Mathew Poia – Enters the Race – Goilala District LLG Elections Update

Mathew Poia - Enters the Race - Goilala District LLG Elections Update

Patrick Socrates Mansfield Immortal Balai or better known as Patrick Bauai is the guy who defeated Mathew Poia back in 1987 for the Guari Council President seat. Poia then challenged Balai in the court of disputed returns & won the case & became the President. Poia was President up till 2002 when he contested the Goilala Open Seat & Cyprian G. Mavai came in. In 2007 Emilio Gaviz was elected Council President. John Kiar has always been contesting the Goilala Open Seat just like Patrick Balai & Mathew Poia. Interesting to see all three of them in the Guari LLG Presidential race with Mavai & new comer Thaddus T. Haiva. I think this will be our top 5 contenders for Guari LLG President & the final tussle should be between the two old dogs Balai & Poia. However, if there will be an upset it should be from new comer Thaddus T. Haiva. We will know in the next few days.

Guari President Seat Count 7 and progressive total as follows;

1. Balai Patrick – 990
2. Mathew Poia – 370
3. Thaddus T. Haiva – 200
4. John Kiar – 175
5. Steven T. Javoi – 165

Tapini LLG has also gone into 4th Elimination rounds and as at 4:10pm, we had this following standings for the top 5.

1. Michael Moro – 761
2. Keleto Kope – 583
3. Allan Kaurupu – 379
4. John Anamala – 319
5. Buni Morua – 319

Woitape LLG is now effectively into finalizing Ward 8 and will most likely complete Ward 9 tomorrow and head straight into Presidential Seat counts there after.

More interesting days ahead as we see the race heats up with elimination processes kicking into gear for Tapini and Guari LLG.

1. Tony Avaut @ Tapini Station.
2. Raphael Aita & Jimmy Gulolo @ Woitape Station
3. Peter Yaria @ Tolukuma Gold Mine site.


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