack Shelton. Mr. Shelton, who worked organized crime for 28 years, has had an impeccable service record. With the financial support of Dutch businessman Wim Dankbaar, Shelton offered to proceed with a new investigation to either prove or disprove the confession of James E. Files. Shelton called upon and received the assistance of over ten of his veteran FBI colleagues. All of these men have had equally impressive careers with the Bureau.
While the FBI has officially declared James Files to be “not credible,” the findings of Shelton and his colleagues have shown otherwise. After painstaking efforts to persuade Files, who had vowed to never again be interviewed, he ultimately agreed to another interview. The second and last interview was taped on November 19, 2003.

We now present that interview to you and leave the judgement of James E. Files and his confession in your hands.



The recently held District Development Authority Meeting in Woitape to close off 2015 was colorful accordingly to the NBC News Organization. This is because NBC reporters were on site to report the story.

The message contained and preached at the District Development Authority was sharp, plain, direct and very much challenging.

But the behind the scene organizing and planning was so chaotic and unorganized so to speak.

Some of the issues that NBC did not report include…

1. Political Protocol accorded to Member for Goilala by host Local Level Government was missing.

2. Non District Development Authority Members boarding the plane from Port Moresby up to Woitape and back to Port Moresby.

3. Awareness of the proposed District Development Authority meeting at woitape throughout Woitape Local Level Government was never done.

4. Program for the District Development Authority Meeting and subsequent follow up events were unplanned and disorganized.

5. There was no Welcome program for the District Development Authority Members.

6. Garden food was never part of the meals. Except manufactured food.


The President for Woitape Local Level Government Honorable Joe Geru was put in charge of planning this event from start to finish.

Another feature that puts Honorable Joe Geru as the prime candidate to spearhead this was the fact the he is the paramount chief for Wotiape station and the surrounding areas/villages.
Members office allocated K100,000.00 for this District Development Authority Meeting. From the figures making the rounds, K35,000.00 was left after the charters and logistics costs were met.

K35,000.00 was to be used as payment for allowace for District Development Authority Members, and service providers at Woitape.

Joe Geru engaged Francis Laipu who is from Tanipai to take care of the organizing at Woitape. All Francis did was hang around phone boot putting his demands back to Port Moresby and did nothing.

Joe Geru also put Mathew Kamo who is not even a District Development Authority member nor is he a public servant of any sort at Woitape on the charter to get up there.

This same Mathew Kamo got on the plane and flew back to Port Moresby with the rest of the District Development Authority Members.

Joe Geru even engaged only his immediate families to take care of catering and cleaning and preparations of the place for the District Development Authority Meeting.

The major blow to Joe Geru and Woitape Local Level Government as a whole is Woitape Local Level Government President and his councilors weren’t on the ground to receive the Member for Goilala and his delegates.

Joe Geru actually flew into Woitape the same day Member and his team flew in.

We can not confirm if his ward councilors were on hand on the ground to receive him and Member or not.

General feeling at Woitape station and whole of Woitape Local Level Government is that of ignorance and disrespect toward the small people.

President Joe Geru is known for engaging his mates and cronies (mostly his Tapini High School schools mates from Woitape Local Level Government) to assist him with the generally corrupting of Woitape Local Level Government.
Member William Samb. If you want to make impact and ensure your initiatives are implemented and plans executive, Joe Geru and Patrick Bauai are not what you need.

I respect both men as “leader” but looking at the general Goilala Dream and Goilala agenda, they are obstacles to change. They will ruin the party for you even before the party even starts.

Member, wake up before you are set up for the BIG FALL.



Guari Restoration Project which was spearheaded by former DA Francis Javia assisted by Hon William Samb is one very fragile and delicate issue that needs to be addressed smartly and strategically for an outcome that will be accepted by all.

When I say ALL, am referring primarily to the people of Guari LLG, the 3 Ward areas and Goilala District people at large.

Other stakeholders can be happy or can be satisfied by what the outcome that may be. Goilala people, led by Guari LLG people must accept whatever outcome that may be.

Lives have been lost. From both sides. Properties damaged. People deprived of vital and basic services.

I would personally expect new DA Titus Girau to pick up where Mr Francis Javia left off.

Guari station needs to be give its rightful status as the Sub District HQ for Guari LLG.

Guari station needs to be rehabilitated and government houses rebuilt.

Guari airstrip needs to be re-opened. To enable services to filter through to the rest of Guari LLG people.

Once Guari is open, naturally Kamulai mission station will be given some attention.

All players and any respectful leaders, community representatives, LLG President Patrick Bauai and his 4 ward councilors need to be seen actively getting involved in this.

If there exist differences and factions and groups in relation to Guari Restoration Project, nothing will be achieved, time wasted, resources exhausted and unsatisfied people taking the law into their own hands.

This project is a very sensitive project and must be addressed smartly and fairly with one purpose, goal, aim and vision.

And that is lasting PEACE.