Kosipe Primary School is been forced to cut its accademic year short due to a severe drought effects that’s affecting everyone in Kosipe.
p right into the foot of Mt Albert Edward. Its high altitude makes is very severe cold and the cold weather makes it practically impossible for any work done in the early hours of the morning.

One of the hard hit places in Goilala due to its proximity to the foot of Mt Albert Edward.
One of the hard hit places in Goilala due to its proximity to the foot of Mt Albert Edward.

With the dry season here, ice cubes hail down in the night and early hours of the day and once the sun rises, next day, this ice cubes melts and chokes out any green vegetation attached to.

Such has ben going on for some time now and this has directly resulted in all food gardens destroyed and rivers and creeks drying up – drop in volumes.

Wild fires are now an order of the day and the risks of food gardens and village getting burnt down is all time high.

Kosipe Primary School closed and students sent home due to Drought
Kosipe Primary School closed and students sent home due to Drought

Mr Taman when contacted at Woitape confirmed he has sent his students home in fear of students starving during classes. He said most of the student came to school hungry and it was risky teaching a hungry child.

He has closed down his school and is now at Woitape trying his best to seek assistance from the Authorities.

There seem to be lack of action from the responsible authorities in Konedobu. Whether there is some action been motioned and is in progress, no one knows.



Climate Change is no Joke any more.

The unpredictable weather patterns and the unreliable PNG Weather Monitoring stations have left our people – US – unprepared and vulnerable.

Add on this clumsy effort on the Weather monitoring stations, is the unprepared status of the GoPNG.

The GoPNG seem to be not prepared.

We as a nation do not have the systems and processes ready and waiting for such emergencies.

We have a Defense force which does not have aircrafts to fly around and rescue our dying people. Or we don’t have relief supply operations ever ready to swing into action when called upon.

We have a Government that is so ill prepared and very much ill equipped also.

This is a death trap created by our Government to see us die.

What kind of a government will do such to its people?

On our part, as individuals, how can we help bring our plight out for the world to see?

One way I can think of is get good quality pictures out.

Social Media is here. Lets use it and send out a SOS call anyone and everyone so help can be sourced.

We can not wait. We have to help ourselves.

This is like 4weeks running and our Provincial Government has not moved their asses.

William Samb as Member responsible and Francis Javia as Goilala District CEO, what are you guys doing to help rescue our people?

Is Freedom an Illusion?

A man can be free of government in the case that there is no government, but he will not be free from man altogether.

The abolition of government still leaves social rules to dictate the actions of man. Let’s say a man lives in an anarcho-syndicalist society and they have just freed themselves of the shackles of government. Any rules that the society puts forth, as just as they may be, limit the man. For instance that man would not be free to take things from another’s possession without permission.

There will always be rules of some sort, even if that society is rid of religion there will be laws of the land to keep peace and prosperity.

The Politics of Writing

Let me be very clear when I say I do not mean free will, that is a different discussion. When I talk about freedom I refer to complete liberation. So many ideologies pride themselves with liberating man from government, social expectations,

Liberty Leading the People- by  Eugène Delacroix Liberty Leading the People- by Eugène Delacroix

religious and moral standards, ect. But whether complete liberation is possible is still up for debate.

A man can be free of government in the case that there is no government, but he will not be free from man altogether. The abolition of government still leaves social rules to dictate the actions of man. Let’s say a man lives in an anarcho-syndicalist society and they have just freed themselves of the shackles of government. Any rules that the society puts forth, as just as they may be, limit the man. For instance that man would not be free to take things from…

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During one of the weekends after tiring days of working life in the capital city, I had change to travel out of the city to get away from hassle and bustle of the city life. It happens that I hope on a ten sitter land cruiser. Even though I’m from that part of the country, I’ve never had a change to travel up to Tapini by road. I’ve heard from people who frequent Tapini Highway, the deplorable condition of the road and thought, this was an opportune time for me to gain firsthand experience.

It was a smooth journey out of POM heating Hiritano Highway until we had a stop at Agevairu. After a fatigue break, we were on the road again and in few minutes time arrived at Harapokina junction where dusty road begins, the link to the flow of goods/services to Goilala.

Goilala Highway In Shatters - Photo By Father Casmiro Kito
Goilala Highway In Shatters – Photo By Father Casmiro Kito

What I had in mind was a highway, with two lanes or at least enough space for two vehicles to pass through. But it turned out to be the opposite. It was a one lane dusty track leading into the hinterlands of Kairuku and up the mountains down the valleys crisscrossing mountains. The ride was bumpy and back aching but we have to endure it to reach our destination. A couple of times the vehicle got bogged and passengers had to push and drag it to safer place. Along this rough journey, we come across a camp with a small backhoe machine with fuel drums. What I heard was it belongs to a small contractor who does maintenance along the road.

Goilala Highway

Anyway, the point that I was trying to bring across is development and service. While at Tapini, I’ve observed that change is imminent unless we stop giving excuses and serving self-interest. Building a proper road isn’t a rocket science were you need complicated machinery etc. to build. It is a matter of putting resources at the right place or projects that are economically viable. Part of the problem lies with our elected leaders and public servants. Most of the time I heard our elected members giving excuses and I quote,(1) “Goilala has rugged terrains and I’m unable delivers servers,” (2)”I’m a first timer in Parliament therefore I’m in the process of learning” or (3) “I’m not in the government camp so impossible to deliver”.

These are all total bullshit, you supposed to contribute to change but you leaders use excuses to suffocate development. At least take a small step and at the end of your tenure, the small steps you have taken without realizing, would bring forth enormous changes.

We need road networks. Thats fully maintained and serviced.
We need road networks. Thats fully maintained and serviced.

Even Public servants doesn’t have the heart for people. Their attitudes towards people are big man mentality which they look down on people and expect people to look up to them. This behavior had been practice overtime were people develop wrong perception of public servants. One of the approach which I’ve observed is; Goilalas treat their public servants at Kone as masters and almost forget all about their right to basic goods and services. This Big man mentality then creates functions where there is no corroboration amongst public servants. Everyone then seems to rule in his/her own domain here at Konedobu – where Central Provincial Head Quarter is.

As a result, you’ll hardly see public servant at Tapini except for teachers and medical orderlies who works under the Catholic Church. And to be exact, Tapini is not a Government Station anymore. It is run by the church, and has the say in what sort of good/service to be delivered there. For instance, while at Tapini during my trip, I’ve realize one thing and that is 3/4 of Tapini is run down. The Police Barracks, Agriculture Compound, Council Champers, District Court House and Administration Blocks are all run down. No public servants to run these government institutions. Everyone had moved to Port Moresby, leaving Catholic Church and villagers to run the affair back in Tapini.

Goilala had gone through By-Election process to fill in the sit vacated by late MP, Hon. Daniel Mona. Candidates with colorful back grounds as well as former MPs’ had given their best short. From observation, the trend through which people of Goilala cast their votes are through:

1. Family, clan or tribal connection,
2. material/money connection, 
3. Whom you know but all these trend have failed.

We have seen a current MP scored all across Goilala, and this clearly indicates people desperately need change whatever their connections are. I urge the people of Goilala to leave behind whatever connections we have and ask God for wisdom to lead the people of Goilala.

Keep in mind where we are now. We are not in stone-age or in our forefathers’ days. We are in the 21 century and digital age therefore; we can’t be spectators in development and distribution of resources of PNG. We had to participate meaningfully to be in pace with rest of the country.

The onus is now with in the MPs’ courts now to determine the part to Goilalas’ prosperity.


Break Down



Education system in Goilala back in the day when I was in my primary and high school years was well managed and funded. Schools were staffed with committed teachers and students flocked to schools like bees on a bee hive.

The local communities back in those days took special care of the teacher’s day to day needs like food and shelter and firewood. Their safety and security was an issue less talked about back then. And teachers’ family movement was free.

Fast forward that to year 2000 and to the present day. Education system in Goilala has taken a nose dive into the bottomless pit. It seems like there is no hope of ever returning to the good old glory days.

The locals have given up hope on taking care of the school and its properties. Teachers and their families are always in fear of been either attacked or female staff raped. Most of the teachers go hungry because no one cares to feed them. And there is also this issue of basic services – airstrips, trade stores, telephone services, banking systems, police, and health services – now-here close by to be used.

Add onto this the student numbers which has dropped from all -time highs to very low mediocre numbers. Because school age kids are at home because their parents cannot afford to pay for their school fees, or all kids have been moved to Port Moresby and Tolokuma by concern parents for better schools and facilities.

Schools have also closed because no teachers want to stay locked out in a risky remote village out in the corner of no-where.

The causes of this break down in Education system in Goilala does not stop here at grass root village levels. The cause of such break down goes all the way to the top. The people in charge of ensuring education in Goilala are running, effectively and efficiently with teachers, with schools and locals their issues, concerns and affairs taken care off.

Who are the people in charge of Education in Goilala? – one might ask.
There are two main parties who are in charge of this – The Catholic Church under its Bereina Dioceses Agency and Central Provincial Education Division.

To this day, the public – Goilala public – have little to no idea how these two High Offices together work to deliver Education in Goilala. If this is by design or just negligence on the part of the general public to not press to find facts out. Or the High Offices part in failing to inform and differentiate and clarify the roles of each other for the public at large.

Failing on either and/or both sides, everyone is lost and confused as to who is to be blamed and where to start and why education system in Goilala fails miserably year in, year out. And yet no one cares to address this issue.

Doing my own information seeking, am led to believe that the Catholic Church’s Bereina Dioceses ONLY RECOMMENDS to the Central Provincial Education Division, their needs and wants, who by law has the APPROVING powers. After thorough checking, and they are convinced, and satisfied, these needs [requests] and wants are APPROVED.

If these process are followed or not, we can only assume from this point on.

Rumor has it that no one within the Central Provincial Education Division wants to work with the Catholic Church’s Bereina Dioceses. And vice versa.
If this is true then there is only one conclusion the public can draw from these situation. And that is, these High Offices do not care about the future of the future generation of Goilala. Period.

If they had any concern for the future of the children of Goilala and their education, they would have done something to ensure education in Goilala is function as expected, effectively and efficiently.

Why are these two very important players in the Education system in Goilala having such bottleneck approach to solving their own shortcomings? Is it because no one trusts no-one? Or is it because they both have their own tracks to cover and protect? From whom are they trying to protect what?

This is an open invite to anyone that is in the KNOW to please help me inform the community at large about the chaotic, very ulcerous, chronic and very tangled up education system in Goilala.

Nearly all primary schools in Goilala District is closed. Those schools that are open are operating on an ad hoc basis. Making do with only one single local teacher who does what he/she does just to keep the school going. No one from the Agency or the Division cares to pay them a visit or calls them hence it’s more of a “living one day at a time” scenario in Goilala’s few operating schools.


Thank you Anthony for tagging me to this discussion and I am always pleased and available to participate in this forum because Pangu Pati has a moral responsibility to the Goilala MP-Elect. Hon. William Samb to also deliver services accordingly to the policies and the pillars that we stood on during the campaign period for the good of the Goilala people.

The people of Goilala are now expecting the Pangu Pati Member-Elect of Gailala to deliver services but very importantly during many of the MP-elect declaration speeches he has also acknowledged the existence of the very important stake holders in within Goilala District who have stood through good and bad times with churches taking the lead.

Yes and we all agree with Casey Kit‘s comments that MPs will come and go and the same applies to us all the politicians in this 9th parliament, we will one day exit our seats and the people will have to deal with another member but while being at the helm we won’t continue to perform like our predecessors, we will try our best to make a difference and that is why we have brought Pangu Pati into Goilala.

Hon. Willam Samb being a Pangu Pati member we will guide him through every processes and procedures to effectively deliver services.

We will make sure Hon. William Samb will operate out of norm but not breaking major rules like by-passing the PSTB and the CSTB processes for projects exceeding its provincial and national trash holds including GDDA board meetings and its procedures but in doing so important stake holders will or may sometimes be affected one way or other which I believe that the Hon. MP can rectify though dialogues and consultations.

Let us now look at the months available leading towards the 2017 general elections which will be in July 2017.

We have 5 months remaining in 2015, count out November and December because public servants starts winding down for the shut down period and the first-eve season leaving only three effective working months remaining this year.

In 2016 we can take three months off our programs which are January, half of February, half of November and December out of the equation will leaving 9 effective months to operate on.

And in 2017 take only March, April and May as working months because election fever will kick in that will affect all district service deliveries throughout PNG the Ombudsman Commission will also be coming down hard on the Finance Department, District and Provincial Treasuries to put all accounts on hold until after the 2017 National Elections.

Hon. William Samb will really have only 15 months of service delivery remaining in this 9th National Parliament term and from Pangu Pati’s view we will not allow the Goilala MP to go to sleep over this 15 months period.

At the end of the day Pangu Pati and it’s candidate will be grilled by the voters and we will make sure we have some answers in time for them in the coming 2017 National Elections.

The GDDA Board swearing in was held in Port Moresby for the convenience of the Magistrate because starting from nowhere with no fundings and resources available it is almost impossible to bring this event into Goilala.

To wait for funding and resources to cater for the swearing in ceremony will only make the GDDA board lose its precious remaining months which it cant afford to do so now.

The first GDDA board meeting under the Chairmanship of Hon. W Samb was also held right after the swearing in ceremony to recognise and endorse the newly sworn in GDDA Board members and I believe a community, business and a church representative was also appointed, witnessed by Goilala people and media for the first time.

The local MP can disclose this information through a proper dialogue and advise to the relevant and concerned stake holders in Goilala District in due course.

The CEO who is the District Administrator will report the proceedings of the swearing in ceremony and the names of the board members will be made available to the relevant authorities as required.

While campaigning in Goilala, we have noticed the infrastructures that has been built by the missionaries which continues to remain run down with no government intervention since September 16 1975.

This reminds a challenge for any future and current Goilala Member of Parliament to address, we see this as an opportunity to partner with the churches and we believe that Hon. William Samb will make contact with relevant stake holders to deliberate on a partnership arrangement especially on Health and Education Sector.

Finally as a Party Leader of Pangu Pati we want our party members to deliver but at the same time we understand and respect his role as a leader in his own right representing the Goilala people, we have confidence in him and will continue to assist him in our capacity at the Party level to maintain and deliver on our policies.

Rebuilding the capacity of the three Goilala LLG through the LLG Administration by equipping them with the right tools and machineries while sustaining their operations is a must for any government of the day to attend to and that remains Pangu Pati’s priority.

Opening up communication links and working closely with very important stake holders to deliver Health, Education and transport infrastructures is also on top on our party’s agenda.

We ask all stake holders and individuals to also do the same and that is to help Hon. William Samb to deliver those much needed services, 15 months is too short because administrative processes will chew up half of those 15 remaining months leaving only 7 to 8 months to see physical changes in the making.

It is going towards the 3rd week now since the declaration of your new MP so let us all hold hands and work together in the name of development.

The Goilala people are waiting.

Hon Samuel H Basil Mp
Leader of Pangu Pati




The top performing high school in Central Province, Sacred Heart High School – Tapini – is to send students home in 10 days due to a lack of funds to keep the school operating. This is mainly due to political indifference.

In 2013 and 2014, the school was sucked of its reserve funds by the then Member, late Daniel Mona to the tune of K355,865-00.

During this period the school proceeded with project works for the reconstruction of new boys’ ablution blocks and laundry in the boys’ boarding area for which it was pledged kina for kina funding from Goilala DSIP money. To date nothing has been paid. The amount owing to the school from DSIP is K231,705 (total project cost being K463,410). It’s ironic that the late Member, with the LLG President in stride, show pieced this project work to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance, the Minister for Sports, the Governors for Central and Gulf and other dignitaries when they visited the school on occasion with the late Member.

Then there is K84,160-00 in unpaid school fees for 2013 and 2014, which represents more than 50% of the late Members’ commitment to pay school fees out of DSIP. Based on the Member’s empty promise the school went ahead and enrolled students who did not pay compulsory enrolment fees (project fee and agency fee). It was again ironic seeing the late Member handing out Goilala DSIP money to pay fees for students and schools outside the district, while this was the situation with the district high school.

And finally there is the non-payment to the high school for student labour to do essential road works and airstrip maintenance: the outstanding amount for airstrip maintenance @K10,000/year going back to 2012 now amounts to K40,000. It is disgraceful that money from DSIP has been paid out to various persons and groups around the station for spurious claims made for maintenance and beautification works, yet the only workforce on the station that actually does anything – and which everyone relies on to keep the station functioning – is paid nothing! Politicians, district officers and the general public have been riding free on the back of student labour for too long. ,

All of this money is owing to Sacred Heart High School from Goilala DSIP Funds. The Provincial Administrator has been advised. The Governor has been advised. The DA has been advised. The LLG President has been advised. The PA has assured us that these outstanding commitments will be paid from Goilala DSIP, however to date NOTHING! Just empty promises going back to the late Member. This non-payment of District money owing to the high school has in itself almost crippled the financial operation of the school. Only through tight fiscal management by the Board and School Administration have we been enable to keep going. However there is more which has compounded the situation.

The Tolukuma Gold Mine payment to Sacred Heart High School of K10,000-00 a month provided something of a safety net to help us cope with a shortfall in funds over the period, however this ceased with the last payment in September 2014 and the mine is now closed. Effectively, the school’s annual income has been reduced by K100,000 (which represents approximately 20% of budget income on previous years).

As if the above situation was not bad enough, the school has suffered a further financial blow (probably the knock-out punch) with the non-payment of TFF Money. 50% of the 2014 TFF Money amounting to K199,000, was not paid last year and we are still chasing after this money having made representation to the Department of Education, the Minister and the Chief Secretary. Then again in this half of the 2015 school year Sacred Heart did not received any TFF money for 3rd and 4th quarters when other schools were paid two weeks ago.

The bottom line is the district high school cannot operate without money. We suggest this is something the new Member, Hon William Samb needs to address as a priority. Not priority given to chasing after V-Sat and TV Stations.

Member, your district high school is about to close – are you interested? If so, please call us immediately. We are in a crisis situation.

We have a submission before the Incentive Fund for K11M for the top-up of the high school for Grades 11 and 12, and TVET. We are all going to look stupid with this submission if the high school is suspended.

Sacred Heart High School is down to its last K20,000-00. In just over a week’s time we will be sending students home. Hello, does anybody care! Is there anybody there?

Fr Brian Cahill msc
BOG Chair, Sacred Heart High School – Tapini

Mr Arasu Ason
Principal, Saced Heart High School – Tapini