Rural Airstrip Agency has been engaged by Goilala District Development Authority to help reopen all its airstrips across the District.
Yongai Airstrip

After PNG Air Limited, formerly MBA [Milne Bay Air] pulled out its services to focus major clients like the LNG operation charters in Gulf Province and the PNG LNG Project in Southern Highland, Goilala District and her people got starved of any genuine airline operators.

Air transport in Goilala died a natural death. resulting in all its airstrips closing down all across Goilala.

RAA Team at Sopu Airstrip
RAA Team touches down at Sopu to work on the airstrip

When Goilala William Samb got elected in 2015 By-Election, Samb promised the people of Goilala to revive the transport service in Goilala.

This assurance has seen Goilala Highway getting some attention, with another road project known as the Dubuy Road Project getting off the ground.

Locals at Yongai Airstrip
RAA Team Departs Yongai Airstrip for Sopu to continue work on Sopu Airstrip

Rural Airstrips was another area that needed to be revived and so Ononge and Fane airstrips were opened up. Yongai airstrip just got opened and RAA Team has moved into Sopu to start completion works on that airstrip before moving to Guari Airstrip.

Photos and brief courtesy of RAA Team.


Starting an academic year in any Goilala school is definitely and will always be late.


From a school child and parent’s point of view, No One Knows.

This is not the first time such has occurred. Every year, teachers are stranded and lost and confused and wondering how they will get to their schools and start teaching.

The Provincial Education Board and the Catholic Agency, who are responsible for our Teachers and Schools are so lost in their own worlds too.

They put up too many walls around themselves playing their usual blame game while the innocent school children in Goilala are affected.

When can we stop this circus blame show and ensure our teachers get to school on time and start teaching on time as set by the National Education Department?

Can Patrick D Ghorok from the PEB and Father Brian Cahill from the Agency please clarify for public information where the fault is and the bureaucracy involved in this whole arrangement?

Politicians keep coming in to assist with transport arrangements for teachers. Which is OK to a certain extent.

However, this should not always be the case.

If you need the EDUCATION CALENDER FOR 2017, drop me your email address, I will mail it to you. I got it off the National Education Department website.

Term One Start – 23rd January 2017
Term one Ends – 13th April 2017



The young mother who was medivac from Rupila to Lae by Manolos Aviation limited is now healthy and doing well.


Her baby is healthy as well and all smiles.

After making contact with Elias Touai through Waria Councilor Daniel Dumoi, I paid Manai Holai and her baby a visit today.

Manai and her baby when Manolos chopper flew in to pick them weren’t aware and sure if they were going to head to Port Moresby for medication.

To their surprise Manolos chopper headed to Lae.

Without alerting anyone of their families in Wau and Bulolo about their trip to Lae they flew into Lae.

After I was directed by MP Goilala to make contact and ensure the patient is OK and aware that Manolos will fly them back to Rupila, I today passed that information to them.

I was late though because Manolos Aviation medivac nurses already advised them of the planned activity after they get discharged from Angau anytime this week.

After assisting them with some cash to keep them going, I told them I will return with some food tomorrow.

Seeing the baby and mother happy, and healthy, am satisfied.


TAPINI highway is a National road and as such it is Department Of Works responsibility.

Turn Off - Arapokina Junction - Goilala Highway
Turn Off – Arapokina Junction – Goilala Highway

Goilala DDA has helped to open up the road with DSIP to allow people to use.

Hoping DOW will come. so DOW Engineers scoping road and the extent of the work required on our road themselves before work can start on our road.

Kubuna to Arabure Bridge - Goilala Highway
Kubuna to Arabure Bridge – Goilala Highway

Escorting the DOW Staff on road inspection is President Keleto Kope, and Tapini Community Leaders with Hon MP for Goilala William Samb

Kubuna to Arabure Bridge - Goilala Highway
Kubuna to Arabure Bridge – Goilala Highway

Story and Photos courtesy of DOW on Tapini HW.


Dear Mr. Jeremy A Tamatai, as the Education sector Coordinator, I direct this question to you as a concern Goilalian.

Take note alert also goes to Father Brian Cahill, as Victor for Education, for Diocese of Bereina, as well as Patrick D Ghorok, Standards Officer in Provincial Education Board [PEB] Central Province – Konedobu.

Do we have any Education plans for the District? More like a pathway going forward?

For example, [1] Re-Opening of all Closed schools, [2] Refurnish and rebuild run-down classrooms, [3] Building/Rebuilding Staff houses, [4] upgrading certain school to PRIMARY SCHOOLs status, [5] Upgrading Tapini Sacred Heart High School to SECONDARY status [6] rebuild, renovate and Open Woitape Vocational School to enroll Grade 12 drop outs from Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School.

With the population boom experienced PNG wide, Goilala’s school age kids are in abundance. It is currently injustice to those school aged kids who are now no attending school at all because their school is closed.

Their school is closed not because of their own doing. Their school is closed because people like Jeremy A Tamatai, Father Brian Cahilll and Patrick D Ghorok and responsible people and authorities decided to look away from the real issue at hand.

We need to have a plan for Education in Goilala. Right now, in my opinion, we do not have a plan.

If there does exist Education plans, then can it be revealed?

Note: Do not bring in the National Education Plan or Provincial Education Plan into this. Am talking District Education Plan.

Thank You.



Source: Bruce Mamando’s Facebook wall post


AGRICULTURE will be the top priority if Pangu Pati forms the government after this year’s general elections, according to leader Sam Basil.

Flowering English Potatoes – Kosipe
He said that last Saturday when outlining the party’s policies along with Goilala MP William Samb and policy adviser Dulciana Somare-Brash.
“Pangu Pati’s whole idea coming into the 2017 national election is about transforming this country through agriculture,” Basil said.
“We will use every law we can to make sure that we pass budgets from funds raised from non-renewable resources like oil, gas, copper, fisheries and channel it back into agriculture.
“We will make agriculture become the backbone of Papua New Guinea.”
Basil said the economy was based on 80 percent agriculture before Independence, but this had changed since, with agriculture only making up 20 percent of the economy.
“We would like to pump that back up again,” he said.
“We would like to put more money into agriculture and increase production.”
Basil said Pangu would pump K2 billion every year into agriculture if it formed Government.
“Half of that will go into coffee and cocoa,” he said.
“We plan to have coffee – having a ministry of its own.
“Coffee Industry Corporation will become a department, and CIC boss will become a department secretary.
“We will make sure that we build the one million bags (per year) to five million over the next 15 years.
“In doing so, instead of the current K500 million per year from coffee, we will be looking at K2.5 billion over the next 15 to 20 years.”
Basil said Pangu also had good policies relating to downstream processing, law-and-order, judiciary and others.
He said the party would soon be embarking on a nationwide tour to endorse quality candidates who stand out.
Flowering English Potatoes – Kosipe
Somare-Brash said 2017 would be a different field where the rules of the game had been changed by Government.
“We’re faced with institutional destruction which we’ve probably never faced before in our country,” she said.
“Our political party policies are focused predominantly on sectoral growth.
“We’re looking at agriculture, building institutional capacity, understanding what the local challenges are on a bottom-up approach.”


Rural Airstrips Agency is a not for profit company whose primary purpose is to facilitate and conduct maintenance and restoration of rural airstrips in Papua New Guinea.

These activities are aimed at improving aviation safety and proving greater access by remote communities to essential services.

Fane Dancers - Welcomes Sam Basil and William Samb
Fane Dancers – Welcomes Sam Basil and William Samb

After completing Ononge and Woiyape airstrips, RAA moved into Fane.

Fane Airstrip - After Rural Airstrip Completes cleaning it.
Fane Airstrip – After Rural Airstrip Completes cleaning it.

Fane waa completed last week and according to the information I have, work on Yongai airstrip is currently underway.

Airborne Logistic Chopper - Fane
Airborne Logistic Chopper – Fane

Sopu would follow Yongai and Guari airstrip thereafter.

Photos courtesy: Team Pangu from Fane


Information is Power. An informed Community is well placed to make an informed decision.

We are glad to announce again that our 2nd Edition of the District Newsletter is now ready to be distributed – both online and offline.

Hard Copy of the Newsletter is going to be distributed out of Pangu office at Korobosea and the softcopy is now online.

URL for the soft copy PDF version is here.

Please those of you who have access to the Internet, via mobile device or PC/Laptop, click on the link here.