Digicel Network signals in the Tolukuma Gold Mine area has been off for nearly 20 days now.

No one from TGM area has reported the outage hence it is unknown if Digicel PNG Ltd is aware of this outage.

The mine site and especially the offices are getting services by Telikom PNG Ltd land line telephpne service. However there isn’t any B Mobile coverage up there as well.

Hence the surrounding villages and the locals employed by Petromin
Holdings are been affected by this outage.

The cause of the outage is unknown at this stage.

If anyone from Digicel can help get this service restored, it will be greatly appreciated.


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On Monday morning, 23rd June 2014 at 10:30am, Papua New Guinea Honorable Prime Minister Peter Oneil and his key ministers were scheduled for an hour of airtime on the local radio station Talkback Show – FM 100.

The main agenda for this high powered team making a booking on FM 100s Talkback Show was primarily the PARAGATE SAGA and TASKFORCE SWEEP recommendations to Police Commissioner of Papua New Guinea and the subsequent events that unfolded since that letter.

A copy of that letter made it out to the Mainstream and Social Media which then got everyone talking.

The seasoned Radio host Mr. Roger Hau’ofa after the introductions opened up the lines to let the public in on the Show so they can ask questions to get feed back from these high powered team of Ministers, Governors and the Prime Minister.

The very first call that came in was from…

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Goilala's District Dev. Forum Blog

Petromin Holdings Limited and its operations in Tolukuma Gold Mines is more of a ghost operation.

No one knows what is happening and no one is aware of its performances and how it intends to expand its operations into the nearby mining lease license areas.

It would be an understatement to say Tolukuma Gold Mines is operating in secrecy. Tolukuma Gold mines operation is in reality chaotic. There is confusion, uncertainty and disillusion amongst the work force.

According to sources, TGM has embarked on a COST CUTTING exercise due to lack of profit. That is the official statement, whoever in reality they (PETROMIN) have no money to spend and are trying to cut (back on operational costs).

All at a time TGM needs investment the most!

Gold production over the last 12 months under Petromin’s watch is the LOWEST in 15 years of TGM’s life span.

Most workers have now…

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Real Raskols raise your hand.

There are 3 kinds of raskols in PNG: Street Raskols; Nasty Street Raskols; and The Real Raskols.

Street Raskols are the end result of the little grotty children that we see every day out and about; or hidden in the settlements; who are neglected, abused and uneducated. They are raised on a diet of scones, cordial, violence, abuse, neglect and ignorance.

Usually these children have no connection to their natural source or village culture because they are city born and bred to equally uneducated and ignorant parents; many second and third generation. They may claim to be from a particular province but have never been there and know precious little about it aside from it’s name.

They grow to become adolescents. Their bodies develop despite lack of proper nutrition; they get fit and strong through hard living; their brains remain undeveloped due to lack of positive influence and lack of education. Then what little protection and care they received as children is withdrawn because they are big now.

Without an education they are unable to find work. Without the village bush education they do not know how to fend for themselves and live off the land. Without hope and encouragement they fall into the life of being a petty criminal; snatching bags to survive.

Nasty Street Raskols are another breed altogether.
They may be raised like the “Street Raskol”; but have a different temperament. Or they may be from a relatively privileged home but choose the life of the “Cootie Mangi” through arrogance and a desire to dominate and terrorise.

These raskols are extremely dangerous because they involve themselves in crime out of personal desire, as opposed to circumstance and the need to survive.

They are not content to snatch handbags; they prefer to rape and murder and brutalize their victims as well. They have no respect for life or liberty; no respect for anyone, not even their own families.

These nasty street raskols have a very extensive network with Police, Politicians, unethical businesses and the criminal underworld that is alive and well in PNG.

When they are apprehended and locked up they have the contacts to obtain “snake bail”; bribes to certain Officers within the lock-ups who will set them free for a price.

The Real Rascols do not snatch bags or break into properties to steal or car-jack innocent people.

They are the “bigmen” who use their power and position to steal, rape, murder and build empires on the suffering of the population.
PNG Politicians

Instead of building schools and hospitals and roads and maintaining them; they use the people’s money to live lives of decadence and gross luxury both in PNG and overseas.

They ignore the plight of their people and sell every available natural resource at “bargain basement” prices and pocket the money themselves. They treat the National Treasury like their private bank account.

Anyone who does not conform to their directions is disposed of rapidly and without avenue of appeal.

The Real Raskols create the environment that produces Street Raskols; they financially support the Nasty Street Raskols and are the foundation of “raskolism” in PNG.

The Real Raskols blame the Street raskols for everything; and the educated but ignorant people follow their lead. Meanwhile the Real Raskols and the Nasty Street Raskols are a tight unit who get away with the loot; leaving the Street Raskols to take all of the blame and the punishment.

Dedicated to “40”…… Our Son

St Mary Mackillop Primary School Koiava Opening – Bishop Rochus Tamatai

Just arrived back from Tapini today Wednesday 17th Sept after a hectic weekend but very enriching.

Firstly we welcome on Friday 12 Sept, the visiting students and staff from Monovae College, Victoria, Australia. A welcome BBQ at MSC Aussie Gordens, then 13 Sept, on the Hiritano Highway to Tapini.

Incidents along the way, traffic pulled up driver Robert Gudia for overloading so they claim. Robert consulted with Fr Brian who advise to get the ticket for him to settle later as he was coming later, and off they should drive ahead..ha..ha.. surely I was driving following behind Fr Brian who pulled to the side of the road-check to settle things with the traffic police.

We followed the Hiritano hwy, then off on the Kubuna-Tapini hwy commonly known by the locals as “Louis Mona Hwy” it was a good 6 hours drive.

Oon Sunday during Morning Mass I conferred the sacrament of confirmation to the students and in the afternoon the Monave students did a four hours walk to St Mary Mackillop Primary School Koiava in preparation for the official blessing and opening of three double-classrooms and five teachers’ houses on brand new and build with local timber, with iron roofing and kalabond just matching the green mountain side of the Loloipa Valley.

Monday 15th Sept after morning mass at Tapini Station, we drove to the new school site for the formalities, dancing, celebration and off course the blessing and opening of the new school facilities.

All the Education dignitaries from Central Provincial Education we late in every sense of the word so after allowing for an extra hour we started without them. Interestingly enough they drove in a long convoy sounding the horns and sirens to announced their arrival, only to discover that I was towards the end of the prayer of blessing and ready to cut open the ribbons, which were bush vines with nice string of flowers.

It was an opening full of drama as the officials discovered sooner of later that the formalities were just about over. As I moved from classroom to classroom sprinkling holy water, Fr Casmiro Kito MSC blessed the five teachers houses.

In the meantime, the student dancers belt away their kundu drums and dancers rhythmically pounding on the grass and creating thick cloud of dusts…it was truly the Goilala dynamic and explosive movements with excitements and gratitude for the new learning facility, a center for education and formation. congratulations to Frs Brian Cahill msc and Casmiro Kito msc with the Sacred Heart high School students and the community at Koiava for realising this very vital service. God bless you all

End of Slavery Title Misleading – GDDF group.

PNG history does not have any record of Slavery on a wide scale prior to Independence except for ‘Black Birding’ in some areas.


There may have been isolated instances but most people were treated in whatever manner during the colonial era as a consequence of the circumstances. 

The Headline in “The National” is a joke and an insult to the Australians who worked hard to bring civilization to this country.

Neo-colonism is engrained in our country.

Transnational Corporations are pulling the strings and our politicians are just puppets.

Our resources are been exploited on a massive scale. Our leaders cant push for more downstream processing and create employment opportunities. 

Our leaders including the Grand Chief have provided a environment where our people are now treated as slaves and exploited.

Look at the Minimum Wage Fixation… Its crabs. The Asians are taking jobs that we can do . The number of dropouts is increased and we created a time bomb.

Instead of ending slavery if there was any, our own leaders have made us slaves of TNCs and sold our country to the dogs for their own comfort.


Petromin Holdings Limited and its operations in Tolukuma Gold Mines is more of a ghost operation.

No one knows what is happening and no one is aware of its performances and how it intends to expand its operations into the nearby mining lease license areas.

It would be an understatement to say Tolukuma Gold Mines is operating in secrecy. Tolukuma Gold mines operation is in reality chaotic. There is confusion, uncertainty and disillusion amongst the work force.

According to sources, TGM has embarked on a COST CUTTING exercise due to lack of profit. That is the official statement, whoever in reality they (PETROMIN) have no money to spend and are trying to cut (back on operational costs).

All at a time TGM needs investment the most!

Gold production over the last 12 months under Petromin’s watch is the LOWEST in 15 years of TGM’s life span.

Most workers have now been stood down.  Mine is basically on care and maintenance.

Gold is “low” at USD $1240 per Oz and TGM spend much more than this it mines per Oz out (hence they are not a profitable business)

Old broken down machinery is been forced to be refurnished and scraps are been pulled out from other old dead machinery to get the operation going. But sadly these old scrap metals fabricated machines don’t last long. They break down too.

Safety of employees are non-existent which literally means the management does not care about the welfare of its employees anymore.

Employees are been threatened with termination notices and warned not to express their opinions freely without fear or favour.

Social Media and company’s email system is been monitored and employees found breaching this are either terminated or privileges taken away.

Such behaviour shown and implemented by an employer of Petromin’s standing in as far as the nation of Papua New Guinea is concern falls nothing short of dictatorship.

With this been done by Petromin Holdings Limited here at Tolukuma Gold Mines, which is government owned, and never gets no media scrutiny and action by the Government of Papua New Guinea makes one wonder if we have a government that cares for its people’s welfare.

If there is one mere fact that everyone in TGM which includes the employees, mainly the locals and surrounding villages has towards this Petromin Holdings operations, it would be to see Petromin Holdings Limited pack up and leave.


There is little to no doubt this news of having a secondary school in Goilala, will be a hot item of discussion across the length and breadth of Goilala’s small village huts, deep in the smoke filled “Haus Man”, amongst the mothers at the creeks washing their laundry, even mothers preparing meals late in the evening.

And the dream of seeing Goilala children starting their primary education and finishing off at Grade 12 in Goilala has come to pass.

By all means it is a cause for celebration and news worth the time and effort spent in talking it over and over endlessly. We are and we should be all proud here on to have a secondary school to ourselves.

Kudos to our Honorable Member of Parliament – Mr. Daniel K Mona.

In the first article, the quality of the students, the operation of the all primary schools in Goilala, their teachers’ welfare, availability and access to basic services was discussed.

In my opinion, I had this mindset that I had all options covered until I received an email which opened my eyes to another crucial player in as far as the intellectual strength of a student from Primary school is concern.

And that crucial role is played by a TEACHER.

The email I received is been copied and pasted here word for word.

I agree with Anthony Morant in every way.

Education is a powerful tool to help empower a district such as Goilala, having a secondary school is a blessing and is very much welcome.

Firstly let’s look at the type of education we are putting in Goilala.
With due respect to all teacher in the district, I know your job is not easy especially the primary and high school teachers! It’s not easy to do you jobs in such conditions and standards.

The quality of education has to be good in order to be competitive, which means from elementary to secondary to university.
In order to bring about quality we have to look at the things that enhance the quality of education.

Secondly, what are those things?
Resources, infrastructures that is classroom n stuff houses, students and stuff resources.

Thirdly, most importantly, qualified, experience and resourced teachers.
The quality of graduates largely depends on, if I can single out, teachers.

To get to Anthony’s point.

The questions remains, does Goilala have the required school that can produced the required quality graduates or are we just going to create more primary schools to hope that we get more students into secondary school?

Let’s get our school in order from bottom up then get the right type of teachers and improve the quality of graduates so that we can say YES GOILALA can compete with the rest of PNG.

At this point it’s a dream and a very long dream, and yes it can happen with the right support, funding and help.


Goilala MP Daniel K Mona continues to roll out his education master piece to see all Gualala’s educated to a level where they can contribute effectively and constructively into the development of Goilala District, Central Province and Papua New Guinea as equal participants without having to live through the negative stigma that Goilala’s in the past have lived to weather.

During this visit to Tapini station recently Daniel K Mona made an announcement that Tapini Sacred Heart High School, the only District High School will be promoted to Secondary High School status.

This is Good News and Bad News at the same time.

Good news is, with the number of primary schools we have in Goilala, it only makes logical sense to have a secondary school which will be able to cater for the increasing number of students. Tapini Sacred Heart High school, formerly Tapini High School has graduated some students who are now contributing in their various roles across Papua New Guinea and over seas contributing to this progress of this nation of ours.

Daniel K Mona is also one of the former students of Tapini High School. And is now the current MP for Goilala.

So Tapini Sacred Heart High School has been tested by time over its life span and so the call by MP Mona to upgrade it up to Secondary High School is no fluke. This Secondary School will not just be another statistic producer. It will effectively and actively be a participator in the development of this Nation.

Kudos to our honorable MP Daniel K Mona for this development.

On the flipside, Goilala District has 40 Primary Schools. Of these, 18 are suspended due to vandalism, shortage of teaching staff or a lack of teaching material.

The breakup in the district is as follows:

  1. 7 in Guari LLG, 5 are suspended.
  2. 11 in Tapini LLG, 4 are suspended.
  3. 21 in Woitape LLG, 9 are suspended. 2 schools are non-existent physically but are recognized on paper.

For our Secondary School to have an impact, the feeder schools, which is obviously the Primary schools across Goilala has got to be vibrant, fully stocked with teachers, student enrollment has got to be tipping the scales every year.

For this to happen, these schools have to have good classrooms, very good teachers houses, school materials/supplies fully stocked.

On top of that, basic services which will empower the teachers to make their lives easy have got to be reachable.

For example solar power installation in teachers houses, water supplies piped through to the schools, telephone services such as Digicel and Telikom’s B Mobile signals should be available, effective health care should be within reach also, banking services should be available so teachers can use as and when needed.

Goilalas’ has to be empowered to make money in their villages so they can pay for their children’s schools fees, buy clothes for their children, and even pay for basic goods such as soup and sugar, with salt and rice and tinned fish to supplement their local vegetables.

Without getting the primary schools systems checked, ticked off and upgraded and updated and fully kitted with teachers, students and other necessities, having a secondary school can be a good thing but keeping it running, with year intakes of students from the Goilala primary schools will lead to lower numbers and can cause inconsistencies.

Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School might end up fetching students from Kairuku Hiri Electrorate to pump up its grade 7 intakes every year. Because Goilala primary schools just cannot produce the numbers.

And even if the numbers produced by Goilala primary schools are adequate enough, the quality of the students coming into Grade 7 from these Goilala Primary Schools might not be up to speed to survive in a secondary level of education.

Remember, Secondary High school is a level where students are prepared to enter University level of Education.

Let’s not make Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School another pot hole where first semester failures in a University are produced.

The idea of Promoting Tapini Sacred Heart High School to Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary School is superb. But the foundation to keep this secondary school competitive has not been fully exhausted.


Free Education for all Goilala students both in Port Moresby, in colleges and tertiary institutions across Papua New Guinea [and overseas (??)] is the approach Goilala MP Daniel K Mona has embarked on since taking office.

Living up to this tag, and proving his critics wrong, he headed home to Tapini station, the District HQ for Goilala.

During this short chopper trip to and from Tapini, Daniel K Mona promoted Tapini Sacred Heart High School from a High School to a Secondary High School status. This effectively means Tapini Sacred Heart Secondary High School will now be able to take in Grade 12s and pass out students directly into the country’s National High School system.

Tapini Sacred Heart High School at this stage is by the best school in terms of amenities, facilities, and basic requirements for a modern day school. And the teachers are also well groomed and highly qualified to handle the pressure from Grade elevens and Grade Twelve.

And as such, the move by Daniel K Mona requires and demands every living Goilala far and wide to stand up and applaud the decisive decision he has made to make this bold move.

The onus is now on the schools BOG and the Management with the staff to produce the quality results that they know they are capable of producing.

Producing quality students from Tapini Sacred Heart should not be a problem as Tapini came runner up in the national exams in 2012, and followed on to tops the Central Province in 2013 National exams. Hence graduating quality students from Tapini should not be an issue of grave concern.

On the flip side, recently Tapini Sacred Heart High School had volunteers – Mr and MrsBruce and Rowena Farquharson – from PALSM AUSTRALIA, who assisted with various roles within the surrounding communities.

Mrs Farquharson who is a registered nurse normally working in a busy regional hospital in Hamilton, Victoria, responded to the community request for an experienced nurse to help mentor the new Health Centre staff in primary health care provision.

Unfortunately upon arrival here, Rowena was told by the staff at Tapini OLSH Health Centre that TB is now endemic rather than epidemic.

TB and generally Health situation in Goilala is far worse than what’s been told and sold to the public by District’s political and administrative leadership.

Tuberculosis is curable. Which is a known fact. With better health facilities, fully kitted medical supplies, with advance and affordable equipment, having skilled and committed personnel onsite can go a long way in reducing the alarming statistics that is unknown to the health authorities in Port Moresby.

AID/HIV statistics in Goilala are barely known. And the risk of unsuspecting innocent individual getting infected is so high.

It is already a endemic. It is no longer an epidemic.

Honorable Mona, How can you invest so much in a sick population? How can you blindly invest in a population that is slowly dying?

Are you too blind to even notice that paying school fees for students is by far the best investment you have embarked on compared to previous Goilala MPs.

But what if all the small kids end up dead. And no one comes to class. What would be your free education policy worth? NOTHING.

It would make a lot of sense if funds are divided into and directly concentrated on HEALTH and EDUCATION.

Get the foundations of HEALTH AND EDUCATION laid out now. Once that is sorted out and sealed, Free Education and Free Health Care then rolls on onto of this.

You can buy the plane once all is smoothly rolling and everyone is happy. Right now, buying a plane and paying school fees for a dying population is only a sign of mad man.