THE Pangu Pati, led by Bulolo MP Samuel H. Basil​, expects to deliver a clear and practical model of delivery to the Goilala district if it gains leadership from the current by-election.

Intending candidate William Samb​ who was endorsed by the party, had emphasised that his policy which involves rehabilitating of vital infrastructures in the district will be more practical where needed resource or assets will be made available to drive socio-economic developments to the people.

Mr Samb said with the party’s workable delivery mechanism, he will certainly use it to ensure that all the people of Goilala receive the decent and vital services they are longing for.

He pointed out that roads that needed rehabilitation will be complemented with secured resources for use in areas of basic service areas like health and education or transport.

Mr Samb said the mechanism similarly used to deliver in the Bulolo district will be used to craft his delivery method as the method has worked for Bulolo district under Pangu Pati leader Mr Basil.

BY Shirley Belden – Post Courier.


Candidate plans to complete projects

After serving 18 years in a teaching career, Boniface Eve is ready to enter political world to serve the interests of his Goilala people.

Eve’s decision to contest is a drastic step for him, especially since he plans to complete outstanding projects that the former MP, the late Daniel Mona, has left behind.

He is among a handful of Goilala elites contesting for the vacant seat.

Mr Eve drew the curtains on his post as the deputy principal, academic, at Gordon International School with an optimistic goal to deliver services for his people in the remote district.

Mr Eve’s drive to contest the by-election was derived from the late Mr Mona’s unvalued contribution to the district.

Mr Eve praised the late Mona as a unique Goilalian tin the history of Central Province politics and the country in general.

“He has set the precedence and I will continue from where he left,” Mr Eve said while contemplating the late MP’s leadership.

“Mona has set the pace and there is no hiding for me. It’s about time that I step out from my comfort zone and utilise my knowledge and experience to bring change to my people of Goilala just like what late Mona had done.”

Mr Eve declared to uphold late Mona’s plans and vision for the district.

He said he was ready to deliver in the short space of time before the next general election in 2017. He said he would implement all development plans projected by the late MP, and would evaluate and analyse these strategies to achieve the set goals.

A review of the five year development plan for Goilala district was the foremost task he would focus on to enhance positive changes for the district.

Mr Eve was part of late Mr Mona’s committee in the Louis Mona education scheme and knew where to carry on from where the late MP had left.

He praised Mr Mona’s leadership, which had placed a high priority on education.

He said Mr Mona had set the precedence for other leaders to follow in delivering to the people without fear or favour.

He said he would focus on education, health and infrastructure, mainly the roads within the district.

He said he would work to complete M

r Mona’s major projects that included the Mondo township and the Doa –Tolokuma Road.


Extradition Treaty between PNG and Indonesia

Hon Sam Basil, Deputy Opposition challenged the Attorney General, Hon Ano Pala to declare his interest in relation to Djoko Tjandra alias Joe Chan before he brings the Extradition Treaty between PNG and Indonesia.

“Mr Ano Pala has the audacity to introduce an Extradition Treaty when he has yet to declare his interest in the issue of Djoko Tjandra. He had been the guarantee of the concerned fugitive and even encouraged to grow rice and engage in office complex construction for the State”.

Mr Basil also wanted the Government to clarify and define how the Extradition Treaty will work as this might affect our West Papuan people. We must be serious to deal with major criminals such as those Papua New Guineans who commit serious crimes in Indonesia and vice versa.

Mr Basil warned the Government not to introduce this Treaty if it will target West Papuans and political prisoners. We should now be addressing the Djoko Tjandra issue in totality when we have given him a citizenship without living in PNG for 8 years as required by Law and yet we cannot respond to Indonesian call to get him sent back to Indonesia.

We must bring this Treaty when we are serious with the issues we want to address. We must also be cautious that we may be forced to hand over West Papuan refuges or border crossers under this Treaty.

Sam Basil, MP
Deputy Opposition Leader



The National Parliament of Papua New Guinea is the highest institution in the Country. The Legislative power of the 7.5 million plus people of PNG is vested in the National Parliament and the person who ensures that the peoples’ lawmaking power is exercised by their elected representatives is the Speaker of Parliament. Parliament is a deliberative assembly and if laws are not deliberated or debated properly and bulldozed using the government’s numerical strength, it defeats the very purpose of Parliament. It is just the same as having no parliament at all but a dictatorial executive government.

A Speaker inherits the mantle of spokesperson for and defender of the Parliamentary Democracy. The chief characteristics attaching to the Office of Speaker in the Parliament are authority and impartiality. Parliament loses its dignity and respect if these characteristics are not observed by the person occupying the seat of the speaker.

The Speaker has a role to ensure that all members of Parliament are able to express themselves and to maintain order to enable such free speech. The Speaker must be consistent and fair in his interpretation of the Standing Orders and practice and that the minority’s right to be heard is diligently maintained, instead of hiding behind the curtains of parliamentary standing orders and procedures, gagging constructive debates on national issues and laws tabled in parliament. A fair degree of latitude must be given to members opposite and allow debates, to ensure that there is check and balance on government sponsored legislations.

Section 107(1) of the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea establishes the offices of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Subsection 4 prohibits Ministers or Parliamentary Leaders of registered Political parties to hold the office of the speaker, purposely to avoid party affiliations and government agenda influence the impartiality of the speaker. The first most important function of the speaker as stipulated in Section 108 of the Constitution is to uphold the dignity of Parliament.

In other democracies such as the United Kingdom, the speaker of the House of Commons, once elected, disassociates himself from party affiliations. The Speaker is impartial in the Chair, withdraws from party meetings and does not debate party issues. The extension of our Westminster system of Government in PNG demands that we have a similar arrangement as that of UK. The Speaker, once appointed, should sever party affiliations. I believe that such an arrangement would strengthen Parliamentary democracy in PNG.


In Goilala, there are 3 LLGs – Woitape, Guari and Tapini.

The most densely populated LLG amongst the 3 is Woitape LLG. And when it comes to politics in Goilala, Woitape LLG has time and again decided on the outcome of who wins the elections and who looses.

Population by LLG.
Population by LLG.

In one of my previous articles – POLITICS IN GOILALA – Voting Powers and Population I already broken it down the numberical strenghts and why the winner will always be from Woitape.

Now in this article, I will analyse the 33 candidates and their number grab and why who is who in their respective LLGs.

Out of the 33 candidates,  6 candidates are from Guari LLG – Mathew Poia, Alex Hoem Robert, John Zamoro, Magario Gaspa, Felix Aka Gitai and Joe Tamatai Manau.

Tapini LLG has has 7 – Titus Girau, Raymond Rex Kopa, Peter Nomai, Peter Keme Ellision, Alponse Moroi, John Kiar and Peter Ino.

Woitape LLG has 19 candidates – Evarista Suda, Eugene Aloysis, Bruce Mamando, Ajax Bia, John Kopa, Mathilda Koma, Cyprian Mang, William Samb, Fabiane Inne, Jimmy Gulolo, John Koga, Philip Fasi, John Mona, Camilo Esef, Felix Koma, Michael Stitt, Boniface Eve, Lawrence Ivoro, and Daniel Simana.

GUARI LLG. [4000 eligible voters]

In my opinion, per LLG respectively, Guari LLG will see a tassle between Mathew Poia and Alex Hoem Robert. Magario Gaspa will ride on the wave of Youth Power but that wont be enough to bring him into the business end of the game.

John Zamoro will take the second and third preferences from Mathew but not first. John might also grab some second preferences from Woitape LLG’s Ward 7 & 8 since he is mix parentage. But will the 2s and 3s be enough to hold him at bay? We will see. Felix is a surprise packet in this line up. If Alex Hoem uses his wife’s connections and family ties effectively, Felix will bow out of the race on the first elimination.

The winner out of this race in Guari will be a hard fight between Mathew and Alex Hoem but if education qualification does have an impact, Felix will give Mathew and Alex a run for their money.

My Tip: Alex will win the Guari LLG, sector of this By election if the Youth Power sticks with Magario. If they [youths] sway, and fingers crossed they go to Mathew, the winner wont be Alex.

TAPINI LLG. [7,000 eligible voters]
Tapini LLG is very interesting. I say interesting because we have a former Central Province Governor in the race. And comes from Tapini LLG. Alphone Moroi mentored and hand picked Titus Girau to be the District Administrator for Goilala. Alex Hoem was someone Moroi coached and mentored to be his choice in the Goilala Open seat.

The election in Tapini LLG will be between Alphonse, Raymond Kopa from Kerau, Peter Nomai also from Kerau, and Titus Girau.

The two densely populated wards in Tapini LLG are Ward 3 and Ward 4. With Tapini Urban [station] taking the 3rd ward to take note of.

Alphonse Moroi will collect handsomely across Tapini LLG. Not because he has has the money to burn or his campaign committee has done the job. This votes will be sympathetic. Back at their home base, Titus and Alphonse with Alex Hoem will split up the Jowa Loloipa, Pilitu votes, with Mathew Poia also having a grab of some first preferences votes from here too.

The big collectors in Tapini LLG will be, in my opinion, Raymond Kopa, Peter Nomai and Alphonse. If Titus Girau strategise well in Jowa and Pilitu areas, he will decide on Alphonse’s fate here and then. But with Alphonse’s popularity, Titus might have to do more than that.

My Tip: Alphonse will collect all across Tapini LLG. But if this votes will  be ones, is anyones guess. Raymond and Peter Nomai come from Ward 3 and 4 in Tapini LLG. This can be crucial determining factors.  With Moroi, Alex and Titus splitting up their base votes, the winner will be decided between Raymond and Peter Nomai. A tight finish is expected in this one with experience beating  Raymond for Nomai.

WOITAPE LLG [14,800 eligible voters]
Knowing the voting power of Woitape LLG, 20 candidates has registed to break this 14,800 amongst themselves. Looking through the list, Bruce Mamado, Jimmy Gulolo, Fabianne Inne, Alphonse Hega and William Samb grabs my attention without doubt.

Chirimes will lock  Fabianne. Jimmy and Alphonse with William will break even in Wards 7 and 8. While Bruce Mamado willl lock down Auga Dilava. But hey, Goilalas are known for maintaining the “Blood is thicker than water” statement so Boniface Eve, John Mona and Mathilda and Daniel Simana might spoilt the party for Bruce.

With Auga Dilava number depleted, the winner for Woitape LLG sector will be decided betwen Jimmy, William and Fabiane.

Jimmy is from woitape station. But his mother is from Kambisea/Keilape. Jimmy also has families in Chirime. So his collections of first choice will spread out while Fabianne will collect only in Chirime. William also will collect only in ward 7 while Alphonse will collect in ward 8.

My tip:  Amongst the 20, whoever can collect first preference votes across Woitape smartly, will see the business of the game. The person i see doing that is William Samb.


My Overall number distribution amongst candidates in this By election in Goilala will follow suit end of this week. In that article, I will give my tip.


FORMER governor and four former Goilala MPs are among the 33 candidates contesting the Goilala seat by-election, Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen says.

Former governor Alphones Moroi, who served two terms up to 2012, is standing as an independent candidate.
The former Goilala MPs are Camilo Esef, Fabian Inne, Mathew Poia and Ajax Bia.

Poia is contesting under the Our Development Party. The rest are contesting as independent candidates.
Pangu Pati, National Alliance Party and Our Development Party have nominated candidates.

Mathilda Koma is the only female candidate.

Meanwhile, Trawen said 33 ballot boxes for the Pomio Open seat by-election and five boxes for the Sivinit Local Level Government president have been delivered. The counting process is to begin today at the Vunapope Diocesan Hall.

It will start with the Sinivit LLG president seat primary counting followed by the Pomio open seat counting.
Deputy provincial administrator Wilson Matava said the remaining ballot boxes were expected to arrive in Kokopo from Palmalmal today.

Source: The National, Friday May 22nd, 2015




Pangu Pati is making it its business to ensure all candidates in every election from now on deliver for their people in their first seven months of public office.

This is the strongest position yet the Pangu Pati will pursue in its policy agenda drive, to ensure development is not only seen but felt in rural communities.

Pangu candidates will sign an MOU with the party, binding them to seriously commit them to deliver at the LLG and grassroots level if Papua New Guinea is to experience the real meaning of development.

Being the longest serving Mp in the opposition from the 9th and 10th parliament I have been able to deliver services to my district since even delivering more than what government Mps can.

I’m speaking from experience, and with conviction. It is NOT difficult to achieve real-time service delivery with little funding availability. It takes a genuine and visionary heart to see this through.

I am volunteering to share Bulolo’s ‘pain and gain’ experiences, believing this to be the best way forward yet, on the back of numerous public complaints of lackluster performances by certain electorates despite massive DSIP and PSIP funds distribution or expansion in the recent years.

And so I told a Goilala community who gathered at Vanapa for the official launch of Pangu Pati’s candidate for Goilala by election yesterday, that whether it takes me ten (10) or fifteen (15) years to deliver service to the rural outback, I will ensure it happens.

I will be going bush, to Goilala in several days time to be with my people, and I challenge those leaders of other political parties to do likewise.

Let’s ‘walk the talk’ to show how genuine we are with the people’s plight, and not to milk them high and dry with their votes.

At this juncture, I am privileged to present to the media here today Pangu Pati’s candidate for the Goilala by election Mr William Samb.

Mr Samb is an Engineer by profession, having graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in Lae, and a further Masters in Project Management from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Mr Samb has been involved in major road constructions and maintenance projects with Shorncliff, Dekenai as a contractor and Cardno Acil as a consultant and recently contract management with National Roads Authority.

He has been serving other centers of Papua New Guinea with immense dedication and professionalism.

Therefore, it is only fair that I now take him back to where he belongs. It would be of great disservice to his people of Goilala had he said NO to this call.

But I’m glad he said YES. In him I see hope for Goilalas, and I have no second thought on that.

To the people of Goilala and rest of Papua New Guinea, I present to you my Pangu Pati candidate, Mr. WILLIAM SAMB.

Approved for immediate release

Hon. Sam Basil MP
Deputy Leader of Opposition, Bulolo MP &
Leader of Pangu Pati.