Today representatives from Petromin Holdings Limited, Mineral Resource Authourity, Central Provincial Government and Goilala’s Political and District Administraive as well as Land Owner Representative gathered at Tolokuma Gold Mine for a landmark decission to be made.

Petromin Holdings made known the actual reason for “closing shop” and pulling out of Tolokuma Gold Mines.

It was revealed lack of juicy returns from its very high expenses spents on operating TGM was single handedly the sole reason they had no choice but to pull out.

Tolokuma Gold mine is a very expensive mine to operate. This is a undeniable fact that has long haunted various operators that came in to operate TGM since 1995.

All operations, rations, supplies, personell and other related necessities are flown in by chopper. The terrain is rugged and very mountainous. Its not place for a smooth four lane highway. It is steep and ugly and very rugged. The rivers are fast flowing and while flowing down hill towards the coastlands, creates very steep mountain ranges which just complicates the whole dream of connecting TGM with Port Moresby.

In a 100 years, this will never happen.

But there is gold there. No doubt about that.

Today, Central Provincial Government has thrown its support behind the Yulai Land Owners – the principal LOs of TGM.
And woed to assist YLA people to seek out and secure and engaged some geniune operator who is interested in extracting gold from this rugged mountains of Goilala.

CPG has requested Petromin Holding to hand over the TGM mine back to the people of YLA so they can source out a operator/investor themselves.

And CPG, using its resources, will assist YLA LOs and Goilala people to seek out a operator.

Petromin has refuted calls that there was lack of Gold reserves/deposits in TGM. Return on Investment was below expectations and for any business to surive in this competitive world, they need to make profit. For so long, Petromin Holding was merely donating capital to a dead cow.

A businessness decission needed to be made and today marks the beginning of the end of TGM and Petromin Holdings relationship.


Petromin Holding Limited, owner and operator of Tolokuma Gold Mines Limited is sending a delegation of very important people for a visit to Tolokuma Gold Mines tomorrow 31st March 2015.

The nature and purpose of this trip is unknown as this stage but with the treatment of the TGM GM John McKenzy and the verbal approval of Mobile Workshop Manager as the shift GM are two crucial ingridients to confirm there is some seriousness in this trip.

Petromin has proposed to close TGM down claiming it a costly operation and the fact that there is no Gold deposits in TGM anymore.

Whatever gold was there, has been extracted by previous operators.

However after the announcement of the closure, volumes of gold extraction has increased steadily and is still rising.

Where is this gold coming from? When it is a known fact there is no gold no more in there?

It seems some information are been falsified and fabricated to enforce an agenda and this visit might be a blessing in disguise or a curse that will determine the fate of TGM once and for all.

More updates coming out there. Keep Watching this space.


TGM GM told to go back by Workforce because there is NO GOLD.
TGM GM told to go back by Workforce because there is NO GOLD.

As of this morning, 8am, 28th March 2015, TGM has 1600 ounces of Gold waiting to enter the mill.

End of last week, which is 27th March 2015, TGM has sent down 6 gold bars.

In monetary terms, 6 gold bars would be about K18million (3mil x 6gold bars).

In just the month of March, under the stewardship of Kelly Mende, TGM has proven the myth and doomsayers wrong.

Petromin Holdings Limited in its capacity as the owner and operator of TGM earlier this March month proposed the mine closure.

And has placed the mine under care maintainence.

A grace period was given for TGM to prepare the mine for the closure.

Under the stewardship of Mr Kelly Mende, gold ounce production has started picking up ever since.

Mr Mende as the Minne Engineer and now a shift GM seems to know there is Gold yet to be extracted. And has gone about motivating the workforce to put in extra efforts to prove the Petromin Holdings Limited wrong.

And so far, the workforce has responded positively.

In other developments, GM John McKenzy has decided he will appoint the Mobile Workshop Manager Mr. Anoral as the Shift GM.

This chain of events followed when GM John who was forced back to Port Moresby in the same chopper he flew in.

The workforce are under the impression that the “No Gold” myth and the TGM mine closure move is primarily the work of Mr John McKenzy. Hence the workforce has resolved to keep GM John away from TGM.

On 28th March 2015, GM John was bound to give it a second shot in returning to TGM.

Upon hearing this, the workforce converged to the helipad awaiting the arrival of GM John.

Getting briefed of the situation on the ground, John called the TGM office from Port Moresby and advised that the Manager for Mobile Workshop will step in, in his stead to oversee the mine operation during his absence effective immediately.

The workforce is generally maintaining some order but there is confusion as to why Mr Kelly Mende is been ignored for this move.

There is a general feeling of trust and confidence in Mr Kelly Mende’s ability at the GM position.

But GM John has made a call and that’s final.

Anything can happen here on. Keep watching this space for more updates.



In Politics, I hear they use this slang/phrase.

“Politics a bitch. Once you taste it, you ain’t staying away from it.”

While it is their democratic rights to contest elections in their native nation, I would like to publicly ask this question without fear or favor.

Do we need candidates whom have once occupied the Goilala Open seat during the previous terms?

Names like Mathew Poia, Fabianne Inne, Ajax Bia, Camilo Esef, Andrew Ruddakka and others whom I might have missed.

In my humble opinion, these individuals should not be allowed to contest again.

I mean come on, what have you done for Goilala when you were the MP during your term.

If you have not moved a fly, then what’s the guarantee you will bring about positive change for Goilala and her people?

Best these individuals should do is accept defeat and man up to the fact that their are incompetent, incapable, lacks vision, does not have a clue about what they are doing.

We the people of Goilala should also help to not allow these failed politicians to come back in.

We must in all fairness ensure these individuals are aware and informed they are not needed and not welcome at all to lead us politically.

Their days are up and the best they can do is enjoy whatever is left of their savings (if they do have any) and await their time to kick the bucket.

It may sound rude and disrespectful but hey, if telling the truth hurts, so be it.

Former MP, You Aren’t WELCOME.


Leading up to the National Election in 2012, PNC led government, proclaimed and promised the people of Papua New Guinea the FREE EDUCATION and FREE BASIC HEALTH CARE propaganda if voted back into Power.

And knowing education and health are very basic of necessities for the rural masses, the people of Papua New Guinea responded and that led to the PNC Party been chosen by the Governor General to form the Government.

The year now is 2015.

That’s 3 years and counting. And back in Goilala, to claim this FREE EDUCATION & FREE HEALTH CARE isn’t working would be an understatement.

All primary schools in Goilala’s 3 LLGs are all closed. Those those that are open are partially open. Teacher are either back in Port Moresby or are literally doing nothing.

Doing nothing because what use are these teacher if there dont have any school materials to use to teach? Stationary, materials, books, chalks, colors, balls, pencils, rubbers, wall planner, A4 papers and so on and so fort.

Actually, do we have a EDUCATION Department in the Government that looks after the affairs of schools country wide? If we do, then do we have a Provincial Education Department then?
Do we have a Health Department too? It seems we the people of Papua New Guinea do not have a National Government? If there is a government in place, then that Government is their for some unknown reason. They are there for their own good.

If the National Government has already released the funds down through to the Provincial Government who has also released the funds to the District Level, then, who in the District is holding this funds?

Because there is no sign of funds been used and utilized and put into use back in Goilala. It seems these funds have evaporated into thin air before reaching us.

Do we have some follow up process by the National Government to ensure funds are channeled all the way to the people at the rural villages?

Because it seems once the funds are released by the National Government, they reckon these funds are actually been used as expected when in actual fact, these funds get lost i transit.

There is a very big invisible, endless hole between the rural villages and the National Government. And the funds released by the government sinks into this bottomless hole and no one seem to notice that.

We have a problem and yet we all pretend and act as if these is no problem at all.



With due respect to our late Goilala MP Honorable Daniel K Mona, now that his body has been laid to rest in his Auga Dilava constituency, more precisely Mondo, which is been proposed as the TGM Township, we now have the By Election to look forward to.

But before the Electoral Commission takes action to submit a request to the NEC for subsequent formalities to be actioned to then enable the By Election to proceed, the EC has to receive the Death Certificate for the deceased individual.

This act has not been done yet todate.

It is believed late MPs immediate family is holding onto this at this stage.

Why such is been the case, it is unknown.

Do we the Goilala people have a legal right, bounded and dictated by the Constitution of this nation to have an elected representative?

Yes, we do and no one individual or a family unit will deprive us of that right.

The Goilala District Administration, for and on behalf of the people of Goilala must demand that this vital document be passed onto EC immediately.

If such is not done, do we have the right to sue anyone that is directly or indirectly withholding this document?

Common sense does approves that any individual or family intentionally or unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly depriving the Goilala people the right to elect their representative to the National Parliament is guilty of a crime against the constitution of PNG, which Goilala is a part of.

All concern, thinking, able and cable Goilalas who understands the nature of this whole issue should help to bring forward the By Election.

Jimmy Aniawa and the 3 LLG President of Woitape, Tapini & Guaari, Honorable Joe Geru , Honorable Patrick Bauaiand Honorable Keleto Peto must for and on behalf of the people of Goilala persue this matter urgently.

The problem with us Goilalas is we don’t know our rights. And we don’t know of the avenue at our disposal to persue our concerns.

Been so ignorant and unaware, crooks and fools use the loopholes in the system to deprive us of our rights.



TGM GM told to go back by Workforce because there is NO GOLD.
TGM GM told to go back by Workforce because there is NO GOLD.

At around 8am today, 25th March 2015, Tolukuma Gold Mine’s General Manager Mr John McKenzy was forced back onto the chopper that he flew after his shift break.

Mr Mckenzy, the TGM GM, was on his usual shift break and this morning flew in to resume duty when upon his arrival, the local workforce ordered him to remain in the chopper and fly back to Port Moresby.

GM McKenzy was instrumental in proposing that TGM be closed down primarily because it was a expensive Mine to mine and also there was no gold deposits left after whats been mined out by previous owners/operators.

GM McKenzy, in his professional opinion believed that it was not a profitable exercise operating TGM hence proposed that this mine be closed as soon as possible.

The Government and Petromin Holdings Limited announced mid March 2015 TGM will be closed down and will be placed on CARE MAINTAINENCE in preparation for the actual shut down.

During his shift break, Mr McKenzy’s back to back Mr Kelly MENDE, a Mine Engineer by Profession, was covering for McKenzy.

During this time, Mr Mende using his capacity as the step-in GM of TGM, took calculated risks and started mining on new gold veins – Fundut Red Kurubari and 1375 Gene Drive.

This move has seen the gold production raise from less than a 100 ounce of Gold in the previous February production to 700 ounces of Gold in early March 2015, to approximately 600 ounce of Gold fall of last week. When this report was coming out, there is confirmed to be 300 ounce of Gold waiting to get into the conveyor belt and into smelting room.

So in fact, from 700 ounce of Gold early March 2015, to 900 ounce of Gold fall of March 2015 seem like a miracle in itself.

So where was all this Gold when TGM GM John McKenzy was the GM?

GM McKenzy seem to allude to the fact that there is no Gold deposits there in TGM, he has every required fact and figures to prove his proposal beyond questionable doubt that TGM is empty and not a profitable mine to mine.

What data is McKenzy using to propose this mine closure?

Production and operations at the Mine site is normal under the guidance of Mr Kelly MENDE and the work force has unitedly agreed to see that McKenzy does not come back in as the TGM Mine manager.

More updates to follow.


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