After Post Courier ran a story stating TGM LOs have threatened to shut the mine, they then flipped to proclaim their previous article was BIAS.

BY JOE GURINA |Post Courier

THE developer of Tolukuma mine in Central Province says it will not deal with a landowner association which has no valid office bearers.

Asidokona Mining Resource Limited executive director Vincent Siow said this in relation to threats to close the mine by Yulai Landowner Association.

He was commenting on a statement by the association last week which said that Asidokona had ignored the local landowners’ company and was bent on exploiting the locals.

Mr Siow said the article had tarnished the owners, shareholders and the employees of Asidokona and Tolukuma Gold Mine Ltd. It was biased and did not verify the allegations leveled against the company, he added.

Mr Siow said that landowner George Gusi’s term as chairman of Yulai Landowner Association had expired on August 4, 2014.

He said the constitution of the association allows the office bearers to hold office for five years and there after the term expires.

Mr Siow said Mr Gusi was still holding office through a court order obtained on August 4, 2009.

“He is well aware of this fact and yet he continues to mislead the public without restrain and therefore we cannot deal with an organization that has no valid management team,” he said.

The election of a new chairman is expected to be held next week and results made known later this month.


Dear Governor for Central Province Honorable Kila Haoda,

I don’t know if you are aware of this running around your PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATOR is engaging in or not. Let me use this avenue to make it known to you.

[Am sure there is a bunch of brief case carriers in this group who will pass the word to our Honorable Governor Kila Haoda].

Since the appointment of the District Administrators – aka – Chief Executive Officers [CEO] for all 4 Districts in Central Province, Goilala District service delivery has not moved an inch because of bureaucratic slow-motion movie been played down at Konedobu.

When our late MP Daniel Mona passed on, to avoid abuse and misuse of public funds, CPG swiftly moved to have the District’s Administration’s financial powers moved back under the care of the Provincial Administrator.

With our District MP recently elected into office, in August 2015, obviously this decision needs to be reversed.

When do you as our Governor think that will be reversed so Goilala District can run its affairs independently and free of Konedobu Politics?

I would not comment on other Districts. But been from Goilala, I will highlight the short comings of the Provincial Administrator and his Deputy who reckon Goilala District is their toy so they can roll it around like a dice as and when they want to suit their agendas and egos.

3 months into 2016, Goilala District has not accessed their funds from the District accounts thanks to the common excuse of constant black outs and air condition equipment in the office is malfunctioning or there is no toners in the printers to print necessary documentation in Konedobu.

The PA and his Deputy also have not fast track the process off approving the staff appointments submitted by Goilala District CEO to the office of PA.

PA and DPA had the balls to approve the CEO appointments to each Districts, which included Goilala, but when it comes to staff appointments to respective/substantive positions, PA and DPA seem to slack off.

Why is that?

PA and DPA seem to have this colonial line of thought that Goilala District is more like a “back page” where they can shuffle around their puppets and have them remain in positions to be able to entertain their agendas at which ever level they feels the need to use them

Honorable Governor, either your PA and DPA are more smarter than you and as such they are outplaying you in this area to delay and frustrate the process of ensuring the respective Districts in Central Province have their affairs and issues addressed promptly and professionally or you are a part of that syndicate that’s intentionally playing it safe and are pulling the strings to suit whatever ego and political agenda there is.

The least Goilala people want from you, our Honorable Governor is to ask your PA and DPA to ensure the Provincial Treasurer keeps his officers on their toes to have our funding processed and chqs printed so Goilala MP and his DDA gets their priority projects delivered to the people of Goilala.

The very people Governor, you have never moved a fly, to pay any attention to. Ever.

Kindly ask your PA and DPA to stop playing politics with the people of Goilala.

This is 2016. Please pause you political games and play them come 2017.

Thank You my Honorable Governor for Central Province.



Goilala Highway recently had 3 contractors engaged to work on the road.These 3 construction companies moved their machinery in and has started working on the roads.

The highway was broken up into sections and allocated to these 3 contractors to work.

Kaia Works started from LILO bridge and ended at Tapini station.
TRB Contractors started off at UTALAMA bridge to LILO bridge.
Contract Oceanic started off at ARAVULE bridge and ends at UTALAMA bridge.

Kaia Works has completed their job 100%. They have demobilized their machinery as of yesterday and are heading back to Pom now.

TRB Constructors have completed 35% of the road works. They are yet to do 65% of the job.

Construct Oceanic has completed 25% of the job. Yet to do 75% of the job.

Kaia Works was paid 50% of the total cost of the job they did. But Kaia works still completed their job. Now its up to Goilala MP and his DDA to fast track the outstanding balance for Kaia Works.

TRB and Construct Ocean – the reason why they still got 65% and 75% outstanding on their jobs is because they have not been paid.

People, there is some storm brewing here. If we do have not seen it yet.
If Kaia Works does not get their 50% payment, they can sue us for breaching of contract agreement.
TRB and Construct Oceanic can not do any thing until they get their payments.

District Treasure John Laiam and his officers with their CEO and Member for Goilala William Samb has been taking the people of Goilala for a ride.

Last weekend, John Laiam and his officer were booked into a guest house at Boroko area. The main purpose was to fast track paper works to have the cheques printed for these contractors and other projects.

On Friday, John Laiam and his gang were not at work, instead attending some CENTRAL SPORT day.

There is this misconception that we do not have any money. BULLSHIT. It is common knowledge K6m got into the District accounts late November 2015. And these funds are still there to date.

The reason why we can not access our funds right now is incompetency from District Treasury and the CEO and his staff all playing hide and seek chasing each others tails going around in circles.

It is so sickening to hear people like Kaia Works who are professionals in their own right and merit can deliver on time and for free and yet not get paid because of incompetency on our part not been able to keep our side of the deal.

It is so sad to hear that TRB and Construct Oceanic can not move further now until they get their payment processed.

This is all because of a few selfish and greedy self centered individuals in Goilala District administration who think this world revolves they way it does all because of their existence.

Photo Credit: Francis Javia

PRISTINE, UNTOUCHED NATURAL BEAUTY – Boarder of Kosipe and Sopu in Pictures

PRISTINE, UNTOUCHED NATURAL BEAUTY – Boarder of Kosipe and Sopu in Pictures

This is the gallery showcasing the landscape between Sopu/Iveiava and Kosipe en-route to Woitape and Tolokuma. This is part of the Owen Stanley Ranges. Similar high altitude grass lands are scattered across the foot of the mountain ranges that branch off from the famous Owen Stanley ranges. The major one of this cold high altitude grass lands is at the foot of Mt Albert Edward.

I wish to one day get my camera up there and bring it to the world.

For Google Map and Google Earth Viewers – you can access the rest of the pictures of Goilala District on my PANORAMIO site. Other places more Goilala pictures can be accessed is on Google+ and our profile is Trupla Goi . My personal Google+ account is Anthony Morant. Our District Blog Google+ Page is Goilala District Development Forum Blog

WELCOME TO OUR SIDE OF THE WORLD. Others call it Goilala. We Call it HOME.

Photo Credit: David Aita Morant,



Joe Gurina | Post Courier

LANDOWNERS are threatening to close down the Tolukuma gold mine in Central Province if the developer, Asi Dokona, fails to enforce the memorandum of agreement signed last year.

The MOA was between the Asi Dokona, the state and the landowners.

Yulai Landowner Association chairman George Gusi said yesterday they were forced to take this stance as numerous attempts by the landowners for a round table with them (the developer) had fallen on deaf ears.

Business spin offs, environmental issues and social and community issues were some of the issues that Mr Gusi says they had wanted to discuss.

“Up until today the developer hasn’t been working with the people. We are urging a round table to discuss these issues and how they intend on addressing them,” Mr Gusi said.

He said local landowners in the area had suffered for more than 20 years since the establishment of the mine and did not want the same woes to be repeated with the new developer.

“Our concern is for the developer to include us in the spin off businesses and have us captured in the operation of the mine so that the people are not left out,” Mr Gusi said.

He said one way effective was to offload contracts to the landowner company who would then partner through joint venture agreement with other reputable companies adding that would be one way landowners are given full participation.

He said there needed to be close consultation with the developer to find better ways to dispose of tailings from the mine affecting the livelihood of the people living along the Auga River and the Kairuku Hiri people living along the Angabanga river.

The chairman echoed the same statements by Minister for Petroleum Ben Micah to work in partnership to achieve results and people are satisfied.

We Are Not Dead Yet’ MAFULU EASTER 2016


We are not dead yet’ Mafulu Easter 2016.

Hi everybody. This is what it is all about. It is about thousands of Catholics of Fuyuge language left there in Goilala Mountains for years without sacraments. Four parishes and a gold mine. People starving spiritually. People who did not even hear about the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Well, now they will hear about it and they will benefit from it.

In few hours I will be flying to Popondetta. Then following day by PMV to Kokoda. Then to Mamba plantations and from there a 1000 km, 70 days walking journey begins.

First Yongai Parish in Chirime Valley. Going up left side through Asimba and Kafano to Yongai Station. Then crossing to Evesa, descending other side to Asisi and crossing to Aikora. Then back to Yongai. Up to Kumunga and back to Yongai. Most probably Palm Sunday in Yongai and then cross Owen Stanley Range through Kulama to Ononge Station for Easter Sunday.

After Easter round trip of Vanapa Valley in two weeks or three weeks and then advance through Woitape and Kosipe to Tanipai. Then cross to Tolukuma and surrounding communities.

From Tolukuma through Mondo to Fane to see if anybody there. Then relax and advance through Belavista and Deva Deva to Bakoiudu. Then roll down to Kubuna to see Carmelites and eventually on a car with them to Port Moresby…

Long journey. Absolute essence of the mission. Pure madness. Hardcore. Yet no other way. Bend it or break it situation. Keep me in your prayers. I am keeping you in mine all the time.

Happy Easter!
We are not dead yet..


Words and Photos Credit: Father Wlodzimierz Vladimir Malota