Much of our recent views on issues affecting our district as we have expressed here (GDDF Blog) have highlighted some of the challenges or inattentions of our MP.

Chopper Taking off to Kerau with School Materials  - Digicel Foundation Inc
Chopper Taking off to Kerau with School Materials – Digicel Foundation Inc

Opportunity for the Goilala community to direct important questions those in authority or mandated leaders for that matter in support of better ‘development’.

I believe there has been positive progress in heed to voices that were heard. We commend those that raised concerns and offered constructive suggestions as well as those who raised their hands to be part of the change.

Let us also excel the efforts that are obvious or unseen. There have been certain development programs done by Hon. Mona that may have less mention or never on this forum. Those that have access to such information are urged to share with the community at large.

This is information on progress in the district is that I have knowledge of and I publish for the benefit of all.
Thus, for the Goilala public to consume and digest, the following is information on the current work program carried out by Digicel Foundation in Kerau. A Partnership with government and private institution to bring services to communities.

To date,

1.  Counter funding between MP and Digicel foundation sees materials drop off at Kerau – a remote constituency
2.  MP assisted with chopper hire of K100 000 and K30 000 hire of vehicles to transport fuel to Tapini
3.  The double classroom and Aid post is the second project. The first project in this partnership is a double classroom at Peter Torot school in Tapini. Hon Marape and Goilala MP with Digicel CEO opened the classroom.

MP is committed to continue the program in other parts of Goilala.

God bless beautiful Goilala.

Source: Boniface Eve’s post on Goilala District Development Forum group on Facebook.


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Press Statement


The Deputy Opposition Leader, Hon Sam Basil has entered the debate on the Commission status for Lae City and the impact on Morobe Province and the way forward.

I am aware of the special needs of Lae city including the revenue generation as well as need for municipal services.

At the present we have special need to fix all the roads which we are unable to address within our available means .

The workers of Lae City Council are still waiting for their fortnights and these are immediate issues we as leaders must address.

While we appreciate the need to address the status of Lae City, we must consult widely on what is best for Lae, the surrounding districts and Morobe in totality.
Mr Basil said Lae City is covered by Lae Open, Nawae and Huon Gulf and in the proposed Commission, where will the boundaries start and end and with parts of the electorates being rural, what will be the roles of the respective Members of Parliament and the District and Local Government administration.

We must also address the level of municipal services that are provided and whether these are up to required standards.

The granting of Commission status will not solve the current problems nor transfer Lae into what we expect. We need to address the financial structure and management and operations of Lae City within the bigger Morobe Province.

Mr Basil said that the issue needs more consultation with relevant cost and benefit analysis including boundaries demarcation and functional responsibilities.

It is a serious issue as to where Morobe people will access hospital when Angau Hospital serves everyone from Lae City, Morobe Province and other provinces. Similarly we must address the education sector and other services where our rural people rely on facilities and functions that are in Lae City and how best we come up with a solution.

Whilst I commend our Members from Morobe for the initiative, we must also take in consideration the views of Morobe Tutumang and the people and as custodians, the people of Lae City including Nawae, Lae and Huon Gulf and all districts must have input in this process.

Hon Sam Basil, MP
Deputy Opposition Leader
Member for Bulolo Open


A proposal to build a new township for the people of Tolokuma after the mine is shut down is being being planned for the people of the Goilala region.

The Mondo township will have services like banks, schools and health centres in an area which is between the the Tolokuma gold mine site and Fane airstrip.

Central Provincial administration special project coordinator from the Lands and Physical Planning division Cliff Boatau highlighted the plans during a consultative meeting today with locals from the Woitape district.

In presenting the proposal to Goilala member Daniel Mona, Boatau says land has been secured for the proposal and if approved and endorsed the new township will provide the essential services to the people after the mine shuts down.

Mona says this plans are ready to ensure people in his district do not end up like those in Misima where there was a mine.

“I want my people to benefit from something after this government owned mine is shut.”

“It’s an opportunity to develop an economic township. Right now it’s a dream but I want it to be a reality,” he says.

He says currently the Tolokuma township is crowded with restrictions  against building up due to the safety of helicopters that land there, thus resulting in plans for a new township in Mondo.

A total of K100,000 has been allocated so far for the initial planning process.


To the faceless creatures promoting lies and creating the perceptions you want people to believe.

I am here not going anywhere..ready to defend my land and people to the death if it means that yes, we kicked you out or our province, we rebuked your philosophy of greed and profit, we criticized your heartless efforts of generous aid, we critically spoke of your unnecessary hypocrisy in the region, we embraced our land and our culture and some of us will pay the price it has just begun.

I may be gone one day, but others like me will rise up and fight on we will stop you everywhere you go, you can use social media, mass media, false media and your puppets who come in sheep’s clothing, you can spread lies and shout them from vague obscure places using falsehood and aliases, but I am here I never left.

I walk without shame and fear on the streets and in the settlements and in the villages and ghettos where I grew up…with my people and I am proud, that I never did anything contrary to my oath to serve my country without fear or favor evil will fight back, it will attack with its claws and fangs and using deception and lies, I accept and expect blows and I will fight back too.

I will not merely stand meekly and point with trembling finger at what is wrong but I will attack you too and I do it for honorable reasons to protect my people, their land and the way of life that has ensured their very existence, based on humanity, on sharing and caring yours is a world driven by greed, profit and selfish gain, you will die lonely and withered with no love or empathy or consideration and no history of having achieved anything of any real humanitarian worth just balance sheers, debtors and creditors notes and apathetic people who will speak mere words of inconsideration.

I will not be deterred whether you fire your arrows from Waigani, Kuala Lumpur, Popondetta or Beijing or Canberra or elsewhere whether you use the immunity of Diplomatic status or the alias of agents who plot over volumes of coffee and discuss with your peers and your handlers and your sponsors how to do what is essentially evil believing you are somehow doing good, nay, you are but an empty shell with nothing but falsehood in your life a life devoid of culture and family, devoid of the essentials of humanity and human care or compassion .

You can fly off to your fancy destinations and deliver your reports and move about unseen but deep inside, your soul is empty and full of nothing but meaningless moments no one said it would be easy.

I very well know that and I will not be deterred…whether war, physical injury or even death, what is life unless it is lived and I am living unlike you, who are merely existing a purpose for some soul less entity that promotes corporate interest, profit margins and embraces greed.